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Out of This World Radio, 26/09/2022

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Out of This World Radio
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Guest, Patricia Cori - In German

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr

Guest, Patricia Cori - In German

Guest, Patricia Cori

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Patricia Cori
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Author Visonary Playwrite Spriritaul Teacher
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 About Patricia Cori

She’s been dubbed a “real life Indiana Jones” by fans and the media

an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the

adventurer within us all. Internationally

acclaimed author Patricia Cori is one of the most well

-known and established

authorities on the realms of the mystic

, whose views of the world challenge the status quo and confront the

issues that concern us all today.  She loves to “stretch

the imagination” with visions of what might very well be, as science fiction becomes reality every day in our rapidly changing world.

With thirteen books, published in more than twenty foreign languages, she has been a key voice in the

alternative media for decades, bringing paradigm

-busting information to the public since 1996.

The former host of the popular radio show, Beyond the Matrix, she has herself

been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio and TV programs, including CNN,

Coast to Coast a.m. with George Noory, WABC, Playboy Radio, the Urban

Journal Radio, KJAC Radio Montreal, 21st

Century Radio, Fringe Radio, Unity FM, and a host of others. She has also appeared in documentary films. Soon after turning her talent to screenwriting, Cori penned a full feature script of her debut fiction novel

–an adventure thriller –The Emissary, released through North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution in March 2014,

and the project is already in development to become a major motion picture.

Episode One of a trilogy entitled THE HIDDEN, The Emissary

presents the female superhero, Jamie Hastings, who leads the way in the two intriguing sequels, both completed:

The Keeper of the Crystal Skull, and Soul Snatchers,

fantasy, sci-fi adventures both.

Currently, she is preparing to carve out a place for her hero,

the super-psychic Jamie, in the dynamic world of comics, with platforms that will include digital comics and cinematic graphic novels of

The Emissary’s Universe,in collaboration

with LNL Partners, who have produced platforms for renowned industry giants

such as William Shatner and Stan Lee.

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