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The Jim Benson Show, 06/09/2021

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The Jim Benson Show
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Biden's Cataclysmic Afghanistan Surrender. George Soros: Man Behind The Curtain

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Biden's Cataclysmic Afghanistan Surrender. George Soros: Man Behind The Curtain

Subtitle: The consequences of Biden's sudden and disastrous US Withdrawal from Afghanistan will be felt Worldwide. New book coming out on influential leftist billionaire Soros

Tags: Afghanistan Surrender, Joe Biden, 2020 Election, George Soros

The Jim Benson Show

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The Jim Benson Show; conservative talk radio done right, addressing the issues that concern you. With a background of many years as a journalist, host Jim Benson offers his unique perspective on current events and issues that we face as individuals and as a nation. 

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