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Planet Earth, February 9, 2015There has been a massive out break of people taking themselves too seriously! While authorities have been alerted, we advise people to take precautions.  As you may know, taking yourself too seriously leads to anger, arrogance, being easily insulted and various gastro-cerebral maladies.

Word of Mouth with Maurice Way, John Knox and Tenika Thompson

It's Tuesday night and we're doing another live show "at home with the Striders" Focusing a little on getting well (since that is what I'm doing)  As usual we'll be exploring what challenges us and what causes us to laugh at ourselves...

So, if you need a good laugh and possibly a different perspective on the human condition, tune in!

On Jan 6, 1975 Rochelle and I began cohabiting. While the word doesn't sound very romantic, in fact, it was.  We moved into a house at the end of a railroad track in Saratoga, CA.  It had a corral with a horse. And we bordered a large wooded area at the other end of which was the Paul Masson winery. We met on Dec 4 just the month previous.

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio

Is An Unexamined Life Worthy Living?  The play “DISCORD ” i.e. The Gospel according to a Founding Father (Thomas Jefferson), a Victorian novelist (Charles Dickens) and a Russian revolutionary (Leo Tolstoy), invites us to explore this answer for ourselves… there’s no better time to explore this question than now, with Guest, Playwright, Scott Carter, Executive Producer and Writer of “Real Time With Bill Maher” and with Musical Guest, Todd O’Dell, Lead Singer and Guitarist of Krown Vega.