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Reclaiming Authenticity, 13/08/2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Topic: The Doctor of Discovery! The Doctrine of Discovery! How did we get here and where do we go from here!

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

How do we transform the dimensional energies of intergenerational trauma! What is it? How to overcome it!

When you dismiss my story, you dismiss who I am. You diminish me! Everyone's story is important!

The Dead Talk! The soul can never be silenced!

Topic: The Doctor of Discovery! The Doctrine of Discovery! How did we get here and where do we go from here!

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James house<br>well hello Hello everybody welcome to Friday here we are again welcome to reclaiming authenticity good afternoon to one and all it is 3 Eastern Standard Time in Pacific Standard Time anywhere time in-between or maybe you're catching the show on one of the podcast so I thank you for that I am dr. James how can if you'd like more information about me or to leave me your comments about today's broadcast I just invite you to visit the website it's www. DDS backslash reclaiming authenticity all one word they're so reclaiming authenticity and as I mentioned these broadcasts are podcast it so in case you want to go back and listen to get or if you want to go back into the archives and listen to previous shows you can find that information<br>all on the website and as I've been doing you having this second year of these broadcast I just wanted to thank everybody for their support over the past year and I'm glad to be part of doing this continuous Lake in the second year and would just like to say that you now have an opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now I just want to clear the air a little subscription is not required to listen to the shows but it is greatly appreciated so we can go to the website and click on the link and choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving well I'm very happy to be with you here today and like I said every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and anywhere else each and every weekdays broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health and if you would like to call in to be part of the broadcast part of the<br>invite you to dial that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break in the second half of the by the show so for those of you who are tuning in for the very first time I just wanted to say welcome always excited to have new listeners and it just in case you are wondering what reclaiming authenticity is all about it's basically this that reclaiming authenticity focuses on the integration of spirituality and our mental health all within the context of our relationships the relationship that we have with ourselves the relationships that we have with others and relationship that we have with God or the Divine and for those of you who are tuning in for the very first time<br>just want to share with you just to deep-seated beliefs that you know pretty much my philosophy of my outlook on life and and how and why I work with people the way that I do I am a clinical mental health therapist in Pennsylvania but I do a lot of telemental health and long long history of being a counseling educator clinical supervisor and so forth as well as just a deep deep deep deep deep interest in spiritual matters religious matters and spent many many many years working with people in various religious denominations various congregations in different capacities and so forth so I thought I'd share with you that I am definitely a firm believer that all of us come into this world from the time that were born and even then some you no way way<br>way before we are born way before we incarnate with everything that we already need you know where you would come into this world already equipped and graced with everything that we need in this life in terms of y'all you know our gifts are skills or talents are strengths are character traits and so forth and yet as we go along and life and maybe we run into some unpleasant experiences just because we're human or we're in the wrong place at the wrong time and we suffer something very traumatic we met 10 to stop trying to discover our giftedness or stop looking for our strengths or talents or maybe we push those skills way down so that others could not see it because perhaps we were told that we would never amount to anything but we are in school or perhaps there was a time in our life where we<br>really was just shining with our gifts and our talents and we were ridiculed for it or we were persecuted for It Whatever the situation is but we started listening to the voices outside of ourselves that tell them that we're basically telling us that there is nothing special to us and when we start listening to those voices we we don't realize our giftedness in our strengths and we all can go through life functioning from a place of woundedness or place of victimization and set up a place of healing and wholeness and embracing our hatch a task for our uniqueness okay and that the uniqueness was something that the reminds me I was having a great conversation with a youngster last week and of course he's getting ready for back to school cuz here we are in mid-august already he was struggling<br>find his shine shine because he was very gifted at sports still is but it's also going through a time of being bullied and so it was just a to get out of something that he had lost its shine according to his parents and so I said to him let's go find your shine because when you shine you're probably the happiest that you've ever been and he agreed with that so he and I are working on going back and finding that sparkle that shine and which he can be his old self and pretty much not listen to the bullies not being intimidated by that this is why I place you know to reclaiming authenticity disintegration of spirituality and mental health all in the context of relationships because when we think about it you know it's kind of ironic that you know what that's being social creatures we are<br>receive our deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds in and through relationships and yet and here's the irony we can also discover our greatest healing strength peace forgiveness and love through healthier relationships are these relationships we don't have to go too far to find them because they just might be within our own families or they just might be our co-workers and colleagues they just might be amongst our friends because whatever we transform or in the process of being transformed or transforming we also transform others by our presents are gray and our understanding and this was something that I was constantly getting across to my students is like never underestimate the power of<br>presents the power of presents your presence my presence you know your presence speaks volumes even before we open our mouths okay it's just how we are with people how we look at that how we smile or we don't smile and so forth but a lot of the times we have to begin to work in ourselves so think about it this way you know whenever we transform we also transform others by our presents you know that Grace and understanding but as I said we have to work on ourselves first begin on especially in the areas of forgiveness gratitude and love and kindness and compassion it does always begin with how we treat ourselves<br>because whatever were compassionate with ourselves we can certainly be more compassionate with others and when we are more forgiving with ourselves we then can be more forgiving without and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves we we didn't discover how this really opens up our hearts to see and live in gratitude with others because transformation actually begins with us well how is your heart today how is your transformation going I hope it is well I hope you are well and I pray that if you are struggling today that you'll be able to find the rest the comfort and the piece that you need well just want to thank you again for being here today this is going to be a little difficult topic to to Broach you know all last month and I'm carrying it through this month we're taking a look at how to be transformed<br>energies or you know how do we transform the dimensional energies I should say of intergenerational trauma the first of all what is intergenerational trauma and and how do we get out from under it and as I shared last week that you know but you begin the process by being able to tell our stories and there's a famous quote from Robert Sutton letting you know who basically said when you dismiss my story you dismiss who I am because you diminish me<br>when you dismiss my story you dismiss who I am you diminish me<br> that's what everybody's story is important everybody has a right to be heard and today's topic is certainly one of those topics and which many people have tried to be silenced but interesting Lee enough if you been listening to me for some time now you know that I am a strong believer that the dead talk the dead have different ways of talking to us and speaking to us and you know people who want to quiet the soul 7 speak can ever do that cuz the soul can never be silenced so today's topic is the doctrine of Discovery how did we get here and where do we go from here well the doctrine of Discovery in something that's been around a long long time centuries and centuries and centuries however I never learn this in school<br> I didn't even hear anything about it until I was you know it into my 30s but I started to do my own research with you no trauma and loss and grief and intergenerational Trauma then you know the doctrine of Discovery was kind of all over the place but it was kind of hidden in plain sight and for those of you who are not familiar with the term the doctrine of Discovery it's it's basically it was a great emphasis in the time of let's see colonization and even then some and it was all due to its dependence on collaboration and back in Thursday's a collaboration of the church and state that actually cemented the fate of indigenous people and the academy here is the irony that's going on and the doctrine of Discovery it's it said you know of the papacy the Pope's gave their blessing<br> and anointed such rulers and representatives as you know as they called it Sanctified conquerors and they were basically commission to go in the name of God to confiscate and control other lands of anything they discovered not already claimed by Christian rulers and in other words you know the ruling Church of the day the Catholic Church treated indigenous people as if they were animals they had no European title to the land on which they lived and Sample 40 years before Columbus you know went out and sailed the ocean blue it was Pope Nicholas V issued to King Alfonso V the Portugal the bull Romanus pontificates it were the doctrine of Discovery K 40 years before Columbus<br> Daiso this Doctrine going to specifically sanction war on all non Christian people and gave Explorer such as Columbus and Cortes and Pizarro cook and Hudson and all their all the others both legal and moral license to do whatever they wanted two people in the lands that they encountered and these explorers not only carried you know that papal authority to conquer colonize and exploit all non-Christian Lance but they also you know we're given the authority to capture and Vanquish and so do the people of the Muslim faith or pagans or any other so-called enemies of Christ and take all their possessions and property and this papal bull was often viewed as an extension of this socio-political theological stance of the Crusades you know medieval sense<br> breeds of the military campaigns designed to expand the territory of Christendom that it was across Europe and Africa and the middle Eights<br> and although these Crusades stretch from the 11th to some around the fifteenth centuries they really had no shortage of Crusader volunteers who were pretty much absolved of their sins you know all the while Killing In The Name Of God those who did not follow Christianity and again I'm not making any of this it is widely known out there if you know where to look but again this isn't something that's taught in schools<br> so let's fast-forward 40 years and so by the time Columbus sailed in 1492<br> he was authorized to take possession of any lands he discovered that we're not under the Dominion of any Christian rulers and I got furthermore 1493 how you were after this Pope Alexander issued what was called the intercessor I which granted Spain's Catholic king and queen you remember Ferdinand and Isabella the right to conquer lands which Columbus had already found as well as any lands which Spain might discover in the future including any people discovered in such lands that were to be subjugated and brought to the faith itself so a lot of mass corrosion going on here and I got it was just done in the name of the church in the name of God and this act basically ensure the Christian Empire would continue to span through that they are pretty<br> that's just the basic facts of the brutal acts of genocide committed by Columbus and his men against the indigenous people of the earth of the Caribbean this is something that comes up every year whenever Columbus Day is going to be celebrated there is huge protests and you know it just just a hotly debated on both sides but this again isn't something that's so much in school but it is again it's widely known and you know you can you know you can find it if you know where to look okay so again it's you know how history has been taught and then what is being taught as well as the refusal to change what has been taught or what is being taught and we'll get to that a little bit later on here you know because these these doctrines the doctrine of Discovery and the interest Saratoga you know I have yet to be repealed by<br> the Catholic church so these people documents you know where frequently used by European conquerors in the Americas to justify an incredibly brutal system of colonization which do you minimize the indigenous people by regarding their territories as being inhabited only by brute animals and that's a direct quote from the author story back in 1833<br> now in 1993 okay the indigenous law Institute spearheaded the movement to revoke their Interceptor up and over 60 indigenous delegates delegates drafted this declaration of vision at the parliament of the world religions in 1994 and this is what they wrote we call upon the people of conscience in the Roman Catholic hierarchy to persuade the Pope John II to formally revoke the Interceptor a bull of May 4th 1493 which will restore our fundamental human rights<br> the papal document called for our Nations and peoples to be subjugated so the Christian Empire and its doctrines would be propagated and the US Supreme Court ruling Johnson versus Macintosh in a document there in 1823 adopted this same principle of subjugation expressed in the Interceptor boots and this paper bowl has been seized me and continues to be devastating to our religions our culture and the survival of our populations us courts you know use this doctrine of Discovery as late as 1972 a judicata issues relating to Native American tribes<br> and you do not only was you do letters written and request made to Pope John II but the request continued requests were made to Pope Benedict and then to Pope Francis to rescind this Doctrine but nothing to this day has been.<br> And many other predictions and open letters have been written and here's just another example of one of these letters says your Holiness this position as expressed in the papal bull has led your Holiness this position as expressed has led to several ills in this world mainly slavery unjust treatment poverty discrimination apartheid separate but equal laws Jim Crow Financial ruin massacres and much more<br> to justify the cruelty of slavery and the subjugation of Africans the slaveholders for one claim that Africans were not human and therefore could be used and abused anyway the slaveholders so desire this cruelty was for as you know the financial gain of slaveholders at the expense of others and the slaveholders very own Humanity. The slaveholders also claim to be Christian and obviously chose to accept the ongoing concepts of the major doctrines such as the papal bowl of 1493 as a rationale for their behavior<br> as mentioned people of color throughout the world still suffer from these ills and historically in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries alone all of this has been importantly coupled with countless reactions to this oppressions such as sit-ins marches occupy movements and many other Collective actions in the United States internationally<br> see people who are aware of their intergenerational trauma often struggle to not only fight against being defined by these characteristics but also find their struggle is against larger systems educational judicial socioeconomic Correctional and Healthcare systems and among indigenous people you know there is excessive poverty in teenage suicides that exceed other ethnic peoples and extreme incidences of type 2 diabetes high unemployment rates and so forth<br> and these are just you know but a few examples of the Contemporary cultural communal and individual damages experience by indigenous peoples in the United States and its due to this generational impact resulting from the legacy of this doctrine of discovery<br> so yeah we can talk about you know where do we go from here we can talk about the pain that people have suffered and rightly so but until we recognize the self-inflicted wounds until we recognize and take responsibility for what is still being perpetuated and still having such people documents on the books is just<br> turning a blind eye to everything nothing is really changing<br> but you know America was not the only place where the historical doctrine of Discovery was felt it also had and still has a huge impact in Australia guidance for example and it was like 1838 I believe with a sense of entitlement to the resources of the land the British settlers were taking more and more of the Aboriginal lands of colonial Australia<br> and because these settlers<br> Translate fear of being outnumbered by Aboriginal tribes it was common practice then to dispose of Aboriginal people as they saw fit they had these gangs of Stockman you do namely what they called the big bushwhacked we're known for specifically hunting Aboriginal families and raping Aboriginal women<br> and there was one such place called the Mile Creek Station myall or inspectors just pronounced small Creek Station where these stockmen hurted you know Aboriginal people from their huts and had their hands tied together and about you know ATM towards the top of a hill and once they reach the top you know people were killed they were beheaded and their bodies were left to rot and it was also reported that two young girls were spared during this you know Mall Creek Massacre so they would be raped later and afterwards it was told that the stock men spent the night drinking and bragging about their killings they were not shy about this at all<br> but after the mall Creek Massacre attacks on Aboriginal people increased but it became more discreet as the the British continue to poison food and bury the corpses at our of the Aborigines<br> in her work book entitled massacres to mining the colonization of Aboriginal Australia author Roberts 2008 describes a little girl's account of violence toward Aboriginal people and she quotes this little girl in this book and then this will girl's story is so boring I got Richard to say the least and she said that my mother would sit and cry and tell me stories of how they buried our babies in the ground with their heads just about the ground and they were all in a row and you know that these stockmen a text to see who they could you know Kim and you know they would try to do that and then spend the rest of the day and just going through and ransacking places and raping women<br> and just you know stabbings and tortures and everything else and you know again a lot of Mutilation just horrific or riffic things that this little girl that was told by her mother who had witnessed this but it stayed with this little girl and to add further insult to injury the Aboriginal protection act of 1886 it also empowered several Australian state-run institutions it was like the Aboriginal protection board with the help of local law enforcement and the British educational and religious systems well this the state-run institutions forced out of Aboriginal people of mixed descent Donuts half-caste<br> to assimilate into British Society now to achieve this assimilation the board did not Implement a system to punish the British for any future crimes against the Aboriginal people but instead the state-run institutions took even more control away from the Aboriginal people they believe their Identity or family life and culture because it's new policies specifically targeted the removal of a half-caste that is one white and one Aboriginal parents removal of half-caste children from their mothers and placing them in state and religious from boarding-schools and it was assumed by the board that because of the increase of white settlers in the country and the increase of half-caste children the full blood tribal Aboriginal population<br> would be unable to sustain itself kind so if you've ever seen the movie rabbit-proof fence I think I came out in 2002 it also tells the true story concerning 3 1/2 cast of original girls like when was 14 when was eight and one was 10 and they were forcibly taken from their mothers by a local constable and placed in the more River native settlement which was located I think in Northern Perth Western Australia to the girls escaped and they walked a little over fifteen hundred miles along this rabbit proof fence the name of the movie to get back home<br> and the movie underscore is so dramatic physical psychological and spiritual effects the Aboriginal protection act had on Aboriginal families at that time can I have the underlying theme of this movie actually came from the chief protector that's he was called Neville and it's evident throughout the movie the the half-caste state of children was in a sense looked at his had to be bred out of them because the Aboriginal people of Australia where danger to themselves<br> okay and they were just other forms of so-called justifications of violence and aggression against Aboriginal people and so by placing you know a half-caste girls in the boarding school like camps they would eventually grow up to be laborers and servants to the white families and society and if they should marry it would only be two white man and then the original bloodline for diminish within a generation or two and this was nothing new this was standard practice and how do you get rid of certain Generations now it's it's genocide okay and this was something that we just can't sit and Shake our heads and say well that was Australia it went on here as well with the sterilization laws<br> if you do throughout the United States and quite shockingly enough Aboriginal children and we're still being forcibly removed from their families throughout Australia right up until about 1970 and many people still refer to these children as the stolen generation well folks you haven't heard anything yet but I would really love to hear what's on your heart about this subject so again if you want to call in that number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke and I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> okay welcome back I'm dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity again I just want to mention a word about next week show tune in Next Friday afternoon 3 Eastern Standard Time when I'm going to continue this conversation on transforming dimensional energy of intergenerational trauma as we look at the scene you're not lazy crazy or stupid the psychological spiritual physiological effects of trauma<br> okay so again I'm going to continue with the question how do we raise the vibrational energy of shall we say the lower dimensional atrocities and pervasive attitudes that still exists today to the higher levels of Dimension where forgiveness gratitude and love are meant to be embraced and lived out on a daily basis okay well earlier in the show I was talking about the historical effects of the doctrine of Discovery it was a Papal document that gave their blessing and and anointing to the rulers and representatives as they called Sanctified conquerors holy conquerors to confiscate and control the lands of anything they discovered not already claimed by Christian rulers another words that they set foot in it they stuck a flag in the ground it was theirs or so they thought in other words the Catholic Church very guilty of treating and dish<br> people as if they were animals because they had no but European title as they described it to the land on which they lived and again I had explained that 40 years before Columbus had set sail it was Pope Nicholas V and he issued King Alfonso V the Portugal this bull the romanovs pontificates the doctrine of Discovery and its Doctrine specifically sanction war on all non Christian people and gave Explorer such as Columbus Cortes and Pizarro and cook and Hudson and all the other explorers I came after them both legal and moral license to do whatever they wanted to do to people and the lands that they encounter<br> and this fundamental belief that is used to justify the mistreatment of humanity is what Kevin Annette founder of the international tribunal in the crimes of church and state he describes as that when God is on our side we can commit any crime we are absolved individually from that crime by believing we have a higher sanction and that's the danger of any religion it allows people to do that okay so when God is on our side we feel like we can commit any crime and we are absolved individually from that crime by believing that we have a higher sanction and that's the danger of religion that allows people to do that okay and so this was exactly what was going on in the doctrine of Discovery now in the mental health and the field and other pastoral professions<br> are people who experience something stressful or traumatic even intergenerational trauma are always encouraged to talk about it yeah we often hear that expression you know that it talk about it or you'll feel better as we we try to make sense of what has happened to us or what people try to make sense of what happened to them and yet depending on the severity of the experience we may have difficulty that other people may have difficulty your being able to put into words or actions what has happened because granted you know they still may be in shock over the traumatic experience so talking about a situation may still take some time<br> if you had ever seen the movie Captain Phillips you know the Tom Hanks one where he was they made a movie with the Somalia pirates and the final scene hope I'm not giving anything away so spoiler alert the final scene where he is rescued Tom Hanks his character is rescued and very very traumatic he did a great job and study and just how trauma locks up the language in us where you know we are in shock and Trauma and he was on a Red Cross ship he was safe and everything and the nurse who is taking care of him and getting him cleaned up and you know checking his lacerations and so far I think she was just firing one question you know after another to Tom Hanks his character and he was you know trying to answer her as best he could and he was just like you.<br> it was all over the place so he did a tremendous job just studying this is psychological effects trauma has an immediate trauma has on a person in terms of shock and not being able to put that into words and this is something that trauma can stay locked inside of us you know and we just so you know because the region of the brain that processes language is nowhere close to the region of the brain in which the trauma has landed and so it takes time for our brains to be able to process it and talk about it but that's something we're going to take a look at next week so people are you know what should never be labeled as lazy crazy or stupid because of what they have gone through you know cuz I'll maybe on some level or sub-degree they're still unable to talk about it but yet the effects of the trauma<br> is is still evident in their limited perceptions or you know being unable to control their addictions or other behavioral aspects to it okay so again that's that's next week but you know but there will come a time when I hopefully you know the bewilderment lets you know but we still might lack the words to make sense out of our traumatic pain okay and you know what we'll do our minds may be capable of replacing the experience over and over it sits through the communicating what has happened to us through our stories and symbols and song that creates healing and a graveside actually creates a healing context for all generations at this is why storytelling is so important you know it's not just reading about the stories but it's hearing the stories it's allowing people to tell their stories because<br> create such a powerful psycho-spiritual shift in us you know that's like a spiritual emotional shift in a to be able to tell our stories because nobody can tell our stories the way we can and this is part of the other with the brain needs to do to be able to process in the heartbeat needs to be about the processing this is how people find tremendous healing through traumatic experiences especially intergenerational trauma<br> now there are sites all over the world all over the world where we have Memorial Place cards are placards and and or statues that are often directed to constantly remind people of the lost that was experienced in a community and although there are there well intended to let's never forget these reminders make often make moving beyond the traumatic event almost impossible for some people especially when annual observance is often stir up feelings of pain and unresolved grief and feelings of helplessness with no way to offer healing nose College shaken up a snow globe I know it's still summer but go with me on this you're shaking up a snow globe and you you know you're pretty cool to watch the whatever it is glitter or you know that<br> Shawty stuff come down like it is snow it starts to land and just eventually all the little pieces fall to the ground but you know you're shaking up a snow globe and everything is just flying all over the place with no end in sight well that's how people feel when you know during United's a manual or reminder of you know Ken well-intended let's never forget what happened here but people are often pulled back into a sense of being re-traumatized all over again or wounded all over again or you know just again extra layers are added to their unresolved grief and feelings of helplessness and they feel like they're being victimized all over again<br> but instead of empowering people to transcend this energy of emotional and psychological wounds trauma has the danger of being passed on to succeeding generations and and the generations may take on you know such trauma vicariously because of their indirect involvement through associations or Blood Ties or other affiliations as Integrated Systems and there was an interesting study. It was through an anthropologist Marita Blanco she developed an unpublished intergenerational diagram that accounts for the effects of colonization violence on subsequent Generations in South Africa and in the book with by Levine and Cline back in 2006 they<br> noted that Marita Blanco's diagram can be traced directly to the history of indigenous Australia and like I said she went through up to I think five generations so she wrote in her diagram I should say includes here's what happens to the first generation you know and say the men who were killed or imprisoned enslaved in some way we're unable to provide for their families<br> okay that's the first generation these are the people who experience this atrocity the second generation she writes we are the majority of men abused alcohol and drugs to cope with their loss of identity and diminished sense of self-worth and what made matters worse was that the Queensland government passed the again the Aborigines protection of alcohol in opium act in 1897 and this act removed abusers of alcohol and drugs to be relocated to reservations but did not offer any support to overcome the substance use and abuse issues<br> so what could that do nothing okay but that's she said that's the second generation that happened in Australia the third generation third generation removed from the actual been who were killed in prison or enslaved in some way okay the third-generation she said the intergenerational effects of violence manifested in the increased physical and emotional spousal abuse and other forms of domestic violence families were also disrupted when at-risk children were taken from their mothers and placed with non-indigenous families<br> discuss what happened in the 3rd Generation the 4th generation okay little bit further removed but still fourth-generation she says the original trauma begins to be re-enacted against spouses and children best setting the norm of culturally accepted violent behavior and then she states that in the 5th generation the cycle of violence is repeated in compounded as unresolved trauma fuel not only more violence but also is replicated through the severity and social distress so how do you heal intergenerational trauma when so many generations are acting out even though they were not the first generation even though they were not the ones who were tortured or raped or killed or imprisoned more enslaved in some way<br> you have to go back to the source and in today's topic the doctrine of Discovery is the source<br> I mean how many more studies do we need how many more Generations have to bear the wounds of an institution being unwilling to resend<br> the last thing we need is another superficial apology<br> because apologies don't do anything unless real change is behind it and if anything is going to you know you know change then there has to be responsibility taken for it as well as making amends but again you cannot violate international law by making the abuser is dictate the rules of how the vulnerable people or the oppressed people are those webs suffered they cannot dictate how you know they're going to recover from this okay so again you know what Maria Blanco dead and just studying the generations and how each generation is affected the more and more they are removed you know because you know that the effects of generational trauma are being handed down not just in terms of you know what the DNA and how traumatized ranges actually the protein of of<br> you know I love the jeans and so forth and also the Haverhill e okay and so again you know we often say well something needs to change something needs to change we need to do more of this we need to do more of that let's throw money out at let's hope something happens well how about we go back to the original source of the trauma how about we fully understand what intergenerational is is all about and the widespread effects of globalization and so forth the globalized effects of intergenerational trauma<br> again I don't think anybody you know what you're born when the first generation was abused and so forth and as well as you know those who are living today and then those are yet to be born we're all affected by it we are all affected by it and we we throw up our hands and we say there shouldn't be all these mass shootings there shouldn't be this and we need more police officers and so forth and you know and it's just it's one Band-Aid after another after another and to be quite honest folks it's we don't need more laws we need to enforce the laws that we have because you know just to say well there are nation of laws it's like people aren't respecting the law what's the what's the point of adding more laws<br> so you don't take really heal intergenerational trauma we have to go back to the source and we have to make things right and we have to realize the impact of it for everybody involved directly and indirectly<br> and I've discovered that children and adolescents in therapy often described their parents or grandparents who are stuck in their trauma they don't describe them as they're damaged or they're preoccupied and emotionally unavailable or emotionally limited children develop trust a healthy self-image and social skills and most importantly safety in relationships and traumatize parents also have difficulty with their sense of identity autonomy inappropriate self-soothing mechanisms and affect regulation and maintaining a balanced perspective when life challenges arise<br> and it's your parents off the display just just an inappropriate numbness and dissociative responses to just everyday stress because they have never been able to overcome what has been handed down to them and they often blame themselves when you know it's it's it's a reaction it is it is intergenerational and so far but how do you get out from under that without fully realizing the bigger picture<br> so there are many things that people can do but you know telling one's story is first and foremost the key and you know the reason for this is because trauma places distorted template over our perceptions you know and then try pretty much says to anyone who's gone through something traumatic like this is all there is this is all there is to you this is as good as it's going to get so you might as well get used to it and it's all lies and distortions that come from you no other wounded people or a wounded society that has yet to embrace themselves as so<br> and it's like once we Embrace ourselves as soul and we finally let that sink and we finally come to terms with that would be astonished to see the power of our soul to not only transcend trauma and transform our wounded energy but we're also going to empower others to do the same<br> yeah but still as history has taught you know many have feared the resiliency and power of the skull and therefore have tried to silence it cry it's cry<br> and you know through killings and murders genocides starvation and forced assimilation of humiliations and degradations looking at people as Savages were primitive backward unworthy unlovable and therefore disposable as those in control cfit what is heartbreaking to me is that these atrocities have often been committed in the name of God by people who should see themselves as souls in fact even when killing is done in the so-called advancing the kingdom of God the only thing that's truly Advanced is this distorted view from those who will do anything to hang onto their power<br> and yet I have I've yet to meet anyone who begins a journey of self-discovery that sooner or later also has to work through personal and family traumatic experiences as well as let's take a closer look at the stories that have been handed down to them by those also needing to come to terms with their own trauma and sense the family perspectives and interpretations of traumatic events seem to go hand-in-hand the fact sometimes trauma becomes a way in which individuals and families and generations had to find themselves which again internally perpetuates this cycle of intergenerational trauma<br> because if Grandparents were parents are great grandparents or other caregivers do not have a healthy sense of themselves well you know they just might be struggling with intergenerational trauma and they will unconsciously past their issues on to younger Generations in terms of their fears their anxieties their insecurities and abandon it just to name a few but healing from intergenerational trauma can be achieved it can be achieved K transformational healing is something that is possible<br> okay it's giving people an opportunity to you know just look at relationships to understand the past as well as what we are doing today and what we do today or we just perpetuating the past without having learning learned from it or are we taking into consideration what exactly are we passing on to the Future I'm dr. James hauke and you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity thank you for spending this time with me this afternoon in the meantime I just invite you to join me next Friday when we take a look at your little bit deeper now with the intergenerational trauma by understanding just how you know why they affects the psychological social spiritual and physiological<br> needs that we have so until then be careful be safe and may God bless bye-bye<br> 4000 comments it's all there, and we'll see you next on PBS radio TV<br>