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Spiritual Emergency Training, February 27, 2021

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Spiritual Emergency Training
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with Lynn Mystic-Healer and guest Andrew Scott Miller

Spiritual Emergency Training with Lynn Mystic-Healer and guest Andrew Scott Miller

Guest, Andrew Miller

Guest Name
Andrew Miller
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A systems thinker
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Andrew Miller

I began in the early 70's programming software in computer based education and training. I spent my non-work time focused o Technologies for Humane Society, pre-internet online communication services for the blind and challenged. Later I developed and marketed specialized software that  diagrams family and community emotional process, used in over 24 countries.

As a systems thinker I now devote my time to finding ways to fight for truly representative government, to help make us aware that the issues we all face derive from the same root causes, to build dialog among us so power-cravers don't divide us, and most importantly, to learn how to interpret the flood of information now available to us, to determine new guardrails for information providers and new media, and to learn how to use these new tools to retain our collective personal power.

Spiritual Emergency Training

Show Host

Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - Soul Activation Process that is a new age healing process & peace project that will help unite races & religions by reforming our world via each person's soul power connections.

SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - There is a spiritual answer to every human being's life problems or crisis. Lynn Mystic-Healer channeled the Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook about the 5 step SOUL ACTIVATION PROCESS that can find the spiritual answers to any human beings sickness, anger, emotional or physical problems that will help them to heal their life and resurrect a new life from direct love and light ancient Soul energy contacts that include angels, spirit guides, holy ghosts( holy spirits).

The Soul Activation Process goes beyond any affirmation to direct Soul Source contact that is direct holy spirit counsel that is true Holy communion with intergalactic spiritual counsel.

All the answers are within each person's omniscient, omnipotent love and light Soul energy's attached to their breath and to their own chakra -DNA- system. Each person is never alone. All human beings have access to an inner voice from divine guidance that is a spirit guide or guardian angel that is waiting to help them, but they can not override the free will (ego mind beliefs) of any human being on this planet.

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