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Saving with Steve, 22/06/2021

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Guests, Wayne Dunlop and Glen Henderson

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guests, Wayne Dunlop and Glen Henderson

Saving with Steve

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The Save With Steve Show, hosted by Steve Sexton will help you with ins and outs of money. We talk about financial issues that that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night.

We talk about “money”… tax reduction, saving more, how to spending less and get more, 401k’s, risk management, retirement, and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money.

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everyone has their own unique views and needs when it comes to financial success if you'd like to leave your financial woes behind and live a life of Financial Freedom you've come to the right place welcome to saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton the show will help you with the ins and outs of money we talked about financial issues that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night we talked about money tax reduction saving more spending less 401K risk management retirement and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happy relationship with money now here is your host of saving with Steve Steve Sexton
we talked about the ins-and-outs of money pretty much everything under the sun related you having a happier healthy relationship with my my name is Steve sex and I'm your hoes I want to thank you for joining us I also want to thank you for listening sharing this with your friends family and Associates who shows going very very well we have over 550,000 listeners and you know it is growing from there we just got rerouted to the UK help Radio Networks and of expanded to 85 country so the distribution is going very very very well and we want to thank you so you know what we're adding more chips to the shaving with Steve Sexton Facebook page so you can always go there for financial tips everything from dealing with 401k mishaps how to reduce your debts all sorts of things on top of that we've got a great lineup of guests for you today we have real estate expert Glenn hendren he's going to give us the rundown on the real estate market for the latter half of 2021 cuz you want to see what's going to go on Glenn's going to provide her with the inside virgin
friends that you need to know that could make or break your real estate experience with your buying or selling one viewers found at Glenn's going to be back on this show I mean by popular demand Glenn's going to be talking about the five components you need to do in order to sell your house for the most amount of money today I'm going to be giving you some simple debt management strategies it'll make a difference so you can live the life and have the retirement of your dreams always better to earn interest in paying interest I know a lot of you were thinking hey I'm looking forward to listen to top Palmer he wrote the best-selling book called from suck 2/6 as a guide to extra entrepreneurship what a hero's journey he's been through to make life work for he and his family and on top of that he's going to help you with what do you need to do to go from being laid off due to covid to be in that top candidate but we have a wonderful replacer for you we have Wayne Dunlap way to Pat Dunlop are the number one travel bloggers according
Travelocity okay for Baby Boomers in the world which is outstanding they have hundreds of thousands of people following others their Facebook but their blog called unhook now. Why it's because they talked about routes of travel people discuss their travel experiences they also talked about where you can go to get the best deal now Wings going to be talking to us about what's going on some travel strategies to have a good experience at a lower cost always Wayne has at best-selling book called plan your Escape that's about how to travel the world for the less it would have cost at living in homes we will be playing some of the extras from his last interview as well as asking him some questions that you want to stick around for that now what that I'm going to want a welcome Wings I'm up you're welcome to the show me again to see you as well glad you're healthy glad pass healthy and you have a grandchild choose a button
Kennesaw to fall in love with her so easily so how many things have you already bought for a couple thousand it's insane about your job so we'll do it on something about as you can get them all wound up and leave it when you're done okay you know what I love this idea of following a disaster and and the reason why I love it is because I utilized it and I was planning on a safari to South Africa and you when you go on a safari you're going in the outback and all that kind of stuff not in the big cities so there was some issues that are happening with psoriasis and staffs and things like that in the cities of Johannesburg but that meant a lot of people work at a travel so why did you do this I filed the disaster and we were in the Pretoria
where there was no disaster and then went or Safari and we saved thousands of dollars doing that just because people weren't there and the reality is we were probably probably had one of the best tours are the only bad part about it is a camera that we had broke and we didn't realize it which is a bummer cuz we can get the pictures but all I got to say it every time I go on that trip every time I start talking about the animals and what we saw in Goosebumps and it brings it all back so you know what I want to thank you for doing this again to tell us about the file the disaster strategy mentioned before or after we retired my wife and I travel the world for a year then it turned into 4 years and there was no way that we could afford travel the same way we are traveling on a two-week vacation so we had to come up with new ideas when is a poor economics professor I just applied economics the most snowfall the disaster and it was written up in the Wall Street Journal was so this that power cord
Apple prices around the world for sometime people are reluctant to travel there so I've been perfect example is our trip to Thailand tsunami that wiped out the cat house The Travelers North America and Europe cancel the trip to all the time so we started a band, 500 miles away from Phuket and work the way North to Chang met and she had a lovely trip know he's about half the cost and and we went to after the bombing and Bali after their here's the thing the covid cases is offering amazing fall disaster deals and I'd like to talk a little bit more about their please do providers like hotels Cruisers tour operators Exedra are are hurting cuz he's coming in the travel industry may have been hit the hardest
industry in the world and these people that we do by their business and Hospitality are hurting and so what you're doing is offering some very very good deals for 2021 and looks at it because we're getting a little disappointed cuz we're stopping to Soul unique about the comet prices the fall is a so we never seen before they also are offering amazing refund policy where they realize that the book and so what they do is up to a certain date you can be fun to get all your money back you need to deposit to put down and that is for no reason you don't have to have a doctor's excuse it never break your leg and get you but I'm sure you can just cancel this if you change your mind and we got two trips going on when in April when in November and the April one we are getting a little worried where the Resurgence of the concerns about covid-19 we're looking at the
the cancellation date we just going to cancel it don't give us to put the books in our Hopper so we can start looking forward to and no one thing I like those tell people when you get these follow disaster kind of fun and very expensive if you get a half price deal on Iran launches trip on Oceania Oceania is probably one of the most luxurious and most expensive cruise lines in the world but we got a deal that I probably has less than half price and so now we're going to take an upscale luxury cruise boat out in November so basically what you're saying is these I understand that because basically if you have a socially distanced Vista business it's it's Amazon okay they don't talk to you
other people order is out but if you're in a business that requires social interaction like going out to a restaurant retail travel concerts I mean you know that you know what they live concerts for the mmnl had one since February and bases the same things happening here with travel I mean they're actually with her is what cruise line is X and giving people free travel to test out their coverage for caution and you're like wow I can get free travel for that so how long do you think these Bargains will be out there before things start changing so it is there a limited time for that opportunity to there's a lot of things in life but we cost with their concerns and the issues go down
diable trip now what I'm looking at right now is summertime 2021 to be that sweet spot that is the kind I think with the increased availability of vaccine that up early this month and the by 6 months from now will be widely available also will be out of the standard flu season this has become more stronger in summer time I think that's going to be a really good time so we can look for deals that we could put now for next summer 2021 get the deal and still have a viable trip that you probably going to be able to take and so that's a good thing is we've been in the industry we have other resources but there's one that we've used a lot and it's very effective and it's called okay
what they do is it as a travel writer I got to take a trip with two of the professional from Travelzoo and these are very dedicated professionals to their crap and they bet all the companies they recommend they go on those trips and they work with these companies they know they're decent companies are not going to go drop anchor and so what they do for every provider even without Cobert they know there's certain times a year they can't sell the product or the spices come up and so they offer discounted availability to Discounters like Travelzoo intelligent has tremendous deal and so you don't have to take them to sign up and start looking at him they have international deals we just got it last year we went to Italy on a Travelzoo we've done domestic deals we went up top Mount Rushmore is the most things and just on this podcast is over just go in, in the new guess I seen some really good options pop up in there okay so
when should people be planning their travel to take advantage of these travel Bargains I mean do you think this is going to be viable all the way through 2022 and you know what so it would have make sense that people are looking for the opportunity travel to book at somewhere between a mid 2021 all the way through 2022-23 how long do you feel it'll take for people to become normal have to get to a point where they're traveling like they were in 2019 - 2019 well here's the thing is unique situation I mean I don't think the world has experienced anything like that and there's a lot of concern of beer going on because of people don't want to get sick it's better it's hard to tell and so we're booking deals in 2021 I haven't seen a lot I've seen a couple now.
1022 that's a really good deal for something summer of 2021 and beyond amazing 2022 why not get what you do with the refund policy and and why not I think I think it's a great opportunity but travels travels to put some things in their bucket list and look forward to drop you know I was just thinking while you're talking to guys homeless like Cyber Monday like 40 50 60% off why wouldn't you I mean ever since I know people who have actually read in their wardrobe because they're only paying $0.30 on the dollar I have a friend of mine who buys two and $300 shirt then go Steve I was saying 60 bucks for these things even better cuz I would probably end up looking for the next year-and-a-half and they can save money on travel travel more
save money or you can splurge and I want to say before we start off of this whole idea call disaster lot of people look at into won't you taken advantage of people for people that do not getting paid as much as they used to and that's what I have to say to that is that we've done a lot of fog disasters the way we were able to afford our tour around the world travel for four years among that lot of other ships that we have but when you get out there and one of these situations are like we went to Bali after that bombing and then we went to CG after the truth when we went to see if I told you about people but that's why I can see it they feed their family that's what is getting no money and now they're getting some money for that hotel room they're excited there's so appreciate that they think they just they can't make him pay
backwards for you so follow the disaster is so wonderful because it's a win-win situation as Travelers get a chance to get a benefit of grape grape travel bargain and people start getting some revenues that support the family. It's really good that's why we think the travel to follow his ass or it's just one of the best travel idea cuz people wait too long after a crisis I'm you want your Sunday do they want to follow the disaster like a more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show
did you know the average American has 97 points they could add to their credit score but no idea how to get them the data scientist at scoremaster crack the code on how adding 97 points to your credit score is like found money it means fast loan approved huge discount and low interest rates and everything from buying or refinancing a home to leasing a new car to applying for a credit card how fast is scoremaster one member raise his credit score 33 points in just five days another 43 points in a couple weeks scoremaster is so easy it takes about a minute to get started if you hurry you can get to try scoremaster for free that's right scoremaster for free and see how many plus you can add your credit score go to score saving that score savings again that's score savings
welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton Ave Wayne Dunlap she is at Travel expert that's going to help people save thousands of thousands of dollars you know what I want you to think about this is books called plan your Escape it's a secret of traveling the world for less than what it cost of living at home now but stated information on a travel blog that we'll talk about later okay perfect the one of things I want to say is it sounds really well in Amazon cuz people are still fighting it spoken in advance about the saving with Steve side of things and I've talked to people about your book and I go how many people know about about half the room raises their hand
tropical part one guy that I meet with a net with me afterwards he brought the book and he has probably eighteen and nineteen different all over the book because oh yeah we just use this one and this one all I got to say is this still selling it might be 6 years old but the idea strategies in there will make a difference in your life when it comes to saving with Steve it's all about saving you money and getting you more or what you're spending so you know what I'm the second part of the show here with Wayne you know what let's talk a little bit about how we can do local travel within this covid environment so I don't like me know I'd love to have you share some stories like that. Great you know what happens in the last second but we talked about booking some travel for the future and getting some things into your travel folder and thanks for being too anticipation
and finding some great bargains and then be generous discount program we should do it next summer but what about I mean we've been traveling for months and now those problems with H-E-B I'm going to offer a different idea people come to your town and your geographical area from all around the world it's been a lot of money to fly there and their Turf and what we was the Jazz cuz maybe you can have a local train trip local vacation and be a truce in your own area and we just came back from what I really nice trip just like that well as you know we live in San Diego in Southern California we have a wine country called Temecula that's right right up down the street that's about an hour and a half drive away and I may be 2 or 3 hours and Temecula has developed and we found a really atmospheric little and I'm beautiful in and we had a private romantic dinner made in our room for
how safe is that I got a lot of points pump at 4 that I have a lots of things going to have atmospheric wineries you can do wine tasting in his blue eyes are some gourmet restaurants you can sit outside over look at the vineyard and I bet everybody wherever you're from weather in Chicago or New York or wherever you from there's a razor in your geographical area you been thinking about you may be taking a day trip report about it but don't spend a two-day trip out there it is a lot different than you can explore the first in your own are you know that's wonderful because I actually live in Temecula so I know what you talking about they have about the in your talked about it's a wonderful place and you know what the nice thing about right now is you can get some really great deals if you're doing just that he was at we had some friends of ours
just go up to Big Bear and they went to the zoo they went hiking it was one of those things where they were able to get away from LA and you know what they they rented a pontoon boat just hang out on the lake for the day I was great and the nice thing about local travel you get a shower experience and you're going to travel to other people are paying thousands of dollars to come too and you have minimal packing no plane ride and there's no security lines at airports excetera do for a fraction of the cost you can enjoy a travel truth experience right in your own area yeah you know what what other ideas can you offer local Travelers well in a couple ideas one thing is that that's very popular for people that do this is called stay vacation my wife and I have done this a few times and what you do is you not necessary to travel outside your town or city whatever you find something cool atmospheric with in Utah
here in San Diego we have a little Eric home Little Italy and if I next to the Embarcadero with seafood high in food and it's like next ride downtown with bars and other things and so you can go down rental of a hotel room for a couple nights explore the area and I'll tell you you'll find out a lot more things to do and work on things about your own town and have a lot of fun than you feared if you just went down there for Deja Vu just went down there for lunch or something like that so you can either stay at home with some people do but there's always a project comes out there's always so we like to get a little hotel room and talking to the surname flying and all that other planet where they are packing those lights minimum cost and we're having a Unique Travel experience within a couple of hours so what's the show how do you research for places to stay
and hearing that has just so much information it's just adjust volume is in this wonderful to travel so here's what I did simply just want the Google or whatever your favorite search engine and type in day trip San Diego Trip Chicago New York whatever you know what I think it's really interesting that you're saying that because I was just talking to my folks who live up in the northern Orange County area and they like how you know what time we were getting call Dad Cabin Fever here in our house and they took a drive just down to Newport Beach at the coast there and was it they do this just you know what it's changed a while we walked around checked out their boat it was a great little day hanging out I thing and they said you know it was great for cheering or cabin fever and you know I'm people ask me how do you find places where to stay on
stay vacations Boca vacation trip or whatever and we used couple resources more effectively what is called Airbnb Airbnb most people ask about it I get almost an ear a hundred percent of people like it and what you do is that the people went out their little room on the side or are they have our own the second house they have to read all about it but the funny thing about it is it's all so the higher pressure rating the more bookings again so they go out of their way to have a little book there she was a local restaurant they like it shows the things to do they give you their phone number if you have any question you don't get that from a hotel that's why I'm like we mentioned before and you can put in a local show me type in San Diego in Travelzoo and it also gives us local on deals as well as as domestic and international
oh okay you know what are the things I wanted to wanted to ask you if you're going to look for travel air travel right now what airline are you looking at when's the best time to book air travel especially during this time. That's very interesting question we're looking at like this ain't real sure if we're looking different airlines and what happens is is that all sudden will be looking at something about ready to book it and then what's in the past they canceled the trip some things like that so so all the airlines are up and down right now and that's why I'm suggesting for a longer-term travel maybe next summer then then the airlines are having lots of baby deer availability if you try to put some of these Airlines today you're going to have a really tough know I just saw Southwest just came up with some men Just Bargains I mean I hate my wife
so it's going to be up and down everybody has their own favor Airlines right now it's hard to say which one is best and that's also give me what they will say one thing about the airline's to the cleaning that there but they've got enhanced filtration systems inside their own I guess the UV rays and stuff like that so the viruses are not going to be we circulated as much as that maybe our people may think they're saying is that the airline industry is going to claim me the air traffic is rather safest and very little evidence of people coming off of airplanes and getting sicker and so you're here that's good or bad and and and looking out the mistake about the future good I'm looking forward to it hey Wayne as always thank you so much for sharing these wonderful strategies for people how they can save money how can I can get out of here to avoid Tammy I was resolved their cabin fever virus by just getting out and do it a staycation and you know what I think it's wonderful that people can say
thousands of dollars looking at the Travelin Travelin the dreams that they have a feeling the travel dreams they have so I want to thank you for joining us today it's a wonderful and I'm just one thing is that we are quickly as we have a travel blog called unhook and what I want to do is that we make no money doing this every time I get back I I did a couple computer startup so we're doing this as I get back to the world as they help people travel the world is called unhook IS250 places that we want about the history of pictures taken travel virtually right on a travel blog and the chips that we talked about today are augmented by a bunch more tips about how to save money and and enjoy travel more so that's our box. Unhook now. Calm and everything on there we get no endorsements we get no money to save or endorse any of those things those trips to the same chips that we use to
find Bargains and deals that you can use self so it's a very very good website again please go to unhook me when you have a wonderful safe here and hopefully we'll see you again soon the road like iTunes and Stitcher as well as BBS radio UK help radio as well as 24/7 radio and stick with this will be right back lore expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show
don't let your financial woes keep you up at night and prevent you from living a life of Financial and personal freedom hi I'm Steve Sexton post of the saving with Steve show where to be talking about the in an ounce of money those financial issues it could be costing me thousands of dollars causing stress keeping you up at night we're going to talk about money tax reduction saving more spending on your investment risk management retirement and everything is so sweet with you having a healthier happy relationship with money see if you've ever dreamed of living a life of Financial and personal freedom you owe it to yourself and your family to tune in to the saving with Steve show join me Steve section of the saving with Steve show as we talked about everything under the sun when it comes to money to learn more about the show visit saving with Steve. Us that saving with Steve. Us saving with Steve. Us will see you soon
welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton they won't come back to the same thing with Steve show we just are waiting Dunlop again we're looking forward to rescheduling Todd Palmer the CEO an author of such success you got some great information we're looking to hear from him one of the big things that we want to talk about is simple debt management techniques here's a big thing that's a wonderful tool providing use it to gain wealth like buying a house renting a car loading a business bureau financing life insurance but when that's not properly manage the results Financial stress Lord credit scores higher interest rate being paid on debt in some cases in bankruptcy can even seen people not be passed over for jobs because of stress I'm going to walk you through how to military family that I work with we were helped them to reduce and eliminate Dad how you could use that for reducing your credit card
dad you're such a situation we work at a place called Outreach farm and they set aside a few acres to grow fruits and vegetables for a food pantry in the local area now we go there don't enter time on Saturday during the summer because we look to help we've met a military family out there and they basically gave up their Summers going vacation cuz I couldn't afford it and they thought was the best way to do that as a family would be to go and work at the farm to help people who are less fortunate one of the days we went to lunch afterwards and start talking to him down. They haven't been on vacation while and they agreed to allow me to help them find a way to reduce their dad this expensive house in their dad and help me put them in the position where they go on a trip I asked him to bring list all their expenses break down things like your cable between your internet and the packages break down to things like your food when they're eating out what are you eating out how you getting coffee is it going out to restaurant whatever fast food we were saying break down the gas in the mile
are you drive list all your expenses from crude utilities or mortgage the holeshot your Auto and homeowners insurance we did the whole thing want to think that we did is we started breaking that down and say hey what can we do to help you save money first thing was Gatsby drove a truck back and forth 70 miles a day which was the round-trip and think about that on a five-day work week that's 350 miles for him getting 12 miles to the gallon he went through a couple tanks a week okay if you think about that $120 a week $480 a month that's a lot of money wife drove a Prius and she only drove about five six miles a day top this back-and-forth between where she works and quite frankly it took her a month and a half or so she has to go through a tank so what we did is we said Hey what if you were to switch that has a hard time but you can see the heck of a lot of money and let your wife drive the truck okay once his wife died over the fact that she could drive the truck it was a big game-changer save them almost $200 a month little more than $200 a month in gas
we found out he's a military person and he isn't using USAA for their Auto and homeowners insurance by doing so it would save another $100 a month when we looked at the cell phone bills we look there with the major carriers they're just coming to the end of the contract and guess what we found a subcarrier that was on the same network as that major carrier and they get the same service the same day the same cell plan for $29 less that was a $58 savings for them on a monthly basis we started looking at their mortgage hey they're paying a high interest rate we are able to save $900 a month just by changing the mortgage rate and term adjustments to their current mortgage provider which worked out really well fact it took him a few weeks to get that done and then we started taking a look at the type of food they have made a lot of salads a great but they're paying you practice salads at $4 a piece. They found out they can buy the lettuce by the dressing by the cheese by the nuts or the fruit that goes in there it's saved them almost $100 a month doing it that way
and then we looked at eating out simple savings they would buy coffee on the way to the office on the way home or throughout the day they figured out that they could buy a crude cop you know the kirkuk use that in a coffee mug to drink their coffee to the day they go from $3 to $0.40 but saved another couple hundred dollars a month all in total we showed him how to say little more than $1,600 a month but here's the thing they're still doing the same stuff there before they're just paying $1,600 left which is right then they have the ability and you do to to use that money to pay down debt contribute to your 401k or IRA contribute to travel what they did is they started setting aside $400 a month so their family can go on a two-week vacation every single year they started setting aside another $300 a month to pay down their credit card so they wouldn't have any credit card yet so they don't have to pay as much interest and third they use the balance of it to commit to contributing the dollars
every single month to their 401ks and their tsp program by doing shows they were still able to have all the fun they were doing having more fun than going on trips and travel but now they're planning things better you can too if you have large credit card debt real simple as just called a snowball method you list all the dad I was go from smallest to largest don't worry too much about the interest rate but I need to know what the balance is the minimum payment the payment dates those the most important thing is what we do is focus on making the minimum payments on everything and then we put as much as we can on the smallest one we get painting with that would take it we're paying on the smallest one and add it to the next Marlins won and keep going the reason why I start with the smallest because I found that I need momentum quickly so the quicker I can pick things up the better some people like to start with a large is Balon I just like to start a little bounce it's your call what you do cuz one of the things you got to remember this if you go from paying interest to earning an interest you're in a better spot
save more you can put yourself in a better position for when you want to retire next up we got Glenn Henderson real estate expert he's going to talk about the ins-and-outs of the real estate market he's going to give us that little things you need to know to make sure your experience when buying or selling the best for you and then by pops are the man he's going to go through the five tips that are going to help you sell your house for the more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show
did you know the average American has 97 points they could add to their credit score but no idea how to get them the data scientist has scoremaster crack the code on how adding 97 points to your credit score is like found money it means fast loan approved huge discount and low interest rates and everything from buying or refinancing a home to leasing a new car to applying for a credit card how fast is scoremaster one member race his credit score 33 points in just five days another 43 points in a couple weeks scoremaster is so easy it takes about a minute to get started if you hurry you can get to try scoremaster for free that's right scoremaster for free and see how many plus you can add your credit score go to score savings that score savings again that score savings
welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton we went through you know what simple debt management strategies you know what next week we're going to be talking about how to get started if you're a late starter when it comes to retirement so we're going to go through what you can do how do you can stay and how to make sure you can have the retirement of your dream now we also had Wayne Dunlap before again we're looking to reschedule Todd Palmer from that sucks the success with a wonderful hero's journey that is and you know what right now we have Glen Henderson K Glenn has been helping people buy and sell real estate for decades in the San Diego area you seen him and heard him a local radar national local and National radio TV he's going to help us understand the real estate market but you know what or almost have a pretty much through halfway through the year here
and the real estate market has been crazy and you know what we're expecting something to happen here in the latter half the year and we have Glenn here to talk about those little things that are happening with your buyers tell you want to listen to this and back by popular demand Glenn's going to be talking about this 5 things you need to do to make sure you sell your house for the most amount of money to Glen welcome to the show and see thanks for having me out again today glad to hear it's real estate market is something that everybody's like going wow in the reason why I say that is and I told you about this new a couple days ago were my my neighbor for kicks and Giggles cuz it's still only at his house is worth eight hundred if you put it on the market for 975 Sullivant 41.1 yes you know what he read on the inside and stuff like that but it's just crazy the amount of money that people are paying for a real estate on the question is is how long you think this is going to last that's a really good question one that we're all trying to figure out and it's just it's really hard to say
there's so much buyer Demand right now and we can just had over this last year such a shortage of inventory or number of homes on the market that it just really that's what set this in motion and now and then. For the pandemic people's views of what is important in the home and what they need in a home changed a lot from your outdoor space and eating more space because we are working from home now and if I think so it just it created this perfect storm where we still have a lot of people and a lot of demand for homes right now and then we have a lot of people that are trying to cash out because they've done well but those buyers are asking out and most are still buying so it's either give her move up buyers that are selling and then moving up into the bigger place they can now get that they wanted or lot of people that are selling in the moving into other more portable areas which was in a few Lane San Diego and the bigger Metro markets have always done well but all these other states than a lot of areas but next in a necessarily goes well or doing so much
better because we have so much to so many people are relocating and bringing a lot of money with them I was speaking with a realtor from New York and there's many people who no longer want to be part of New York City and their position is down one where it's going to be remote and what they're doing what they're doing is they're selling that but they know the house they might have had for twenty years and now or not the one at the house but their apartment or condo in New York City that they paid a few hundred thousand dollars for but now it's worth a couple million and they're moving out to like Long Island or other places in upstate where they're spending a million dollars but instead of having a 1200 square foot apartment or condo they got a 3600 square foot home with everything they've always wish they've ever had before and they're paying cash for it because their cash it out and we're seeing people do that from the San Francisco we just I just helped the gentleman he was in Foster City who bought his house 36 years ago
$210,000 and right now it's still spitting up but it's at the 2.5 million dollar Bismarck right now and what's weird about that is Foster City was built on I want to say the bay so to speak and you know what some of the rebar in his foundation is crowded and the buyers don't care
well I guess that's a hundred thousand but that's all right we'll take care of that and he's moving to North Carolina and we're actually just fine as massive place because I do have any place else to put the money so it's really interesting what people are doing and why it's happening so what are the big trends that we're seeing now if your buyer buyers have to be prepared for what do they have to do in order to get the property there looking for I don't feel bad. It's really difficult down so you're the first and most simple is getting a lender that will actually do a full underwriting approval up front most lenders won't do that upfront they will just grab you some documents and issue a pre-approval but if you can work with the lender that will do the full underwriting approval upfront it helps when she get to that negotiating point because you helped it helps remove
the uncertainty and if you have 10 buyers that you're competing with hopefully none or cash I'm in you're competing with 10 and one of the urn near those nine haven't gone through a full underwriting it gives you that little bit of an advantage with a lot of buyers write down what we're seeing the market will every promise every property selling above listing price there's a bidding war so you got to be prepared for that and you got to be prepared to be aggressive with your offer price be willing to pay more then maybe what the recent sales in the area have been a lot of buyers right now or removing their appraisal contingency fees so which basically means they're willing to make up the difference if the property doesn't appraise at the contract price were seen that almost every property that we put on the market we're seeing at least a couple of the buyers willing to do that and a lot of buyers that are similar to the example you mentioned in this corner willing to buy a property as-is they're willing to take on the problems in the defects and things like that no one thing I don't
where is seen as a lot of buyers are waiving their inspection contingency all together which I think is very risky because you do a homemade look great but you don't know what's Behind the Walls you don't know what's underneath you don't know what's in the Attic So that that I would never recommend but I do you know what the address is as long as you're still able to do your inspection if you find something that's really matter going to be very costly to repair then you can still have the ability to cancel but proving that contingency all together unless you're just planning to tear down the home to some very risky and I brought those are a lot of things that were seen there are some programs and there's some Realtors like for example last because I'm one of the top agent San Diego there's a company Homelite that I work together with check company that is focused on real estate they've been Rolling Out programs to help consumers and buyers get into properties and trying to help solve some of these problems
example they ever program where we get the buyer qualified with that with their lender with their mortgage company and then they have a program where they'll actually going by the house cast we go after the negotiating process and then instead of being a conventional buy me a spider or able to write to buy offers a cash buyer list of a huge advantage over the other offers and sometimes were actually able to get a little bit better price on a home then if the home was if you were doing a buy me a stalker so it actually save some money and then as soon as the transaction closes then the buyer purchase is the property from online for the same price and then there's just a 1% fee on this involved with it in His image and sometimes they're getting a better price on the property for its offsetting that 1% beef or it's just worth the extra one percenter and show that you're getting the property that you're in love with some it's an excellent program home lights are partnered with I know there's a couple other companies throughout the us that are doing something similar
just went well that's really been helping our buyers right now and that's if anybody that's listening has questions they can reach out to me about and I can get them connected with the realtor in that Marketplace you know what is interesting because I was talking to my neighbor about all the offers that he got and he had some guy that came in from Arizona that offer 900 and you know obviously. Just went out the window but they had a look at all the other offers and the reason why they went with the highest one is because the person had I think it was $1000000 down and they're only going to be two in like $100,000 financing so he said hey this is 1.1 million this is very interesting when you're in control and you have all these options and all these offers and really there's two things there's of course price and getting the most that you can let the other factor that sellers are looking at is
minimizing risk in Risk is you know how is his transaction possibly going to fall out so do you have a cash buyer or a huge down payment like you mention then that's going to minimize the risk if you have a buyer that's willing to buy a says where they're waving their appraisal contingency those are items that were reduced risk if you have a buyer that started writing so you know that there are truly a hundred percent qualified that minimizes is a buyer you have to think about it kind of from that standpoint what can I do to minimize speed up the potential risk for a Cellar and that's what you know is a buyer's agent we're trying to present you know when we're presenting offers and when we were reviewing our relationship with money come I'm not saving with Steve show
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welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton Steve shall we have Glenn Henderson we had Wayne Dunlap and I just want to thank you all for joining us or appreciate you sharing this with your friends family and Associates all the replays are available at saving with Steve. You as if you're enjoying the story hey come on join us at the r YouTube page at saving with Steve Sexton and check out a few of our Affiliates at UK help radio BBS radio talk radio in New York City a 360 TV all these networks are dedicated to empowering used to live a life of personal financial straight out of Freedom as well as uplift your soul now we got Glenn coming back here he just filling Us in on you know what Sellers and reducing your risk could you kind of say that again cuz I think that's important for people to understand because a lot of times they go to
I need advertisements for Haley we advertise you're going to repay 1% or 2% but they're just dealing with somebody who's advertising is that right you basically you get what you pay for those discounted brokerages in those discounted operations you know they it's a discounted service so they're in adult put it on the market but they're not helping you too you know properly prepare the property you're not doing everything to help you minimize that risk their usually very new agents that really don't understand the contract so there's a lot of things that at either one you potentially leave money on the table cuz they're not as experienced and how do I properly Market in negotiate and then to they're not as experienced in the contracts and everything can just make sure that you're fully protected and make sure that after the transaction closes you're not going to have something from back at you do invite you later on and down the road that's the last phone call you when I get it at some point
I heard about the strategy night I wonder if you would endorse it if if you're looking to buy in this Marketplace one strategy I heard was put a automatic step up to be a thousand or $2 above with the highest offer is up to a certain limit had to have you have you is that a worthwhile strategy or does it work for people you know it doesn't really work right now is in the reason is if you have a lot of people that are doing that same thing so from a seller standpoint in your receive at 15 offers if I were the people put in and we call it a lot of times escalation Clauses okay but the escalation Clauses hope everybody's offering. Then overpay what you know and they're really does it makes it tough but you just go off of that but what if there's one thing that it does help is if we have 15 offers and we see that other people have said that they would go up to a certain price you know that okay they're willing to go up to a certain price
a lot of times they'll get included in the multiple counter stage but it is far as in strategy to actually win and get it based off from just that escalation Clause I haven't really seen it work okay cuz it really depends on the ability for somebody to actually get there without problems I mean move but by the house without problems or financing that's okay so now I'm waiting for so you know what you mean those crazy Market people can do things that you've talked about before to help them sell their house for the most amount of money so let's go let's go with that cuz I know everybody's going for that so like you said any homes going to sell in today's Marketplace but what we're going through his five things to help ensure you get the top dollar on the 1st and one of the big things that most agents dr. sellers don't aren't aware of its doing a pre-inspection on the property we're going and getting a whole home inspection on the home before you actually put it on the market Tustin to terminal
the issues or anything else wrong with the property that we should address prior to going on the market that way we don't have any issues once we get into a scrum second is Ben from a negotiation standpoint once we start receiving offers were able to provide the initial pre-inspection provide disclosures everything up front so that makes it very easy to negotiate an as-is sale is one thing that buyers became very accustomed to doing was using the home inspection is the second point of negotiations in a contract and basically they were used to Home Inspection to come back and ask for credit to repair items will be doing a pre-inspection upfront having the full disclosures before we going to contract it eliminates that in some ways that I call the game was that was being played a lot of times and it just helps to ensure we have a smooth transaction then second time with that is the staging of component of it I was like to clarify I means two things or at least the way we look at it though
one is the furniture so if you're living in a home and you're still occupying it when we put it on the market that doesn't mean bring it in Furniture but it means us working together with you and our designer working together with you arrange everything declutter move items out maybe we do need to bring some furniture into show a room the way it's designed but it's basically to maximize the space within the home and make sure it shows in its best possible lights and then the other part of it is the curb appeal to the little things you do whippets the landscaping or maybe bringing down some bushes and trimming trees to increase of you a little things like that but basically the staging is and then if you're the home is bacon a hundred percent I always recommend changing the home we tested it in a selling bacon or selling stage and every time and there's been Across the Nation there's been ping studies on this stage, with more money than a bake at home
I mean any but everybody's got to see see themselves in that home they got to see themselves sitting in their furniture and all that kind of stuff and if you just got baerwald that's really hard cuz you really what we're trying to do is create an experience I'll be going to a bacon home then their mind and spend the time that they're they're they're trying to figure out how would we set this up what is this room used for what are we doing but if it's staged and everything's there is nothing more there in in the mindset has the experience and have dinner here is where we would do that and it's it just feels more warm and like a family like Aunt Deb just changes the overall experience in the home and that's what we're trying to do too many pictures of family members every family portraits is there is one part where you want the buyers to be able to visualize themselves send the home the second part of it though is there distracting and I no matter what if you're in a property in there spam
portraits people will stop and I'll start looking at the photos of photos are on the nightstand the photos that are on the walls wherever they are and they will start to look it's just human nature and curiosity and then it starts to distract from the showing and that's what we don't want to do we want to keep them focused on the home in the showing and in the again that experience in the home so that's the second reason I recommend taking her down okay and then the third step in ensuring that we get top dollar is pricing there's one thing we get asked all the time by Sellers as well as they're better to start higher so then we're able to come down on the price that buyers are offering lord it's not so much in this market but in any Market that's a question that we received and it's actually the opposite from starting we want to be basically as your the seller in the seller's agent we want to keep you in the point of control in the negotiation process so instead of buyers coming in trying to negotiate the price down you want to be in a position
are we created a lot of interest on the property through the marketing and then buyers need to feel that it's a good value at the price it is and then that gives us the ability to be able to negotiate the price up and it and then in the market like we have right now being able to create the opportunity for a bidding war and there's a bidding war and people's emotions get involved people are much more likely to pay more for a property than if you start higher and then hope that somebody's going to come up for that price and then the second part with the pricing to is a homeless overpriced is always going to set or I mean it has the likelihood that it's going to sit on the market in the first two weeks in the most valuable two weeks one of them goes on the market because that's when the whole pool of buyers are in the market are going to come and see the property after that you're going to have the people that are coming new into the market or the people that have been missing out so you're going to see the number of showings or the activity dropped exponentially with that they want to capture the
first 2 weeks and as a home spends more time on the market it starts to get that people start have the reception that there must be something wrong with it because it's not selling so then buyers will have a different perception when they go into the property there going to be more cautious about it then I can be as willing to offer as much the second reason why it's so important to get that pricing proponent correct upfront what's next Thursday marketing and this is where we where we call it as there's most agents are just very passive marketers but don't do it don't come out to put the sign in the front they put it on the MLS but it on a couple of the major Real Estate websites and then just wait to see what happens if it'll work and it'll get the home sold in most cases but it's not going to get you top dollar for Wii and there's other agents as well but very active marketers and that's what you need is you need to be very actively marketing the property and making sure that we create as much as possible exposure
is more eyes we can get on it more people and we can get into the home and get interested in it it just increases that likelihood that we're going to have additional or multiple offers and then through multiple offers is how we're going to generate more and then get the highest price for the property in especially right now between the discount brokers and then just the agent said either don't know really how to properly Market or just don't care no problems are getting put out there with more photos they're not getting marketed well there is there's just a lot of things everything done incorrectly and I'll look at the properties in it could have easily gotten more money they got a great price but they could have gotten more and meet us down there might not be any the wiser course they just thought that person would be the right agent but it can make a really big difference in the
see if you if they if they're looking to sell or if they're looking to buy what's the what's the best way to get a hold of Lynn Henderson so give me a call at +619-503-222-7619 500-3222 or our website is my Premier you for being here to get a hold of Glen if you need to know the tips or somebody's going to do a great job for you sell your house for the most amount of money appreciate you sharing your knowledge with it will look forward to having you back again looking forward to your next week. Wayne Dunlap we talked about simple management techniques and we'll look forward to seeing you next week to be safe be healthy by thank you for joining us for the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton to learn more about the show and how to become a guest or sponsor visit saving with Steve. Us that's saving with Steve. Us join us again next time as we continue to
talk about everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money this has been the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton