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Jordan and Corey go back to their roots. The show started in January 2016 and this year we want to really focus on re-teaching basic contracting, questioning authority and other vital skills to remain independently successful in today's world.

Later in the episode Jordan & Corey Play the question game, its easier with more people and becomes quite fun. The point of this "game" or exercise is to train a natural questioning response to a question rather than uncontrollable "testimony" or "answering to authority".


CEO, Author, Executive-Life Advisor, Leadership Developer

Our Returning Guest and World Reknowned Pyschic Mike Kurban Returns as "Confucious" to give our callers concise and accurate readings.

Listen as Mike Breaks down new information about his "School Of Metaphysics" and astounds callers with his tailored insights.

Excellent Show! Thanks Mike.

Judge, Philosopher, Psychologist

On this episode of piercing the veil, special guest Dean Fougere Speaks about his research into the multiple faction groups sometimes collectively referred to as the "Illuminati". A brief discussion on geopolitical control structures and activist efforts ensues.

Shout out and Thanks to DEAN!

Remember, Always look within.

Lets Find Out with don interviewing author and lawyer Allison Carmen

On this Episode of Piercing the Veil Jordan and Corey welcome back returning Guest Frank Bacon, for his third appearance.

During the first part of this show, Corey had a few mic volume problems, while Jordan and Frank discuss the many facets of steem, steem power, and
A truly unique blockchain cryptocurrency and uncensorable social meda platform.

Technology for the future. Heated Discussion, Boisterous Opinions!