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X Squared Radio, November 9, 2008

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Robert Bauvall - Since the publication of THE ORION MYSTERY in February 1994, much water has flowed under the bridge. In 1999 he wrote SECRET CHAMBER which explored the deeper layers of the Giza quest and made the linkage between the ancient 'magical knowledge' and the Hermetic These books have been the subject of much press reviews and articles, and prompted major television documentaries which have generated heated debates at the highest of levels. They have flushed out academics from their ivory towers in droves to confront the challenges that we put before them. At long last the debate was pulled upwards to warrant the attention of the international media and, more importantly, forced into the public arena, and the global scientific and academic network of the 'establishment'. TONIGHT, we discuss his lates work THE EGYPT CODE. Come on. Find out why the pyramids were really built.

X Squared Radio

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Dr. Brooks Agnew hosts a paranormal internet talk radio program interviewing top authorities on the mysteries of the Earth and the Universe. Hundreds of millions of people listen to talk radio while they travel or work. But in the audio sea of tinkling voices, one voice is emerging as master of the scientific domain.

A renaissance-man with a passion for discovery, Brooks A. Agnew, PhD has excited millions of people with the greatest story on the universe. His best-selling book, The Ark of Millions of Years, is changing the foundations of science and religion. He believes in the unlimited potential of mankind.

DR. BROOKS ALEXANDER AGNEW, PhD, an author, explorer, electronics engineer and physicist, is one of the most successful pioneers with ground probing radar technology, in the world. This technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program.

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