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Threshold Radio, 22/10/2016

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Threshold Radio
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Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

Hugo Rodier, M.D. makes another appearance on Threshold Radio, this type focusing on one of the major sources of his spirituality and inspiration, the Masonic Teachings. After years of spiritual searching and deep research, Dr. Rodier at last found a teaching which satisfied his continuing, relentless search for life’s meaning and purpose. In this interview, he helps untangle some of the myths and conspiracy theories surrounding the Masons and attempts to shed light on the Essence of True Masonry. Time is spent discussing the contribution that the Masons have made to the American Revolution and democratic movements throughout the world- as well as the foundation for understanding the purpose of Masonic rituals and symbols and the importance of having fellowship with brother Masons on different levels of understanding and approaches to their membership. 

As mentioned in this show and in Dr. Rodier’s books, blogs and podcasts (he has his own podcasting show), Dr. Rodier believes that modern medical research is now uncovering connections between the quantum level explored in physics and cellular metabolism, which is fed by the twin components of light and information, an insight directly connected to the findings and teachings of ancient hermetic science. Good nutrition empowers cellular metabolism, but poor nutrition disempowers cell functions, promoting often deadly metabolic disorders.

Threshold Radio

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Threshold Radio is a radio talk show postulating that personal connection to a Higher Power is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. Threshold seeks to help the Seeker find his or her place in this world by adding another level of experience to one's daily activities and a true methodology of transforming the personal, business, social and political life of this world planet. Realizing that the ultimate connection to the Creator is between the Seeker and Divinity, Threshold provides whatever guidance it can to assist the listener in making that connection and how that connection can provide powerful spiritual and practical solutions to health, business and political challenges. In addition to this, Threshold explores threats to our intrinsic rights as spiritual beings, rights like personal privacy, liberty and pursuit of happiness and opportunity aligned with the American Constitution, the Declaration and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Threshold affirms that the torch of liberty should be held aloft to encourage peace and prosperity for all citizens of this planet. Regarding music as a potentially intrinsic bond between all peoples and cultures, it presents the work of songwriters, composers and performers to foster a healing connection to all people on planet earth. Threshold is a global media event with an outreach to all people of good will in a world struggling to be perfected

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