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Spiritual Emergency Training, November 21, 2020

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Spiritual Emergency Training
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with Lynn Mystic-Healer and guest Rich Procida

Spiritual Emergency Training with Lynn Mystic-Healer and guest Rich Procida, a Constitutional lawyer

Guest, Rich Procida

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Rich Procida
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Author, Attorney
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Rich Procida is an attorney and author who writes about Progressive Christianity, social justice, and the supernatural for and He also produces a podcast called "Bible Study for Progressives.'   He is especially adroit at discussing the intersection between religion and politics.

Spiritual Emergency Training

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Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - Soul Activation Process that is a new age healing process & peace project that will help unite races & religions by reforming our world via each person's soul power connections.

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SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - There is a spiritual answer to every human being's life problems or crisis. Lynn Mystic-Healer channeled the Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook about the 5 step SOUL ACTIVATION PROCESS that can find the spiritual answers to any human beings sickness, anger, emotional or physical problems that will help them to heal their life and resurrect a new life from direct love and light ancient Soul energy contacts that include angels, spirit guides, holy ghosts( holy spirits).

The Soul Activation Process goes beyond any affirmation to direct Soul Source contact that is direct holy spirit counsel that is true Holy communion with intergalactic spiritual counsel.

All the answers are within each person's omniscient, omnipotent love and light Soul energy's attached to their breath and to their own chakra -DNA- system. Each person is never alone. All human beings have access to an inner voice from divine guidance that is a spirit guide or guardian angel that is waiting to help them, but they can not override the free will (ego mind beliefs) of any human being on this planet.

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hello hello hello hello everyone thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule we're just so delighted to have you here today to listen to what we're trying to get together to unite our USA and we proceed as special guests he'll be on today and I have some special guests here today is new with Travis Rich receiving you know before I'm different shows he's a constitutional lawyer and he's got the Bible studies for progressives and I really recommend his podcast and get connected with him and his groups on Facebook please and Travis to is here today I need it really need some help and thank you so much so Travis spends more than 25 years I'm currently is the news reporter news National radio News Network
I firmly morning show hosts
news director Bay Area Bay broadcasting on 4th station morning show host operations manager by DJ operations manager on site engineer hunt broadcasting 105.9 FM the wave
operations manager on site engineer president board of directors choose Community radio 98.1 up in the dump us a singer and a folk musician play Band 2 with the Blarney Brothers for almost 10 years whenever possible jams with other musicians
Ireland this is John
hello hello hello can you hear it's okay
yes oh hi Rich there you are you speak up more please
okay this is Rich right here I'm ready and raring to go over Travis nice to meet you
so what am I to do what's going on
well right now we're in a dangerous point and in our country
we have a president who has refused to concede that we knew he would do this before the election he told us that you told us this will not end well and I expect him to keep that promise I think we're heading towards January with
not really a guarantee that the Republicans aren't really any strong indication that Trump or the Senate Republicans will relinquish power transfer power in January so we're in a constitutional crisis at this time but we're in a good position we've done a lot people went out and they protected the results that have poll monitors pull chaplains poll Watchers we made sure this election was one of the cleanest and fairest elections in the country's history we made sure there was no not going to be involved is probably crying we thought Trump might try to do that
but we knew he wasn't going to concede and it's really time for the Democrats and for Joe Biden to stand up and defend themselves and to take make sure that this election is not stolen from them we will not accept any decision or action that overturns the will of the American people so vital needs to step up and defend himself
but you know I mean we can't do that don't you feel that I just wanted to get out there everyone that you know by it and some of the atrocities of course of a both the party system that's why we're here and looking for a new alarm systems to for real democracy and sober really I'm trying to work together here to you know bring in the United States of America to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God God remember the Pledge of Allegiance when they say under God that's not guns and Drugs in war and poison and big eyed poison and Ariel poisons in war it's not okay it's one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all there will be no River to the be no justice obino Planet if we don't come together I really recommend that people you know really please reach out to the veterans for peace there in every single state and their pairing up with codeine and you
NAC at United National antiwar Coalition the really important are groups out there and then who else do you know is going to stand up to the bullies here
you know Travis so I don't I wish I had an answer for that
so what do you think react well I wanted to let people know that I did a tarot reading on whether Trump will transfer power divided in January and that's going to be on my show it's going to come out on Sunday morning and
and basically it it tells me the same things that we're in a dangerous situation but it looks good our democracy Americans believe in democracy both sides came out because they thought democracy was threatened and we can use that that's how Unity Americans do not want Civil War or any conflict and they certainly want democracy so we the American people need to come together and regardless of whether you supported Trump or Biden
this election was just the same as any other election this media came out it took a little longer with the media reported on the results that were reported by the state and now the states are beginning to certify their balance so I think we're in a good position and we're going to win this this struggle so but we need yeah but what about I mean how do you really win it if you don't change the Consciousness if you don't show people what we really can like why it why is it still. They've got the situation where you know this hold their reporting on any of the information on Galileo Galilei Gallade Covington LA he's got write 102 pages about what's going on with the vaccination forms and they're tied to
biological weapon sights you know what if that information is not getting out there and then the area of sprays what's really in them and that they're actually dumping on covid-19 and if people are looking at the background with the with what's going on in big Pharma and what Pick-4 own people should look at the good war in the end see that big Pharma was the one they are in a bear's just aspirin so that people should know that that's a good war video shows actually Henry Ford was best friends with Hitler and some really dark et's I thought you and I thought that there's video pictures of it and that he also you know they play both sides that the one of the people I knew on the ground in Elder that they took out
who is Emperor there was tons of information about what was really going on that big Pharma bought are sweats for experimentation and you know Horrors and they also big Pharma but all the property to to help I mean your money we talkin money way back right and so it down. The property for sale for killing and for drug experimentation it's got to be stopped because his drugs and all street drugs come from Mother Earth and we can now prove them all for good food because you know we don't need anymore at all if the answers are inside each person who's ever angry upset their answers are inside of them we have proof set up Healing Centers let's do it now and get the kids on board and Play Music Arts Dance Movement therapy healing healing healing
actually bring in the good pay people to be kind and compassionate not kill
what's one of the things in answer to your question then is again we've gone over this the propaganda of propaganda that Trump is spreading basically disinformation about the election and somehow he has his networks and was able to get that propaganda out to his audience and it one thing that I is important for us to recognize that this stage is that very intelligent people can be deceived that's what Colts tell us so we can't look at people who fall for this propaganda has somehow unintelligent they're actually in a different culture really then we are in fact the rural culture is based on Traditional Values God and Country guns and freedom and these are
country values Countryside and and Rural values and so they're in a different culture and so we need to find a way to reach out to the heart of the American people and we have not done that because both sides and their propaganda and both sides are trying to divide and conquer and this is particularly a Marxist strategy to divide and conquer but it's also a political strategy generally so
again big Pharma how come they are giving 30 backs in 30 different types of vaccinations before school and 7th place is 60 why are they paying play Belinda drug children in the school system when they can heal them and then and then and then why are they you know keep going on and on with these vaccinations when there's all kind you can Google natural healing how stupid do they think we are you can Google natural healing for for bacteria and viruses okay you can have green medicine why are we Hardware what are we teaching you know take poisonous driver side effect the top 50 drugs go to you go to the YouTube dr. Peter breggin the top 50 drugs cause suicide and homicide what are we doing to talk to the veterans go to the veterans for peace see what's happened to them you know this is insane oh and and how about how about getting the video out about you know good old
Trump company you're headed over what they did to Scotland that was so disgusting what they did in Scotland to the real Community for the Richie's right only people that could afford to fly there and stay in this hotel and they ruin everything I mean they destroyed the entire town you know the whole world area for the golf club right yeah probably the money. Org everyone follow the money. Org and yeah there's just a free press is really good one free press. Org they just went into Free Press TV to and the People's Party. Org is a really beautiful I really like them we've got a people's budget going there really wonderful I'm Marianne Williamson by Thom Hartmann Dennis kucinich just we're here.
you know bring in democracy and then food chain you know the Republican Trump propaganda has been to defame the election to spread doubt about our democracy and whether this election was free and fair in an effort to overturn the results we know that what is the Democratic party do they came out with let's be calm let's have faith in our sister did in the end he can't do these things he's not going to succeed it's all over celebrate Biden's Victory we want to establish that Biden is going to be president that is inevitable and that Trump can do nothing about it but there's a good reason for that strategy but there's a drawback to that stretch
the drawback is it causes everybody to act as if Trump is not doing what he's doing and I really don't think that they realize what this was all about because at the end of the election I don't know if it was by then but somebody came out that democracy one we have proven that democracy is what do you mean democracy wants what what they meant was democracy won the election people voted because they thought democracy was that sticks so everybody came out and voted for democracy they were only thinking that this was the election they didn't think that this we thought it was just a campaign slogan they didn't think that truck was going to try and overthrow the country and take I'll keep power but think about it when has an authoritarian leader of fascist ever willingly transfer power I don't think it actually happened they weren't aware they thought that
once the election was over that was it so they put everybody to sleep they canceled their protest put everybody to sleep and they shouldn't have this should have continued working to address the propaganda that truck was going to spread they should have known that he was going to do that and but instead they tried to put the whole Democratic and left to sleep and say don't worry about it we're going to take care of it it's going to be handled in the court so and how quickly how quickly they all these organisms does not just the Democrats but all the organization wanted to go right back to Politics as Usual and there needs to be a re-evaluation this was a disappointing election in many ways for the Democratic party yes we got rid of trump and that was absolutely necessary because what Trump is trying to do now is he's trying to create a enough Thor attarian
industrial complex because we now know have internet worldwide and fifty and there's 50 religions for peace now and we've got new I'm systems managers here on the planet Ye Ye Ye better here to shine line on the real evil and so anyway we've got all this stuff going on and we have to come together with Healthcare over Warfare and Healthcare over hate so the big thing to there's two just basic things right now that we're up against its natural healing on medical hypnosis natural healing for oh my gosh just like put everything they chip with drug for a big Pharma self you know why isn't that information out there you know I don't understand him how we're going sideways like that sweat when we have natural healing you can Google the kids can help have new jobs everywhere you Google natural healing for a bacteria
irises there's time natural healing for any any truck any drug that have side effects of big Pharma that that any of the drugs they're and they're all made from Mother Earth okay go to Sacred Bible studies they've got a Bible studies so you can have one nation under God then you better have the God within each person that's each person's heart and soul that's your soul purpose their sole purpose is divine and creative to want to go to health care right Healthcare over Warfare or killing or violent it's time we can do this
yeah we do that
people that I love him conversations with this we are about to make a change and to listen to the president it wasn't to describe it just like the conversation we have it right now we all recognize that is misinformation but he is as skilled and gifted at self-promotion as he is driving the media in his Direction but that's not what
chooses our leaders we will choose our own leaders and it is a convoluted process and there's plenty of corruption within it but it's not defined by the way the media covers Donald Trump's Miss information so I'm not I'm not worried that that there will be a failure to transfer the power I expect there but that will be handling the orderly fashion we're just spoiled because in most of the previous elections at least during the 9/11 watching one of the two conceives and this guy isn't doing that so this is going to be educational process what do we do when somebody doesn't conceive and we do have a legal process that is that we're going to continue to fully explore and at the end of that legal process
will have arms are Us by new president but we're not going to have it based on one of them conceding like we're used to it's just that we've been spoiled by that
don't think it's going to prevent the the change of power though I'm not I don't have that kind of worried I do you know if people want to talk about climate change and they do not want to follow the money of the systems that are poisoning our land sea water and air while they're messing with their minds and keeping people divide it stressed out with fear so they use for their drugs because stress causes disease just he's okay just he is I'll just causes emotional and or physical problems so we've got this system setup of disease and poison that has got to be shifted its just disgusting really and then the money mongers went over the top of it like you know I mean
go on and on like I just read you a few things that that you know medical hypnosis does all kinds of pain management only have surgery done on The Learning Channel varicose vein surgeries and I work with a hypnotherapist medical hypnotherapist the country because he was able to work with the dentist with root canal I've done a couple help people so they don't have to have any anesthesia during root canal way way way better and mental disorders just nothing even close all the drugs cause more problems and disgusting disgusting situations in Old systems of
the mental health care system and the responsibility of those people using pushing street drugs and
did slavery in human trafficking it all has to start okay and here it is hypnosis with the emotion of psychiatric disorders to severe psychiatric I'll be in here you can Google now and you can Google natural healing for any drug okay the big Pharma gives you and if you go to the ancient medicine with with your gonna catch and the ceremonies and and the attitude in the energy around it there is no feeling better than than organic herbs and and and and fruits and vegetables and in Good Company you know really come on
well I wanted to address the the idea make clear that I think we're going to win I mean I'm not saying that I'm that I don't think we're going to Brazil I think we're in a good position we made had a very clean election it was a non-violent election we were very successful there and we won by a lot we got people out to vote in fact historic on both sides are in a very good position we would not be in a good position have not done those things going to prevail
thank you that was so fun when you call in the last 2 weeks are there any big gatherings that you guys are up to down there that you want to promo
well I know that refuse fascism as been doing activities every weekend at Pershing Square in Los Angeles and around the country are there out there in the streets preparing for a national strike if necessary
I'm so I don't mean to cut you off so much but I really really want to get this information I was so important in this week with what's coming down the natural healing everyone natural green medicine. Green medicine sick of natural healing for bacteria and viruses and they know music now they're sound therapy worldwide standard Global sound healers check them out one of the guys are on VBS there and they have total proof that music is not only heals the person stole it helps heal their body you know so it helps them kind of get a movement get some music going you know try it sometime when you're feeling a little like a what should I do if I start to talk to the guys you know and the God within what does that mean what the Holy Spirit Mind Body Soul what is you know what who are you getting your information from is it God is his Source there's all kinds of ww.w sword
a source of Wonder. Come out there series was fabulous and how about The Love is medicine project that was that whole series with Incredible Hay House Radio has healing Summit there just incredible I mean you know if there's no Main Street Media you know so big Pharma trafficking-related dark evil torturous you know programs and projects I mean what an end Murder By decree Kevin and his books out there with they've been doing to the Indians of blacks and on and on and and and the church's is they've got his group were the one right that that were on in Canada there they they were able to get rid of that the pope and they're working on the other one I mean the atrocities of of the churches
the money laundering and and human trafficking you know there's a massive arrest and properties that have to be taken and it's from the rich cuz most of too much of their money is tied to you in a crimes against humanity and more crime since we don't they're done asset forfeiture and some stuff going on that you know and that people need to focus on that's my problem to they've got you stuck where you focused focused over and over what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong and they throw that out you with that's what they do with mind control MK Ultra mind control it's disgusting and antifa underground bases and human trafficking go to the and go to the site to look up biological warfare go look up look up transhuman super soldiers
straight everybody okay robots don't need Lancey water are they don't need food Ascension people wake it up quick
190 chemicals are used in fracking you know how many earthquakes are caused from it do you know there's a hundred sixty-five thousand leaking gas line pipe with a with that going into our aquifer water
you know I wanted to say that even though we are in a good position and we are likely to Prevail that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be vigilant and we shouldn't also listen and take seriously what Trump is saying and doing and take seriously what the Republicans are saying and doing this is what they're planning to do this is not a child having a temper tantrum you know this is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world and he's telling us what he plans to do now just because we're a good physician doesn't mean we can Prevail I mean the court the Supreme Court is not an unbiased institution and if anything goes to the spring or anything that Court could overturn the election if we let that happen are we going to accept that and I'll just sit back with the legal process take it over and if it ends up overturning the election we will accept that no we're not
except that we're not going to accept anything that overturns the will of the American people who don't Trump we say oh trust and do it he can't do it this is voice the delusions but truck is broken Norm's left and right this is a party to democratic party who couldn't get their candidate score in the office even though they won the election even though they won Florida and then they couldn't get it you know they couldn't get their Supreme Court nominee even though they were president they couldn't get a supreme court nominee they couldn't stop the recent Supreme Court nomination even though it was complete contradiction of previous policies and rules that the you know what power does it make the rules and no power does it make principal rules so we need to tow it so basically we need to remain Vigilant and the fact is we don't know what the future holds we don't know what's in the future
so they just sit back and say you know just let this process rollout is not a strategy to confront a disinformation campaign by the administration and party officials it's just not and so fighting better get off his Duff and defend himself in this situation so he's trying to orchestrate authoritarian breakthrough and what that means is there's a point of no return in other words that the Supreme Court overturns the election or if the electors are successful and overturning the election or if he can cause enough disarray either starting a war with Iran getting people to Rally round the flag he's think about it he's already set up the defense department by putting loyalist in charge to call use military force if necessary
already prepared that
they're really giving up power when has an authoritarian giving up power it doesn't happen so I think that are 1 in we're in a good position but on the other end this is not set in stone this is not necessarily going to happen the way we want it to happen and let's look at the propaganda that the Democratic party we know Trump give out this information but what's the house the Democratic response I mean they say oh this is all about Trump
making money he's just trying to set up himself for after the election that we get all this stuff about oh what Trump is doing this he's really doing that he's really that's no good listen to what he says listen to the promises he makes listen to what the Republican leaders are saying they're going to do don't listen to their narrative their stories are all wise but listen to what they tell you they're going to do the stone cold serious when they say that so we have no are both because if people in whatever we focus on we we create more of. I mean we don't know what we didn't know that but it's true so we've got to get it's like the Mother Teresa I'm not anti-war I'm pro-peace so we have to go to Pro what are we Pro 4 or Pro Health Care and that and how do you have felt you have to have safe
okay you have two people that feel safe in part of the community so go to Orton Family Foundation everyone please go to Orton Family Foundation the average they already have it set up for Heart and Soul by a straight-up community services are already doing that you know there's they're trying to and then go to the library and set up in communities are very wonderful course Librarians information people really important groups to you know interconnect with here we have a nurturing caring Community here I'm Coalition that actually has a show incredible we have a whole sign up sheet made up an application form that's go through the whole County it was set up to go through the whole town
for for nurturing caring community services that would be an implementation manual is for businesses Service Agency School of family and children and I'm just wondering why you know the churches aren't aren't really backing this because once we get the church is on board with what we can create and which is like taking another 501 c 3 that we have out that we already have application forms already ready to go and you sign up for what we have 657 in Ark so you sign up you go in and you can sign up for where you want to volunteer but now we're going to pay him okay we're going to pay people to volunteer for these new co-ops okay instead of paying people to go to war or drive or jail or poison people in there and all the ways to do healing touch and all these wonderful healing art form instead of drug is killing Eve
hey and there's you know it's so much cheaper to
right so let's go ahead in and look at houses that they wanted to go right back to Politics as Usual right back to their old red and but whatever brings in the money it rather than asking what went wrong how come we've lost the heart of the American people how come 70 million people voted for a man who was
so it didn't he's very confident in his propaganda and then tricking people but he's not running he's not working running the government and all the horrible things that he does and stand Sport and says how come we're not reach in the middle of the country well maybe not everybody has to be a socialist maybe we shouldn't use the social this label why don't we focus on policies that people want rather than on ideologies or labels or identities that people don't want that makes studies critical race studies and
grievance studies all those groups where they put people in categories and end create a domination system where they move all the low people on the low status to the top maybe they're not that great and they're certainly don't seem to be helpful and bringing the country back together again
so how are we going to reach all those people that are in this different culture that come in with I guess this to help network are international business if I hadn't reached out to Europe the whole entire wild edible mushrooms industry would not be happening so at least not in the you asked a couple of us been specially I went to start working with people all over Europe and there you know it's kind of like how many people in our country they don't understand the Europeans have had to deal with overpopulation for a long time you're not paying attention why don't we get everyone to realize in the US that we already have 883 military bases in 184 countries and other people said we're up to a thousand Ike in order to keep my little house together
you know why are we spending more money to facilitate you know a i and these programs of the phone gets wet by the way there drones does the drones are just wiping out the half a trillion dollar tanks I already have a trillion idea like 500 billion or so insane thing right oh and there and the drones just wipe them have their just digging it right by Steve's war toys at stop in all the churches and women I know worldwide and children most everybody I know that has any kind of heart wasn't done no no more you know you talk to people they have ways to help him now that we never had before you know get them into who they are why they're here and then let them go into their you know their job creation you know in new new evolve in Consciousness programs what do you think
I did too difficult to absorb and respond to all of that wave of information I was looking at my small screen while you were going through that then I was checking out different the turn on and I heard the 70 million
people voted for Trump and that's that is that I think that I think that's something to be focused on that we're not going to have a transition of power that I think there are legal processes that will make that happen to have a conversation with one of the 70 million people
I'm I'm scared of entering into that conversation because like I like I said before I'm generally the guy that ends up being bullied I'm not going to end up trying to be overbearing conversation but I think it's important that we have that conversation see issues or every red yellow black and white worldwide. Every single human being has the same basic needs every single human being everyone okay sorry people basic emotions that we didn't know but the biggest Discovery with internet is why the hell are we worrying when all the answers we have total Pearl from the top psychologist psychiatrist you know the Paratransit I mean hey if you're angry or upset your answers are inside of you hit and it might even be a past life so if you're angry or upset
answers are inside you knock it off if you really care you know knock it off and help someone connected Source sit with them and help them I mean there's so workers everywhere love peace Harmony love peace Harmony love peace Harmony. Org. Org. Org love peace Harmony the world if people are in grapes that their answers are inside of them they need art music singing do you need to be relaxing you to go to somewhere where they are traumatized more like juvies in jail isn't saying it's disgusting sick sick Society we have an equation that are happening in the Mormon church and in the freaking Catholic Church get them out take out there for your property take it off you know we can start some Healing Centers there I pick up a bag of ice when you said if you're angry the answers are inside of you keep his point was if you're angry because you're losing you lose your temper is because of whatever
call Buckeye middle of that you're losing that they don't understand that's not true they don't understand you. I mean what why are we giving vaccinations go to the truth about vaccinations so I could go to the history history about they've got good videos out huge series Ty and Charlene Bollinger Ty and Charlene Bollinger their own website check them out of the truth about cancer and they have a the truth about vaccinations okay and I just wanted to let people know that like I said there's all kinds of ways there's essential oil
kinds of ways to the vaccination program did start with the military industrial complex they have total proof If you go to Kim galilei's is his PDF and go to John Perkins to where I forget John Perkins got our junk Perkins. Org John Perkins. Org he's really important as the economic Hitman confessions of an economic Hitman and they travels with Veterans for peace and he's got all the information about other countries how we went in and how we took them over and then with military and then also to Kevin Galilei he has all the information about every single country that are military bases are in the vaccination protocol with horrible side effects Anna eye looks like pretty much on the history of the HIV was with an introduction for early population control and then the flu vaccination absolutely 1980
it looks like one of our first experiments with with our soldiers Yeah Yeah Yeahs are our military yeah like my brother's what happened to some of the things that that I want to respond to on is what you're pointing out then is that we're going to need to find a way to support democracy not only in this country but in countries around the world America has not been on the side of democracy in many of these countries they overthrown countries we got military bases all over the world Aldous upholding dictators were now slaughtering people in Yemen in support of the Saudi government we are these we need to find a way R Us to support democracy and what the left is done and said oh we don't want to engage in regime change but then what do you what do you do to promote democracy and then some time on the left Excel democracy
the work it's not worth fighting for that's not what these movements are around the world they're all pro-democracy movement so we proceed around the world and we're going to find ourselves back in this situation with our democracy being threatened and then do to reach out to the middle of the country I think we're going to have to use the Bible I think that I shared story that we can rally around a shared story for American now we're going to have to overcome is anti-christian anti-religion
ideas on Santa and anti-American ideas on the left because they're not the whole truth they're only a part of the truth if we go to healthcare you go to Body Mind Spirit Expo. Net you know and they were World Conference healing conference is in what have you took it really need to get people focused on heart and soul base Community Services good basic income and health care. If we can do it in if we can have a hundred was 883 military bases other people said a thousand so okay 83 military bases a hundred and eighty four countries okay and we can figure out a week and they can have a they can get a basic income a place to live to learn to kill right
Healthcare oh but we can't at home take care and have Healthcare a place to live and a job at a new evolving heart and soul that residents what do you mean we can't of course we can America yes unite we can do this we can leave the whole world from one nation under God within that so purpose Divine Creative Source park within each person to the whole world that's what we're supposed to be doing is American
Travis still in the process of certifying at all I'm just reaching back to that part of the conversation we were talking about there's seventy million people over the person that lost and it's still going to work its way out but then you can't know each and every detail of it because of course I'm going to be crushing because of people involved in it nailed it be no like people can go if you're in groups that is like take a cell phone you know you are catching these abuse that used to hide
horrible Indiana pedophiles and it was so beautiful there was some younger kids and they said I'll give you my extra phone no one's paying attention this kids getting abused the other friend a good friend in a friend's phone and it will hide it and you know so they got they got him right because that that the abuser knew that these kids only had this one phone and you know it was always making sure where it wasn't it's all right so the other kids said okay we'll take mine and an ugly in order they need to be held accountable quickly it's just not okay okay then it's just really not okay and the hate that came out of Trumps mouth
you should have a leader like that you know there's also the groups of impeach. Org there's over 20 of them do you remember that rich weren't you involved with them how are they all getting Network do you know Rick
they're all getting active actually does impeach groups have sort of gone away and now we have the protect the results group and that's the group that's trying to do the Democratic party propaganda and then we have to choose democracy which is also monitoring the situation and why they may be right that there shouldn't be physical protest in the street it doesn't mean that shouldn't be actions and we need to be preparing people for the possibility that trouble refused to leave office the Republicans will support that and he will likely be able to get at least some paramilitary troops out to protect himself from leaving the White House now that's an unlikely scenario but it's still a possibility 70% of Republicans believe the election was fraudulent or unfair
and that is a is a terrible thing it shows the strength and power of Trumps disinformation and propaganda and that same strength and power is also directed at the left they take our opinion say you know we should follow science which is personally reasonable opinion and they push it to you should reject Christian Christians and Christianity the day so that's the type of they say this embarrassing
pro-life right well why are they pro-war and how many are have been used in the penal industrial complex and and and used to come on I mean in the Native Americans Murder By decree help him help people you know we're here to shine light on this horrible Darkness pay people to be kind and compassionate how can people get a hold of you tomorrow you can find on all your podcast apps I write for La rich procida is in Paul Oro season car ideas and David a and you can reach me on face
book I have a number of groups bible study for Progressive my blog modern lectionaries. and just keep people wear out there and be prepared because we're going to be out and your constitutional lawyer background and an admin Social Security admin thank you so much for being on and all that you do will be in touch thank you so much and what would you like to do today calling us to use these recordings on our little Community radio station if folks will want to check out what we've been up to you can go to k jha. Org those RJ's like Jimmy aaja aaja. Org as well as
Coos Bay area near the coast 93.1 FM radio anyway love you guys so much and thank you so much and know we can do this we came to do it all it is is new education job creation with you know basic place to live you know you help people get healthy find out who they are we have all kinds of healers and do that so Enlighten the planet brings into Harmony and peace we're supposed to all be joyful healthy happy children of God not guns and drugs and poisons right and we're supposed to share and be happy and healthy and going to Stellar together to there's 26 another life 2004 putting this show on the radio station and
being on the show today and we'll go ahead and go out with Lin's music I don't know what she has chosen for today so I'm thank you for listening to everybody and check out my shows coming out tomorrow morning I do a tarot reading I ask more than just one question I asked a couple questions comes out very interesting you never know what the cards that come out in response to questions a really interesting and so I hope to hear see you there or hope you hear me and see me there all right let's go out with then song if it if it's set to go
love you all thank you so much for tuning in Rich procida and Travis hair thank you so much for being here today bless you thank you so much love you all and yes thank you and thank you love you all so much will be in touch and take care of you know a week and let's focus all humans have the same basic needs in basic emotions dancers are inside each person and there's we need green medicine green foods and green green green green Green all the different medicine so that we can have all kinds of new green healthy foods and thank you lots of good jobs we're going to create and do good things with signed out with Patty Becker thumb today Shine Your Light learn how to use your soul soul energies Shine the Light thank you by now
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