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Raising Expectations, 28/06/2021

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Raising Expectations
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Guests, Charles Lingerfelt, Pastor Rafael Cruz, and Pastor Robert Summers

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, with Commander Rob Hansen and Nancy Hansen and Dr Paul Hall

Guests, Charles Lingerfelt, Published Author, Human Rights Advocate, Conservative Republican, Middle East Sales Coordinator, Pastor Rafael Cruz, Cuban-American Protestant preacher and father of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. He regularly serves as a surrogate in his son's political campaigns, and Pastor Robert Summers of Mt. Creek

Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations is a new program that will look at the past, giving greater insight into the present, and may produce authentic anticipation, raising expectations for the future! Joe will discuss major issues that confront us on national, political, and worldwide events, to the simple things that we think about and make unconscious personal decisions every day!

Freedom, Family, Finances, Faith, along with a myriad of other topics and all the intricacies involved in each of them...from a personal community perspective, that makes up what we call "Your Life in America Today!"

Informative, inclusive, intentional, interesting, and always encouraging. Each program will raise our expectations individually. We may begin looking at the future in a positive way, happy to try new ideas and methods with clear hopes of how things can change for the better in the future. Feeling more content, one topic at a time! So, let not your hearts be troubled...we can go from good, to better, to best in the future TOGETHER!

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