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Universal Soul Love, 21/10/2014

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Universal Soul Love
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Guest, David Coles

Next on Universal Soul Love with David and Lana Love with special guest David Coles

Guest, David Coles

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David Coles
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Author, Public Speaker, and Vegan Counselor
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PERSONAL MESSAGE: “Human life is a very challenging experience and we are built to live in a state of alertness, which equates to the creation of various psychological conditions that make life difficult or even unbearable. With all my knowledge and skills I still must apply all I know to handle this challenge, so never feel weak or inadequate should you need help to navigate your thoughts and feeling towards a healthy state of being. In fact I still regularly read my own book, The Insanity of Humanity,  to remind me of the importance of staying in a consciously expansive state beyond the fears that attempt to control my life – because when mine, or anyones fears take over, it becomes difficult to even remember how to feel expansively or what it felt like to be strong and clear. But with the right education you will remember that your clarity is closer than it feels, and then before you know it you are once again bigger than your fears.

I do assure you, that with the knowledge I have developed and share, life will no longer be something you are at the mercy of, and instead you will be an empowered being that will be the master of your existence whilst still dealing with all the unexpected events that life throws your way. We cannot change life itself as things stand, and of course their are many disturbing aspects to human societies that will take time to change, but we can change our ability to understand and deal with it, creating an experience that will inspire rather than destroy.”

ABOUT DAVID: He started his career as a Counsellor at the Brighton Psychology Centre in 1999, and he has been advancing his understanding of life and human behaviour with passion, clarity and vigour ever since. It also became apparent very early in his career, that anxiety and depression are prolific in today’s modern societies, and much higher than the statistics would indicate. So it was obvious that to understand these painful experiences were the foundation to understanding all psychological conditions that people were being labelled with – most start with common mental stress, and grow from there. If left unattended they develop into various forms of repressed and disturbing thoughts and corresponding mental disorders. Hence creating a confusing web of intertwined thoughts that become a cage which is very difficult to exit. The key observation was that the more overwhelming the disorder, the smaller the place of thought a person was in, hence it became clear that stress creates a process whereby a persons reality actually shrinks around them until fear has full control over all their thoughts. And in such a state it is impossible to expand ones existence beyond these restrictions – unless a person has access to clear and precise guidance from an expert in such matters. Appreciating the enormity of what helping people requires, David has made sure that he understands the entire terrain of the human mind whilst in an altruistic state, as he approaches counselling with complete integrity in the knowing that people place their well being in his hands.

His journey to being a cutting edge human behaviour specialist, has been enhanced by his other areas of experience, including; Talk Back Radio Announcer, Fitness Consultant, Business Advisor, Speaker and Author of The Insanity of Humanity.

Within this eclectic background of experiences, David found one consistent observation that is the key to every genuine endeavour of every person on the planet. He discovered the importance of a complete state of compassion if one is to maintain an expansive journey. And without an expansive journey, a persons real potential, meaning their inner purpose, as opposed to being successful at something, is never unleashed. And this is not to say that attaining a compassionate state of being cannot equate to wealth of some kind, but it will not be an obsessive outcome that one needs to feel whole. Compassion is a powerful force that creates many interesting qualities. It curbs corrupt thinking and places a person in a world beyond choice, hence fear has little power over a persons existence. Compassion is the key quality that guides all of David’s discoveries and it exists at the heart of Life expansion Technique(L.E.T.), which he now shares with the world through various mediums of education.

David guides his clients without being influenced by his own beliefs, learning, thoughts and feelings. For to not be in this state is a form of prejudice, and it compromises a Counsellors/Life Guides integrity, as well as the clients ability to trust the counsellor. You will always get nothing but the truth from David, and as he always says…

“The truth can’t hurt you just your resistance to it”…David Coles

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Universal Soul Love

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Our Internet talk radio show will discuss issues that involve consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.  The purpose of this show is to raise the conscious vibration of the planet to a higher level by sharing ideas and practices that:

- Increase spiritual awareness

- Advance personal growth and development

- Explore the hidden mysteries of the universe

- Protect the environment and our natural resources

- Develop self-sustainable living communities and self-sufficient living practices

- Encourage individuals to reclaim their personal power

- Advocate post-feminism ideas through the re-unification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source

- Form and maintain healthy romantic partnerships

- Promote a message of universal love