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Lets Find Out with don interviewing author and lawyer Allison Carmen

On this Episode of Piercing the Veil Jordan and Corey welcome back returning Guest Frank Bacon, for his third appearance.

During the first part of this show, Corey had a few mic volume problems, while Jordan and Frank discuss the many facets of steem, steem power, and
A truly unique blockchain cryptocurrency and uncensorable social meda platform.

Technology for the future. Heated Discussion, Boisterous Opinions!


Corey Returns From Italy

Jordan and Corey Discuss what really happens when you dream, where do you go, what is possible? Lucid Control of Dreams, Accelerated Learning, etc.

Also, we delve into the different "States of Consciousness"

Excellent Show!

Paradigm Shifters presents Holistic Law with J. Kim Wright

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Cutting Edge Law - Holistic Law

Jordan & Corey introduce the basics of Mortgage Fraud, how to identify & basic starting solutions for Defending or Eliminating Foreclosure.

Legacy Investment and Forums with with Dr Terri Harrison

Guest, Sylvia Richardson, speaker, author (Genesis Brief: The Sin Factor), play write, inventor, educator.

Getting There with Paul Puckett