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LetterZ From the Pen, 25/06/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Constance Gauntlett

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes-Cousins, Dee and guest Constance Gauntlett

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hello hello hello and welcome to let us know when I'm your host and MicroSD she'll be popping in shortly we have a very very special for you guys tonight we have a special guest upcoming actress Constance
how are you I'm good I'm good thank you for being on the show
before we get into your interview and all that good jazz we have to try to our sponsors that make letters on the Kim Possible how late is Home Care for all your home care needs in the New York in tri-state area jrc cleanup no job is too big or too small Kryptonite station 420 clothing where you can go to our website ww.w. Let us know click on that link really cool dope where year you can go there and get out get some nice nice care there so looks like we have pops on
hello hello hello
how's it going buddy I was just about to show Napa sponsors but you know now that you're on how do you want to be the weather for today for today's letter you can read a letter today
are letters for the fin
I am a 23 year old woman with three children
wanting my baby's father to marry me
it still hasn't married me he hasn't proposed to me and he's asking me to have another child in the meantime I found out that my youngest son who's 6 months old is only a month older
then a child that he fathered with another female
do you think I should leave him or do you think it's worth waiting around please help okay do you get time at 9 at first
pack it up and pack it in what are you waiting for your back and go run like hell are you waiting for how about you work on you and find you a new one and keep it moving you don't want that drama I'm sorry
I mean look here's here's the thing right
I'm not asking for advice women get very caught up in the in the one to go back and forth with another woman right and here's the thing about it is and we women have to remember at the end of the day we all got the same thing so it's not like oh he went over here to sleep with her because her stuff was better than mine
I'm not me personally I'm not about to go back for a female over a man okay. But you he's probably not paying child support if she's running around making babies are where is probably not paying child support any of them or worried about his kids too worried about him sleeping so if I was you if you don't have them on child support I would take him and put him on child support not to be not to be spiteful but the guarantee that you're doing and taken care of and and sir I hope you have a coin nice coin because you running around making babies like it's nothing okay and you know I always watch you know I always says people are making people okay so you got to be careful like it is out here running around sleeping around and then you probably shouldn't be so anyway because if he's out here getting someone else pregnant that means that he's not using protection and he's coming back with you who knows what she has and what he's bringing you and then she's probably not the only one you just can't hide her anymore
so I'm just saying
but I'm just saying
yes yes I see how to let let let our guests Constance chimed in on this and get some input or me personally I feel that you need to focus more on cell or something, man. I was there when she found out about the baby and after the third baby or really after thinking maybe he didn't show that you wanted me to be his wife
I don't think he's not meant for you Let It Go just Let It Go and work on yourself
understand this this this new Dan age where women are independent and that's fine cuz I'm very independent but you have to Value I'm around here just dropped for you and you're not going to put a ring on my finger like I'm sorry stop doing wifely duties when you're a girlfriend and expecting to be treated like a wife exactly I know if if if you got to do what I said stop doing wifely duties and it didn't expect to be treated as a wife when you're just a girl
we come back we're going to get into some questions for you and then we'll take some clothes and stuff like that so if you guys want to call in comments on the letter have any questions for Constance 867-6008 so we're going to get into my image
how did we get here
all right so that way my schedule damaged that up with the letter okay so let's give him a welcome Target Constance actress upcoming actress constant a warrior
give us a little bit of background on who you are for those who don't know what you do when you know what you're feeling
well I am just an ordinary female that just loves bring laughter to everyone I have been trying to pursue my career for the past 12 and a half years and finally was able to meet someone that will really take initiative to really see the determination and drive that I really have what is on my career you know
I'm just an ordinary person trying to leave that everyday life
Temple Temple Ave you actually like a little bit of what it's like trying to break into the industry
Ace Hardware you got to be hungry if you're hungry then it shows it's hard work you going to get a lot of clothes do it before you get a lot of Open Door it I went on multiple positions when I was in New York and I got a lot of closed doors before I got to open door I have done maybe 2 stage plays with just reading the didn't ask to go far the backup production but I still didn't give up it's just a hunger that I have inside the welder to put my name in lights if nobody's going to see it then I'm going to bring I just need that one shot in each day I take that as my drive to my blessings going to come don't give up my bestie is going to come if they got to come look at the car I'm driving hard Ninja
in Atlanta you got to be willing to do that you're hungry because they're at the competition is on go and I've been trying to show up for a lot of events dealing with acting classes trying to find me an acting code as well as the training to get my body in shape that way I can fit certain parts if I was hoping for some really showing my team that I'm hungry just as much as they are hungry
so now you have a manager
or you just kind of like the one that they're trying to do this on your own I have a manager slash sisters last good friend class bougie friends that I have been acquainted with and as you know is your co-host Robert she has herself to say listen if you're ready and you're starving like I see that you're starving myself so like I told her we're going to take this to the top so what kind of rolls do you see yourself if I had to
really label myself or put myself in the category with anyone I would say a queen or a Cicely Tyson I wish I wish I was able to meet her has been a major major
role model in my life with acting after I saw her and many movies of rude stuff like so many movies I have seen okay this is the same lady to Rose Stein but if I could just get in the door with Queen Latifah or a Tyler Perry that that would be the ultimate goal
Okay so
what do you think has been the hardest part of trying to break into the industry besides people closing doors in your face cuz that happens all the time
Yoshinoya I will say the hardest would be
the communication the communication with you know what role you never know what they want you to do what type of character they want you to be you know it's very you know sometimes I feel I feel a lot of things but my biggest fear is not trying
so how do you prepare when you're getting ready to go to school
be honest I guess I'll leave it all in God's hands. Let me go in there as to why I am me simple me this is me I know I'm ready for it I'm going to show you all I need
so you getting ready to go for an audition you're coming to an end up that I shut up and you're going to be playing
how do you get into character I do my investigation
I do my investigation you know
going around research and movies and stuff I do a lot of Investigation I watch a lot of movies dealing with you know Karen and how they act in the movement to get this way you know I really do my investigation I really research to say okay this is what they want then okay this is how I got to prevent it but I have to return it to my own way once again even though I am a woman I am living at the gate woman out here so I don't want them to think I'm just going to come in automatic thugged-out braids or something she just she really did do the research she's ready for this she understood that she took time out to say okay for the past 52 hours or better she went into really research on what team is what what you're looking for is what I'm going to bring you
lgbtq Community do you think that that affect how people try to categorize you into certain roles based on
in some ways I do I do at 8 cuz you know being openly gay for the past 45 years of my life because you know it was not very. Very welcome into my family you know it was very hard so that's where I get to drive from I tried to tell them what you see is not what you did you don't understand it is just like me so many different being a part of LGBT community is like why do we have to walk around with labels why do we have to justify who we are you know we're still human we still get up and go out and grind everyday like the next person so why do I have to have a label or try to who I am if I want to wear at tomboy clothes or if I want to wear heels why do you have to justify why can't you erase me who I am who I am you know why do you have two already judge me or certain thing that you weren't seeing what you think you seen but you're not equipped to understand me
learn me first before you judge me like they say don't judge a book before you read it
I mean that.
I mean honestly I would say it's really the labels are created a really something that people can't just be people right people can't love who they want to love people can't be with who they want to be without somebody saying oh my God that the biracial couple on my God that's that's a lesbian couple on my God that's two men oh my God she's overweight oh my God that's a crackhead like there's just there's just always something that's going to not be perfect for someone or how or what should I do want you to be I would honestly I would honestly say If I Had You
as far as from an industry standpoint I would say that you learn your craft on your grass and just show up and show out every time you show up and I promise that's what I think and being a woman of my word I promise you I'm going to do every every time your voice will be in my head show up
right after we already know but I'm just going to put it out there right so one your woman is a black woman right and 3 you're a woman that is part of a different type of community and everyone doesn't see that as being
the quote on quote American Way against you but I promise you if you show up and show out every time it wouldn't even matter what your talent speak for itself what let people recognize you and say you don't want someone to say like there's that girl that that's why is it you want people to say that's an actress that she killed that part
that's why they don't call me cartel for nothing I plan on body and everything I have I walk into I'm going to show up and I'm going to show out
you drove away
hey welcome back to letters in the pan that's only he was just hearing was pure love I like beIN streaming on all platforms only now so make sure you guys go out and support lady baby
okay back to constant yes ma'am you so if anyone wants to call you can call the lines are open in America
no I understand he asked all these questions so now I'm going to ask questions so first I'm going to start out by saying asking
did you come to the conclusion that this is what you want to do I want to be an actress and I'm ready
I was saying maybe
4 years ago when I became Sugar Mama it all started when I was when I went from being we cannot see to a full-time parent instead of being called Mommy you are there my niece started calling me sugar scare me you scare me a female little princess diva
the whole transition change I went from being
a Google a parent to erase some of the characters was coming out and doing Tik Tok and I had some characters and everything and I'm like wait a minute
I'm making all these people laugh and then I'm a CNA and I'm using the same energy that I'm using with her with my client and I'm making people laugh okay hold on wait a minute to perform at her party her son's party and I happened to be Elmo
that's okay then that's a good day and I said okay if I can make people laugh why not she have to go with it and once I got my first little play I saw that okay just something I really could get into but then I still okay I really enjoy
transitioning to another person
I like being a different character I like being a chameleon I like the death into different environment so we're not when I take this road stop being scared and stop holding on to something that I know I can really show the world who I really am no more hiding his ahead you know my lifestyle for so long and then once I came out I can't why not let me know
so I heard you say you make a lot of people laugh so making a lot of people laugh what's the why didn't you consider being a comedian that of an actor
you know what I never I never really thought about that I never really thought about actually standing up in front of a group of people or a crowd of people cuz I'm not scared I am a people person I don't care if it's one person that room that last I know I said somebody but I wouldn't try that if I ever got the option to get two minutes or 3 minutes to Stand Up Isabella time I'm going to show you who I am eating soon as my mouth open that tongue flicker it's me this is my life I'm not ulcerating it hey sometimes I could get real style with my mouth sometimes I can be real classy guy could be with him but at the end of the day
you say you welcome 2 minutes I'm going to show you them two minutes I'm going to give it all I got
willing to do comedy as well as asking I'm willing to do whatever doors open for me to show them that even if I start out small like in the mail room and work my way up let's get it
your base in Atlanta right now I'm located in Southeast Georgia which is near Savannah but I do spend the majority of my time in Atlanta that working in trying to get to see other people and me the different vibe of entertainment world and acting coach has more opportunities there than it is here where I'm located is more country after a fall
what's one of your favorite sing off of a movie
my favorite scene off of a movie I do have to say will be with
Sally Fields the movie not without my daughter
that one movie when she told her husband
you have to kill me before I leave my child in the motion that she put into it I started falling and Sally Field where her best world I would say I for an eye and she had to really show American Dad I will go there about my child and that's how I feel about my love you my niece that's what really I'm looking at that movie when she set the whole scene up the way okay the same way you killed my child is the same way I'm going to bring you back into my heart and I need the number for oh wow you can really become the character that you are
can you ask that out out bruh
sure you want me to get my niece
sure I'm here
she's going to she's going to play and I'm going to be Sally seeing you right
have you ever felt it felt like to lose a child
do you know everyday I go into my daughter's room and wish I could smell and feel her
because every day I hear the voice of that man telling me
in scene
thank you so
how can
people out there reach you
well I have Facebook
which is on the concert starts up but now I'm trying to set up my own website and get everything started with me and my manager Instagram call Akash Patel
I can be reached on Snapchat how can you tell
hey AJ it's k o n s t a n c e a r c e l
and there's no underscores for any of that if they try to find you on Facebook
alright so
let's go
everyone put on i d don't don't do it to the Super Bowl who are the top three actresses for you that you think are the best after me alone I have always been a big fan
order Queen Latifah first thank you
Queen Latifah Gabrielle Union has always been my favorite top three women in that order in that order
Mariah Carey
Mama girl Mariah I love Kelly Rowland dearly I do I really do I love her music but she was too worried Jason versus Freddy worst acting ever seen I'm sorry I'm sorry that was worse than sorry I'm sorry don't work but I love them music
Jesse's asked me I really go through right there really
Jersey Mike's
you can tell me nothing I had to bring
Randy I'm sorry I don't know how many times I have to get my hair braided come back the next day for them to finish the other half we find the holy donut glaze do good in mines but was pulled back like I was changed when they're African finish my head now I know my home
tell me walking around. I'm walking around school smell like something because
okay you don't have to hear baby oil or Vaseline on your face Celine all the way from New York to Georgia
they don't know
that's out right now but you know I'm more like a like a Boris Kodjoe girl type of girl you know why and when he played in
the movie Hobbs and then I'm not going to lie but it was just a man come on he's very handsome what's his name Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard find me a somebody's Uncle like act like that's the uncle at the cookout that's why I'm smoking weed and drinking liquor and trying to talk to the young girl are you talkin about you helping me with my wings
alright sexiest female actress that's out right now
female actress has the sexiest female out there the song about that
I'm not little people and I swear to God I told my right here on this Bible and before I leave this earth we got to call her we got a caller
all right call it what's your name and where you calling from
my name is Lucinda Brown I'm calling to Jesup Georgia to shout out of congratulations daughter
Daddy Y Yankee
because she was so you don't you hang up why don't you hang out how is it how is it on the house
girl. He's at work
palomares me too bad so please don't scare me, you're breaking up. Nobody
Mario phone breaking up in heaven.
Say you see what I can do with old school
shoot it was a good girl but no sugar mama
why didn't really get know there's how many whooping jog I didn't really get too many whooping because you know I always do things when I'm parents went to sleep
inch and a quarter on a putter
yes we going to have to meet me we don't have to get Mama concerts on the radio one time to read the letter with us and give us some of her old school advice that she sounds like she's about to drop your information to us some lettuce on the pan because we're going to have you on the radio station with us to do music where you and go over let it go get your thoughts and your input
alright mom we love you video
okay Mom I love it I love it
so we're getting down to the top of our it was really good having you on the show so
just got out all the information where people can find you at that can check you out and get in contact with you hey is your girl, do you want to reach me reach me on Facebook Instagram Snapchat all of the concert start for you to get with me around America misdeeds and I hope I'm back on the show again thank you for having me every Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time right here on CBS radio check us out every Sunday on whom agonizing TV over on Roku to go if you don't have it go download it there's no excuse if you can watch the show from every platform
all your family I love you all dearly I told you she's here every night

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