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Spiritual Activist, 25/09/2021

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Spiritual Activist
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Are we living in a state of Collective Insanity? The short answer is Yes, watch this show for the Longer answer.

Spiritual Activist with Rahasya Uncensored

Are we living in a state of Collective Insanity? The short answer is Yes, watch this show for the Longer answer.

Spiritual Activist

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This page is the beginning of me, Rahasya, telling it like it is, which is not meant for everyone in today’s sedated society. But if you are reading this you should bookmark this page and come back frequently because this is the “Uncensored” section of Lotus Guide where we are allowed to do that lost trait called “Thinking for Ourselves.”

I’m in the process of starting an Internet Live Radio show that will be a community supported non-profit endeavor once I can get my non-profit status.  To talk about the things that need to be talked about I need to be free of commitments to advertisers so it will be entirely a non-profit mission driven show.  The show will be called “Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored.”  The reason for this is because after many years of looking, and dealing, with life’s problems I have come to understand that they are by their very nature, “Spiritual” problems which means that the solutions need to be Spiritual solutions. When I use the word ‘Spiritual’ I could just as easily use the word “Consciousness.” 

Albert Einstein once said that we will never find the solutions from the same level of thinking/consciousness that created the problems.  I’m sure you have noticed that no matter what we do we end up making it worse or the situations connected to it worse.  Over the past few centuries the only thing we have progressed at is to come up with more efficient ways to annihilate each other and destroy the world around us.  Martin Luther King once said that “We have guided missiles and misguided souls.” 

We have cut ourselves off from the very nature around us that supports us and we need to reconnect. Without an evolution of consciousness…this will not happen.  The answers we seek lie within.

So we all need to be a “Spiritual Activist” which simply means that we need to take action in the world around us using a higher level of awareness. Our world leaders, sorry to say, are on legal and illegal drugs and for the most part are sociopaths making decisions about our lives.  It’s time to Wake Up from THEIR madness!

You are not alone when you get this feeling that something amazing is happening even in the face of all the chaos and destruction in our world. Our strength lies in our ability to come together with other like-minds and together we can and will change the world…Join Me and millions of others.

Thank you, Rahasya

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don't you know you rule Breakers you Misfits and troublemakers all you free spirits and Pioneers and Visionaries and nonconformist<br> you are listening to the spiritual activist radio show and I am rahasya uncensored where we look at the world not as it is but as we know it can be if and only if we have the courage to question the answers we've been given this is our world it's time for us to take it back<br> alright welcome to the VVS radio show again where I the Hacienda censored have my show which is CBS Ford / spiritual activists in once again the name spiritual activist this has to do with looking at things that are happening right now and trying to find the underlying spiritual or Consciousness reasons behind this because I'm going to read an article I wrote for the recent issue of lotus guide<br> which is a magazine that we publisher in Northern California and its ongoing media I've been taking off a to YouTube twice I've been sanctioned on there and the only reason for that is giving false medical advice which basically I was just saying maybe we should question the ongoing rhetoric<br> I think they were the picture behind me but pretty much says what's happening right now we're all being<br> hypnotized in this is been going on for Centuries by the way the the powers-that-be knows what they're doing so let me just get right into the article here because I think it's important to understand it we put a lot of attention on<br> who is doing this<br> we have different opinions but we basically know who's behind this or at least the front people that Hillary's the bidens whatever we know why they're doing this and why they're doing it is they've already told us they want depopulation by 20-30 just look it up United Nations Agenda 21 they're pretty up front about it<br> which actually sort of kills me. Literally hopefully but we set we have to stop and think of me a seven-year-old if you would lay this out to a seven-year-old I think they would say well I don't know about this the same people that have said that I get into this in the article but same people that told us that cigarette smoking is healthy Forest it's okay more doctors recommend Bubba but these are the same people giving us the vaccination shots do so at least we should question this and that's all I said on my YouTube and they took it down but thank goodness for platforms like BBS radio I'm also on bitchute rahasia uncensored I'm going to be on Rumble I've also started putting things up on sub stack which is a place where writers can go to have some Freedom while we still have it<br> let me get into the the article I wrote and we'll just sort of go from there because I think it's important to understand how they're doing this I mean how are they doing this this is the question<br> name of my article is mass mass psychosis or Collective Insanity I like to say hypnosis because that's sort of beer and a lot of this pre-emptive programming pretty much laying the groundwork for what they're coming like event 201 later now perfectly everything that's happening right now with the coronavirus read sparse I mean 25 20 25 to 28 28 they're laying it all out perfectly what they have in plan for it so<br> getting formed I mean that that's the main thing is getting your good information out there but we're going to concentrate today is how are they doing how are they doing this I mean I am amazed at some of my closest friends spiritual and otherwise<br> how easily they took to their knees and bow down and submitted to what's going on and some of them have even taken the vaccination and I have not a personal friend but I have a personal friend her boyfriend took it and died look up coronavirus and look up Eric Clapton what he's gone through especially with the booster shot and what he gets to talk about is sort of what I'm talking about tube above and beyond that the vaccinations that all the rhetoric<br> what is happening to our population hit his family gave so much pressure so much peer pressure and everything else that's why he took the shot in the first place need regrets it now<br> but you seen his family and friends really getting sort of lost in this so let's just read through my article here and I think you'll understand where it's going<br> Mass psychosis AKA Collective Insanity by me rehearse UFO like I say this is in the September October November December issue of lotus guide which is lotus<br> before we take a look at what's going on in today's world<br> today<br> let me just start over but it's it it's a good thing that I'm not a professional at this time just like you guys I'm I'm just trying to make sense of what's going on live out my life help as many people as possible so if this doesn't come across totally professional sorry about that but it's not a one-man band I do my technical stuff the video<br> sweep up at night the holeshot hopefully I think someday I might start putting more emphasis on my podcast by the way and see if we can come out of this looking thing here okay start over here before we take a look at what's going on today let's take a brief look at the past when true Mass psychosis has taken over a population there are hundreds of examples where this is started to take hold with outspoken rational critical thinkers like us were quick to see the danger and stop it in its tracks by speaking out<br> let's take a look at a couple of obvious instances of mass psychosis a recent I recently watched the interview with Eckhart Tolle on the Dave Rubin report and I really suggest you watched a Reuben to its he does a good job Dave Rubin Tim pool dare I say Alex Jones but I tell you I've been watching Alex Jones 4 years and say and now this can't be true and year by year things you've been saying comes to so I'm listening to what he saying now and he does read the transcripts the the things he's been off on but for the most part he's worth listening to<br> on the Dave Rubin report and he said that it's undeniable that we are in a state of collective Insanity on this planet Which is far more dangerous than covid-19 virus that is Eckhart Tolle speaking if you don't know who Eckhart Tolle is power of now he's a number one rider look him up he's pretty good reminds me a little bit of a show I think he's been influenced by Osho a lot<br> he pointed out what happened in Cambodia when the Marxist communist leader Pol Pot was the driving force behind genocide of one-third of the country's population why because they were considered enemies of the state anyone who could read or write or wore glasses was systematically starve to death or executed that was Collective Insanity on a grand scale<br> now<br> this has happened many many many times on this planet I can't go into a mall but another instance of collective Insanity broke out in America and Europe when women were accused of being witches for doing something as innocent<br> as cooking with herbs in the late 1696 actually went on for about a century off and on but it hit its climax in the 1690s some small villages in Europe there were hardly any women left when the madness subsided of course we can talk about the more obvious times in history where people like Stalin and Hitler killed Untold Millions many of which were their own people now the women that were left were few and far between and some places in Europe and in the United States<br> I mean it's hard for us to imagine that happening now for some people but the more I look at the news and what's going on it's getting easier to imagine that there would be no critical thinkers left you no less people that wear glasses and can read right so what happens is clear millions of innocent people died at the hands of insane societies that they live in<br> but just as important is the answer to how this happens well low and behold<br> there's actually an actual strategy plan for psychopaths at that they have used for centuries on unsuspecting sleeping masses of people however now in the 21st century of advanced technology media and Communications the game has risen to a new level with a large percentage of the masses still completely unaware and I can verify this so much with people around me<br> yeah I know I've told friends I've given them all the information on the vaccinations and they still took them and now they're a little bit sorry they did some of them are having severe problems I just heard to the the the top board members of the Food and Drug Administration voted 19 to to to start taking these vaccinations more serious as a danger to society so that's a start<br> you may be asking how this could go unnoticed when we live in the information Age part of the answers algorithms which is a subject for a future date but there's much more to the story that I want to touch on algorithms is is what's burying people like myself and others that are speaking out it's getting more and more difficult to find me on YouTube views of going down I don't even supported anymore by promoting YouTube butt and I've lost a lot of followers for some mysterious reason I thought of that happens I I don't know<br> okay here we are today with a huge section of the population that seems to be incapable of understanding the most basic facts why there are two things in play here by Design One is the fact that when you are put into fear your frontal lobes were critical thinking happens shut down and you go into a more reptilian part<br> know if it is The Reptilian area where<br> you can only react to the perceived threat real or unreal reason get stumbled here I keep thinking of things I want to say in here but let me get through some of this<br> the other thing to consider is the fact that most people turn away from any truth that makes them uncomfortable they can't handle the truth is Jack Nicholson would say this once said whoever can supply them with Illusions is easily their Master whoever attempts to destroy their Illusions is always their enemy<br> and it seems to be the truth I tell you I get some of the craziest male that from idiots and morons it when it's easy to undermine what you're saying because they they don't look up the facts which makes it<br> sort of ironic you know because they keep quoting things all of the science you follow the science the scientists are telling us beware<br> back to how this is going on Carl Jung weighs in on this subject by pointing out that we are indeed Our Own Worst Enemy<br> not the forces of nature or pandemics but the pandemic of our own mind read civilization civilization in transition by Carl Jung to dive deep into this in his book estates this is a sad yet Eternal truism and are wolf-like Tendencies, most prominently into play at those times of history with mental illness becomes the norm rather than the exception in a society<br> he called this a psychic epidemic<br> and it'll tell you it doesn't take much to watch Tik Tok<br> some of the young Millennials I mean 20 year olds with shaved heads with pink hair and telling me what life is about what I should be doing and how I should be living my life I just isn't the people I think we should be listing to at this point I'm either half of them are still sleeping on their parents couch<br> okay back to the article simply put a mass psychosis happens when a large portion of a society lives with its comfortable delusions and loses touch with reality young points out that when Mass psychosis takes hold those infected become morally and spiritually inferior and become unreasonable and I think we can see this all over the place. Only the the fake news but in our society look what's happening I mean black lives matter has nothing to do with black lives matter e it's a black lives matter Inc it's a million multimillion-dollar Corporation they've never given $1 to black people back to the director I think she bought her fourth million-dollar home<br> it has nothing to do with black lives matter<br> okay they've become unreasonable emotionally erratic irresponsible and unreliable<br> sounds a little bit like our Congress doesn't it<br> you point out something that we all have thought about which is that as a mob gone mad people can commit crimes that they would never commit as individuals hence the term Lynch Mob and never the term Lynch person<br> I think that's important to realize there's there's people out there right now doing things in these mobs<br> black lives matter<br> antifa and a number of other organizations that are being funded by people like George Soros I mean that it's pointing directly to him<br> did you take any of those people out of the crowd singularly they wouldn't do anyting Ameri fact it's coming down in South Africa these mobs that are out just devastating South Africa the the people are taking to the streets now with guns and soon as they point a gun at them they scatter and the other through a bunch of cowards<br> okay back to the article<br> he points out something that we all thought about<br> which is that as a mob gone mad people commit crimes Lynch Mob which person never hear about it also points out that the person suffering from knossos psychosis lacks the ability to see that he is part of a delusion and is lost contact with reality he believes his actions make perfect sense validating everything from Mass genocide to Bernie women at the state for or carrot or exiting Afghanistan and leaving almost 90 billion dollars worth of advanced military weapons for our enemy is that seems a little crazy the Taliban is our enemy right now and we just made him a well armed enemy and give him a whole country to establish their base of<br> taking out there<br> evil on whoever they want to aim it at<br> and now they can use against us doing everything possible to disarm American citizens the Taliban now has more blacktop Hawk helicopters than the Australian military and billions of dollars worth of guns in advanced high-tech equipment they even have I think it was $14,090. What does that mean it means now they can go out at night and shoot people and the people that they're shooting don't even know where it's coming from and we gave them that technology<br> I mean<br> my God I think perfect Dave Rubin of the Dave Rubin report every year he takes one month and disappears no cell phones no computers no internet no nothing and he just got back and he got together with Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck caught him up on what's going on and what stood out in Glenn Beck's mine was the fact that what was in Dave Reubens mine wasn't so much what was going on but how's the media framing this that's what we have to be concerned with because what's going on is one thing but what people are hearing about a total different thing<br> many things in our society can set elective Insanity off such as pharmaceutical or illegal drugs most of which are being unloaded on our society and walked across our open borders with little or no interference this is been happening for a long time we guard the poppy fields and look at look back what happened in the 70s with the CIA smuggling and tons of cocaine into I think Alabama or Arkansas or Bill Clinton was and Bill Clinton had a lot to do with it<br> I don't know people are sometimes I get so frustrated but I have to<br> calm down and just ground myself and bring my focus back cuz there's so much to be taking a look at now back to the article but we should be concerned with are called psychogenic triggers and the most noticeable one that we should be concerned with is the abundance of negative emotions pumped into our minds they cause panic and stress once we are in a state of panic we instinctively search for relief from the emotion that is unsustainable<br> people are in a state of mind right now<br> where they're stressed out frustrated and it cannot go on to not go on and go to get to what there's only a couple of options at that point<br> if we allow ourselves to be in this state we have a couple of choices one is to acknowledge the situation we are in and face the source generating the fear which requires risk the berry saying we are trying to avoid and the other is to have a psychotic break which takes us even deeper into the abyss or disorder and Chaos are restructured by blending fact and fiction and creating a reality that eases are feeling of panic and anxiety The New Normal<br> this is where the corporate media is doing an outstanding job and believe me that's not a compliment<br> it takes it takes a very courageous spiritual Warrior type once you get to that level of stress and dysfunction to look at the very thing that's causing all that in your life and realized it the reality that you have<br> built-in manifested by filtering out anything that you don't believe in or don't believe is actually not true and start dismantling that I went through this when I wrote a book called to believe or not to believe the<br> like the consequences of the social and political movements that are honest it's the book is called to believe or not to believe by rahasia Poets available on Amazon but I realized it to reality that we build<br> is that reality that is and the Really face that go deeply into it<br> takes a courageous person but I'll tell you once you do it especially if you've been deep into it once you do that and come out the other side you are a force to be reckoned with<br> she hardly afraid of anything<br> silvano are yeti in the sortie on schizophrenia explains the psychogenic steps that lead to Madness the first is when the person start seeing things in a different way and becomes frightened and confused and lacks the understanding of why things are so strange<br> which puts them in a state of panic the next step is called psychotic in site where the person has succeeded in devising a pathological way of seeing things which allows him to explain his abnormal experiences<br> the person that you know what I'm reading this I think it's so many people I know right now that this matches perfectly the person now sees a deep meaning in his experiences hence the word Insight the obvious problem is that it's a psychotic Insight that will lead him into a even deeper state of a psychotic break with the true reality that the others live in<br> no<br> and I'm seeing this there's so many friends that I can no longer talk with because some of them don't want to hear it anymore and the others I can't do it just<br> feel like a deer in the headlights and no matter what they say I can come back to or three weeks later and ask him about it and they don't even remember the conversation. Some kind of a psychotic break with anybody that disagrees with their view of reality<br> how do I say it's a Lewis scary sometimes but<br> we all have to keep going cuz I think it's all coming down by the way<br> back to the old just use the only happens to weak and vulnerable individuals sorry friends of mine that might be listening to this that are part of it this usually only happens to weak and vulnerable individuals when they are bombarded by negative news and emotions and can no longer make sense of what being programmed into them in our world I believe it's by Design do I identify the collective psychosis we are experiencing you need to understand the end goal which is totalitarianism then and only then can you understand the journey we are on all of us are on this journey<br> of course on a deeper level is transhumanism but that is beyond the scope of an intent of this article watching interesting I did an interesting interview with Elana Freeland on her book geoengineering and transhumanism<br> and you can still find out on YouTube if you go to Lotus guide and look in my folders and look in the VVS folder that is there it's hard to find it otherwise I fit in all the search<br> words right meditation everything but it's hard to find but if you go to Lotus guide and I think I may have put it up on the pitch YouTube channel also but you can also listen to it on VVS for Spiritual activist really a great interview and she talks about transhumanism there and if you don't think that that's real think again the supreme Supreme Court just passed down a law that<br> humans in quotes that are transhuman have no constitutional rights that why are they doing that because they're getting ready if if your genome which is patented by the way if your genome is altered just a little bit by genetically genetically modified foods or the air that we breathe that we're being sprayed constantly for about 15-20 years now with all kinds of shit in the air and now with these they're telling us the cenarion a upgrade to rdna these moderna<br> shots that they're actually changing our DNA I'll have to do is change it a little bit<br> and we're transhuman if that point we'll find ourselves in court with no constitutional rights because we're no longer a complete genuine human being like going on people you know what things I say I'm very careful these things are actually real it sounds like you're listening some mad conspiracy theories that might be true by the way I might be a little bit mad at this point in the true sense of the word just tired of the bullshit I'm tired of it and I'm ready to put it all on the line<br> which you'll see at the bottom of this article<br> okay back to the article<br> Arthur versus Ilias versluijs the future how to pronounce it wrote in his book the new inquisition's in a totality Aryan Society the population is divided into two groups the rulers and the ruled<br> and we see that happening and both groups undergo a pathological transformation the rulers are elevated to the almost god-like status which is diametrically opposed to our nature as imperfect beings who are easily corrupted by power<br> we all know about absolute power what it does the masses on the other hand are transformed into the defendant subjects of these pathological rulers and take on a path of logically regressed and childlike status where we end up looking for a father figure a mother figure in that becomes the the government<br> I'm sorry to say this but as but I see so many people in my life and in society as a whole who are completely deluded how else could we let people rise to the highest level of government to control us who absolutely shows signs of dementia<br> do I even do I even have to say who I'm talking about we all know who I'm talking about that's the crazy thing we all know Biden is losing it now it's<br> two different of his security people have become whistleblowers and told us he's becoming incontinent on top of everything else. Just use mine but just body this is no longer funny people if it's actually pretty sad and I think his wife Jill should be brought up on charges for elder abuse she knew going into it that he couldn't handle it and you watch Biden is going to get thrown under the bus that they wanted somebody disposable they could throw under the bus for yeah you really but you know he's demented and we're going to put him in a assisted living now or whatever they're going to do with him<br> General milley you watch what see what they do to him fauci under the bus it's coming<br> okay she was absolutely show signs of dementia or general milley who's the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who seems to be clueless and is more concerned with political issues like white rage and communicating on back channels to the Chinese Communist Party<br> who is dr. fauci who changes his mind on a daily basis and lies to Congress giving us<br> Health mandates remember these are the very same institutions that told us more doctors recommend pool cigarettes and any other cigarettes and they also lied to Congress what they call is the four-man of forget now but they went to Congress and lied that cigarette smoking is not dangerous but it does not cause cancer and they knew it<br> we talked about the same organizations the same kinds of people that are passing out vaccinations<br> and it's coming it's all coming out nurses doctors thousands of doctors are waking up to this and actually I think they just want to be on the right side of history when this all crumbles cuz that day is coming<br> don't think for a moment that the United States of America could never become me to tell Terry and state the mass psychosis of totalitarianism has happened throughout history on the sleeping masses<br> quote it is simply a question of reorganizing and manipulating Collective feelings in the proper way to buy first name juice merlu the rape of the mind this is called menticide or the killing of the mind this is a fairly easy process in today's world where the Elites in control can censor any dissenting points of view no matter how well documented look into who owns the corporate media and newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times they all have a vested interest in maintaining The psychosis<br> in this is crazy what we're going through right now I was listening to I think going back he was talking to Bill O'Reilly and Bill Riley said several of the fake news channels they haven't even covered at all the Afghanistan debacle where people are right now they're being held hostage and you know I'm just some guy up here in Northern California I figured this out a long time ago that the Taliban is going to keep at least a couple hundred Americans and use them for bartering chip but they would be ridiculous for him not to do that showing their history and our top military people are saying well we're counting on the Taliban to do the right thing get off of my<br> why are these people that's running this country right now they're either evil to the point of not even being able to describe it or morons Beyond any kind of ability to even explain it because<br> they're not making sense at all<br> lips<br> message Julie are evil and they're selling out our country how would you sell out a country<br> well we have to do is grab hold of the elections in reigate to where you're never going to lose again and they did that Venezuela and several other countries and what voting machine did they use only in Dominion what machine did they use here in the United States owe you and that's the first thing you do rig the election so you'll never lose election again so you get it to Paleteria in Desperate in there that's authoritarian and a complete ass hole it doesn't matter he's always going to get voted back in<br> what else would you do for you break down the borders and bring it you make the border so porous that all of your enemies and all of the people that you would normally vet just come rushing across the border look at the border it's a mess people it's a mess but I think it's by Design I have to think these people can't be that moronic they would forget to put their pants on of the morning and walk out the street if they were that stupid<br> back to the article<br> things are changing quickly right now and people are waking up it's only a matter of time when this ends like most movements like this do in people who can steal think critically and rationally need to keep talking and exposing the madness then one by one the psychopathic leaders get thrown under the bus because they become a liability<br> as the ship starts to sink and the Rats abandon it they start talking that's what's happening now to fuck<br> it's time to make sure you are on the right side of what's going on or coming down be the hero of your own story our Collective story because history will show what it is what it is and has always shown about Collective insanity or mass psychosis it doesn't work<br> crazy and they think it finally they're going to figure this out maybe they figured out with that the the technology and the media in control they could make it work this time but it's not work<br> no matter how many statues you tear down no matter how many books or social media sites your censoring opposing points of view it always collapses and honest look at reality and history proves this out otherwise we'd all be speaking German and there would be no men or women wearing glasses or who could read it right it doesn't work<br> do your own research use DuckDuckGo as your search engine and tour instead of Firefox or Safari<br> that's what I always have to do because the algorithms will lock you in and filter out so much I've looked at things on DuckDuckGo and looked at the very same searched thing on Google and like I looked at Reed elections on DuckDuckGo and you get a lot of interesting feedback<br> look it look it up on Google all I got back was conspiracy ideas conspiracy theorist wild people<br> they know what they're doing so you better know what you're doing<br> do your own research like<br> and my remembering the psychological tools that are used against us they become less effective<br> contradictory reports nonsensical information and obvious lies all of which puts us into a state of confusion and less capable of dealing with the crisis of the day<br> so you're something I want to talk about before I close and I think it's probably one of the most important things that's going to be happening over the next maybe few days especially is Arizona comes up with their results of the election I'm just going to play a little short clip from oan<br> oan is sort of like Newsmax it's people getting together and trying to get the truth out there just take a listen<br> that was asking questions about the 2020 election<br> Joe Biden delivered a jarring speech in Philadelphia Tuesday it was perhaps one of the most striking speeches delivered by an American president and eighty years and also one of the most dishonest one thing Biden claim that the 2020 election was the most scrutinized election in history take a look at the court case the 2020 election was the most scrutinized election ever in American history<br> broadcast local state election officials<br> of course the facts are that well over half the ballots cast for Biden we're done so through mail drop boxes much of which was unsupervised or in some states controlled by democrats are your operatives without verifying who voted and from where those ballast came those facts alone are clear evidence that this was the least scrutinized election in modern time I don't know if you got that or not but one of the ballots had Albert Einstein on it has claimed the so-called recounts had nothing to do with validating votes only recounting the same ballot without ever verifying the origins fine also said that merely questioning his election was tantamount to supporting slavery Jim Crow the Klu Klux Klan<br> most punt democratic<br> president<br> translate 13th 14th and 15th amendments after the Civil War the poll taxes and literacy tests in 2013 and two weeks ago the Court decisions anyone questioning directions<br> 2013 and then again just two weeks ago that decision that weekend The Landmark Voting Rights Act<br> the Wilson<br> 2020<br> a whole other level of threat<br> insurrection<br> I can't even hardly listen to this but it's important to hear him out<br> it's a<br> oh my God I just at this point I'm not too sure how I'm supposed to relate to people that still support this guy<br> so on the one hand Biden says any courts that refuse to look at evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 election is legitimate but any Court ruling he doesn't like it's an Insurrection against his authority this raises serious questions about whether or not Biden has dispensed with our three branches of government and declared himself the supreme leader is it possible that this is an attempt to intimidate those who are seeking to audit votes not only in Pennsylvania but Georgia and Arizona to is it because those investigations are turning up evidence of potential voter fraud the entire tone of Biden's remarks when attack on anyone asking questions about the 2020 election saying nothing like this has ever happened by these critics point out that throughout the entire Trump presidency.<br> Tina Watson was hacked and Trump with an illegitimate president and they have no evidence for those claims for the past 40 years Democrats have questioned almost every election of a Republican president now when there's more reason to ask questions and be suspicious Democrats tell us to shut up or else your questions might be considered and Insurrection one America news in Washington I'm Scott wheeler<br> send Joseph Democrats highlighted mainstream media reports that falsely claimed don't know how to conduct an audit do you think senators of Wendy Rogers and carrots and revealed in criminal penalties. We're still waiting to hear the latest she was more<br> an indictment has been filed by the Attorney General in Arizona I guess I am glad that we are sending a message that we take her Integrity seriously here in Arizona<br> Democrats are also accusing Auditors of endangering election Integrity which is misinformation right there<br> we need to wake up because the everything is going on is starting to collapse<br> and as it collapses it it's going to take a lot of us a critical thinkers to come together and and help the people that's been hypnotized and taking into this delusion that we find ourselves in this is a global global takeover and<br> I'm sure you hear the frustration in my voice I don't even try to hide it anymore I am frustrated<br> because some of this is so clear and it's like I'm I'm walking in a room of hypnotized people that don't even see where they're at and they're all in their delusions and their delusions are even different that that's the the strange and dangerous part about this<br> but I think we're coming to a point and I was listening to Tim pool he he moved to West Virginia Which my home state to cuz he said the time to be in cities is it right now when this thing starts happening look look up South Africa what's going on there but it's it's a total mess they're shooting at each other just normal everyday people are getting their guns and go into the streets and trying to hold them back they've destroyed parts of South Africa<br> that can happen here<br> I think there's powerful globalist that want that to happen here and at the same time all of this is happening you know it look at the South Seas and look what the the Chinese are doing with their warships. They're cruising around Alaska they're cruising around the South Seas and why and you wait there going to be in the Caribbean here pretty soon cuz since Biden has shown that he's feeble-minded week and probably bought off and they know it because they're the ones that bought them off probably that's my opinion I think it's based upon everything from Hunter Biden on that there were some things on that laptop I've seen some of the pictures<br> but I can't even can't even imagine being that high and taking the pictures and putting them on the laptop and then losing the laptop is lost two laptops and some of them are right I don't even want to say on my video channel what some of those things were but it it had to do with beatings and young girls in this is not good because if we know this the Chinese people know this it happened in China and some of the better hotels that I'm sure they had video cameras in there and who knows what kind of<br> things are biting himself was involved in with this we really don't know but one thing for sure he's compromised that's been pretty clear since the beginning why else would you leave Afghanistan and leave a 1.5 billion dollar base to the Chinese and almost 90 billion dollars worth of equipment and knowing that the Chinese are going to take control now<br> maybe it's a Chinese restaurant<br> thanks for listening and thanks for your patience with me because sometimes it's hard to do this so I appreciate you tuning in will be in touch<br>