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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 27/04/2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Love the Skin You’re in, and Optimize Your Sleep Cycle

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Love the Skin You’re in, and Optimize Your Sleep Cycle

Famed aesthetician Amber Rose Johnson provides skin care to many of the Hollywood A-list. Amber discusses the role of skin care in complete wellness. Plus, did you know that our sleep cycles are critical to our health? During our sleep, we are getting rest that not only supports our health but also supports releasing stress, optimal cortisol production, and other hormone regulation. Special guest Dr. Rachel Eva Dew provides tips on optimizing your sleep cycle.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

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In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Dr Dravon James helps to inspire, empower, and educate people to live the life of their dreams. Focusing on health, wealth, and relationships, Dr. James offers strategies that work for everyday life.

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welcome to Everyday peas with Dr drayvon James hello and welcome to our show I am dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday piece defined as holness completeness nothing nothing broken totality if you are able I just want you to close your eyes and inhale that you peace whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality right now in this moment in hell that hole that breath for just a second and then through your mouth a complete Excel just pushing all that energy forth into the world
because I want you to know
but yes it is possible for you to have peace everyday
and by the way for those of you who are the everyday peace tribe or family community however you want to phrase it peace in your health your wealth and your relationships peace in everything that's important to so yes it's possible yes you deserve every day peace yes you can every day we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday and our anthem for 2021 you already know it is what are we waiting for the answer absolutely nothing why because we have everything we need right here right now to be our best selves we don't need to waste another second
before we decide to activate our best selves how amazing is that we have all power over that we can activate right now we had a great show last week you guys a great show. We have Amanda Rose and tell who spoke about finding love in the pandemic and we had the incredible Patty bear who shared her personal story of how she embraced new opportunities in her life if you missed last week's show
I would recommend you go back and listen to it there's somebody in your life who's looking for that magic relationship and we do have a pandemic going on there's no reason why they can't have that relationship if not you somebody else wants that encourage them to go listen back to the show Patty Bears story of how to reinvent yourself how to listen to that inner guidance to reinvent yourself I strongly encourage go back and listen to them last week shows or any of our passions you can access by subscribing to dr. Dre Bond James the podcast on Apple Spotify Google play Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website you can also read transcripts of our recent shows on our brand new website dr. Dre pain if you have not had the opportunity to check out our new look on our website I had
encourage you to do that you can also access words of wisdom and encouragement excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright contact information you can sit there and find out things about me what's going on with our journey and everyday piece you can get a free course they're all right now we have creating your Clarity and creating a path to your dream like your passions so you can access it works there if you haven't been on the website please do yourself a favor go there dr. Dre Bond James. Calm bookmark the site and come back at least once a week to see any of the updates again the website Dr.Dre Von James calm and so today for every day peace moment I want to share with you and talk about confidence confidence we all know that confidence is sexy right confidence and exudes power I happen to be talking to a client a couple clients actually just came up with and
the topic came to confidence in sometimes we feel that we don't have competition with get the place yet I can just feel like I don't know I don't know but I want you to know because you did some people think all because I've been through so much I've had so many failures what I'm going to tell you today I want you to listen closely confidence is an important attribute for our success absolutely it is this gives us the belief in ourselves to try new things and the resilience to weather tough times confidence is important whether we are looking to improve our health or wealth our relationships confidence matters so you know in every day peace we focus on that health wealth and relationship confidence is develop and strengthen yes by achievements in through success right and this is where we get into this interesting part because the discussions I was having with people ask for the weekend was that
spoke is so much on the areas where they not necessary seeing the success that they want to see and this is what you're going to be surprised about the strongest most sustainable confidence comes from those things that balances that it easy victories in life do not result in long-term confidence it was easy breezy it doesn't build that confidence muscle for you it's only when we are presented with setbacks and obstacles that we need to overcome that generate true lack confidence is that old saying iron sharpens iron right when you really overcome something you have a strong struggle in your life and if you haven't overcome it yet keep moving you will you will survive it and you will come through that there's a phrase I use in my book shining like new money all that means is that on the other side of that
is your strong long-lasting confidence so know that when you go through things you have greater growth and everyday piece we focus on everything that happens in our life to achieve our next level of greatness and sometimes yes setbacks happened things that look like setbacks happened those are great opportunities to test our personal results work through the issue and come out on the other side you guessed it shining like new money with more confident stronger and better so that that's why it's important for us to use everything that in itself in our lives The Good The Bad and everything else in between to serve us in our journey towards greatness let's not waste any opportunities to learn grow and develop our confidence
and that is our everyday peace moment and we're going to go and bring on our guests are guess today is Amber Rose Johnson she provides skin care too many of Hollywood's A-list now you may be saying to yourself skincare and my health how important is that it is important to tell you this much better than I can but the largest do we have in our body is our skin right it's everywhere it's everywhere learning to take care of her skin is important in the health Journey so Amber I'm super excited to have you on the show Welcome to Everyday piece
well this was the most amazing introduction I've ever had on a podcast wow I mean just with the deep breath and everything that you're doing you are amazing I'm so excited to be part of this podcast today this is like awesome I cannot wait to turn in I am already a fan so that I'm so happy to be on here we're happy to have you I love you eat this and not that I love it I love it we do use this not that so you know there's a book Eat This Not That we have five years and I found in the 90s a lot of skin can actually cause cancer light skin care was banned in other countries actually causes you know issues health issues and a surgeon so I was very aware of how much skin care can be poisoned and not only for the environment but our house so I've been very passion ice to make skin care in my bathroom at 12 years
so I'm very passionate about skin care but I love the part about confidence and I just want to tell you share with you as I'm a bigger garage I'm in Newport Beach California which is actually the skinniest was obvious places in America and I happen to be pustite so it's very interesting that I don't let someone else's box what they want to put me in effect me right I feel beautiful in my skin and that confidence is so what would the world be it's like a magnet people can't believe I actually had people ask me why am I so confident because I love myself I don't have to be whatever box someone wants me to be in and it's a it's a very powerful gift actually hopefully my sons have this gift I have a son who's overweight and I told him sometimes your haters they're just jealous so sometimes if we get back in the car from a Parkhill go there some haters in there cuz I'm about to call them fat or something but she thinks of it is they took time to think of me you know we don't we don't
bad energy so that the confidence I tell people is like most of the beauty p u can use the most expensive creams and you can do all the different things and nothing radiates I could confidence but how skincare ties into this is interesting when you are staring at yourself in the mirror for those few minutes putting on your cream and washing your face this is what I tell women or men to self talk look at your art speech thankful be grateful for everything thanks thanks thank you if you don't love your eyebrows thank God you have eyebrows thank God you have eyes to see your eyebrows write thank God you have a skin I mean there there's so many things that that we could be able to go down to the cell level of of gratefulness but believe it or not that few minutes of putting on your face cream whatever brand do you use is actually a great time to give that gratitude which will build confidence
oh I love that I love that chip by the I don't want to go past there because I am a big proponent of self-talk and you know that you probably know this better than I do but I have client to do this who look in the mirror and they look all look at that it's another wrinkle all look at that it's another discoloration it so that's a form of self-talk for those of us who don't know that right. And you know I love your sense of haters and they're doing that so I love I love that sweet when he had this opportunity right why would we join the haters would look myself in the mirror it is a time to thank you know to be thankful for everything for the way eyebrows grow for the for the for the wrinkles that we have which meant we stand Victorious over everything like
does to me like yep and there goes another one right so that there is something that I stood Victorious over whether it was just another year or our trial and tribulation so I love that using that opportunity while you're flying your creams and listen to self talk yourself into confidence because I honestly agree with you confidence is beauty confidence is the sexiest thing that you can present to someone I never sent it doesn't matter what you look like and if you do have something that bothers you a brown spot a regular thing just know about Thursday do retinal things you can do to lighten those up and even those out but doesn't mean you're ugly and I tell people that sells care of that stuff love it's not that you don't there's a there's two ways about it if something bothers you like a pimple or brown spot go great I'm going to fix it be proactive but don't beat yourself up over it so there's a there's that there's a when you know that that's fixable
keep moving. Look how lucky I am to have you know whatever Beauty you do have but yes confidence is like 90% of it I don't care what you look like I actually this is a random story but I took these pole dancing classes at this awesome place it was more of a confidence-building have nothing to do with it was the one inviting me it was kind of like this meditation women empowerment but what I found was after taking 6 weeks these couple girls were not you know very attractive women okay but what in 6 weeks what they manifested into that late they gave himself this love they walked better they dress told it was amazing what came out of it and it was just confidence nothing else to do to lose weight and get anything done they just walked with a little different swag and when we have that doesn't matter what you look like that's half the battle right there and you will always be with you one hundred percent it's all a head game how we with the what is the story that you're telling yourself
about this and sometimes we get so wrapped up and I love the fact that you mention you know that you are plus size or in your in this world where all the women are this one particular size and he look at me with look at this right and I feel good about me I don't have to blend and I'm not designed to blend and I don't blend them too because I'm not supposed to blend it last time I knew her when she was in high school you know when all the girls were there trying to be the sassy we are not designed to blend in Honey right that's just not what it is you're not supposed to blend in that's not going to happen and then when you realize that standing apart and having would ever ask you what you have and being proud of those attributes helps you to give you the energy and I think the creativity to correct those things that you want to correct and that the correct amount of Shame is just so you know what this is why I love me with the bed light to do this I'd like to do that that's a whole different energy
I call it cell phone that selfish you know people think if they got some got a nose job or whatever plastic surgery if it's because they love themselves and they want to fix it that's helpful that's not selfish right it's not self-hate but if someone wants to look like someone else I have groceries coming in to go I want to be no I want a nose job like so you know another celebrity or something I can be the best you if that bothers you fix that but don't try to look like someone else be the best of you you can be and that's and then when you fall in love with that whatever that like I know I'm the best version of me even though I guess I should probably lose a little weight but besides that I know I'm my best I'll never be skinny nor do I have any nor do I want to but I do take such good care of myself and people don't realize like I eat clean like how I look and how I live might not match 2 it's hilarious but which I love but is that
cuz I own it when it feels good I don't have to prove a point to anybody. I wish you were an every junior high school and every Heights High School talking to everyone not just the girls with the boys too because everybody has to do this and if you don't fix this it it whatever it is whatever the this is right whatever this is it when it's stuck it I mean literally was like oh my God she speaks my language you just told her on Holi right on time from the breast I mean that first second by the way I took a breath when you first did your inspection you have no idea how much you balance me I want to listen to everyday like just taking a moment to breathe I mean that simple can change someone's day so if everybody at the younger the better right but who cares what age are out of
learn this trick and you actually start like this morning I I'm I'm a single mom with you kids okay I forgive me to stay positive all day as can be challenging up two boys play basketball I made a very conscious effort to wake up early and make them breakfast and to give them a very good morning. Of course you know what can find a shoe and they tested me buy it you do not knowing but instead of I gave them that best of me but it's a conscious effort you have to go they deserve and we had such a nice way to school that got out of the car but I know if I don't focus on that and I yell at him with your shoe I do they just turn it on and get the car and drive off Matt it just ruins everything but I set my kids up for a good day I've guarantee what I pick them up. Tell me about a great day at school so we can consciously fix that
the second we wake up I love that stuff I call that setting your attention immediately you open your eyes and you set your intention and you're right this you could be the greatest mystery of the day right or it could be the thing that these drives are coughing and about that night approach and I and I love the fact that you set for 25 years you've dedicated yourself to the skincare Journey which we know is so important to me we know it we watch the commercials we know how important thing here is to the average person whether they choose to admit it or not we see all the products flying off the shelves we know that it's important and you dedicated 25 years to this what made you decide I heard you say the intro about you know the products that mimic estrogen was that your reason for going into holistic health care how it how different is that from traditional here Healthcare
but no fast me I am I grew up with my grandma my grandma at work like this you said you're going to QVC so he's to watch QVC like 12 and we would have by all the creams and I would I remember going I know how to I can make this is of course I knew nothing by the way but I used to think I could do something you know I and I would mix different brands of creams and make my little concoction right and I really love seeing her but what I found was there's a beautiful health food store called Mother's Market that I said I wanted to work out I was twelve at the time I end up working there when I was 14 15 but I make a joke they never hired man ever left that was a real store I just would hang out there my parents friends owned it and I really just wanted the extra testers that they would get it and I would just misses in the 90s you could do this this couldn't happen right the much more casual time but I learned a start memorizing these books one of them was called healthy healing by Linda Paige to this day I want to meet this lady
and she had every single disease and foods to avoid vitamins to taken avoid and and skincare to do or don't do you use AR points and I started memory and I wanted to memorize a whole books when people came in the mother's I thought I was a host of this place by the way I had I was a bad girl is supposed to buy groceries I thought it was the house but when people come in and they actually made a gluten-free aisle because I was telling them people are coming in this before gluten allergies is right when people try to figure out they're allergic to gluten really nice they started their the first place to have a gluten-free aisle and the whole place is vegetarian the lawn people came from all over the state literally just shopped there cuz they had they're the only ones who had certain there's no Google you couldn't you know order things on Amazon people really had a hunch for this stuff so I got to learn what but I was also because I was a bad girl I was in one bag of groceries to each other
what they didn't like what happened and I would tell the buyers like people don't like this ingredient or this wasn't good or or or when something was out they would ask front if they had any other to order it for them I would find out what was in the man so I really learned about like what the trends were and I just found a little niche so they started to become a buyer for skincare kind of because I wouldn't shut up about it and then I end up I had cystic acne I had severe acne and I went to the dermatologist yeah his name was dr. James Fulton he made Retin-A he was a co-founder of benzoyl peroxide very very famous guy he was a famous acne you know extractions which is he trained me so I end up becoming his esthetician and learning a lot so I learned about the medical side but what happened was I found out all the medical stuff was animal testing I was vegetarian almost vegan and I never dating animals has really upset about all the animal testing animal products you know Wale
that don't think that were used in in the skin care and mothers wouldn't carry anything that had these ingredients so I got to learn what the natural side didn't study stuff but they were very cleaner right and then the medical side was so dirty but they were allowed these ingredients for study to prove that they worked right so I caught in a Grade of I wanted to find natural ingredients that will study that works without having you know any animal testing animal cruelty and then and then that's when they started finding out that parabens insert ingredients for causing a lot of harm especially mimicking estrogen and causing certain Cancers and all these ingredients are banned everywhere but America there's no regulation in America I'm still upset to this day there is nobody that the last
penne pasta was like in 1934 and that was so we have some type of preservatives in skincare can someone went blind from a cream but besides that I mean there is no one really regulating there's a there's a lot of claims they can make a skin care companies can really pretty much lying until they get caught so I was just passed by there and pick up a caller so they've been here for a little while thank you for calling in this is everyday piece your calling with a question or comment for a fabulous guest
yes I do I think all the stuff you say about confidence is great if it's awesome I have a question about bass about skin care so I wanted to know I'm trying to get rid of lines that like go on the side of my nose and underneath my eyes and so I read somewhere about using cucumber it didn't work so I have I have a question for you since you're the expert on what can I do about that
you know I'd actually have to see a picture but are the dark circles just under your eyes like more like a bag of bags under your eyes like out the end of my nose and it goes down the side of my face on both sides
it is a line okay so those are two different High's actually live or not we have some kind of Limp your lymphatic system it's where where water in toxins get out of their body and they get trapped under the eyes so the darkness is actually usually a vitamin K deficiency it also can be hereditary and have to see pictures but we were not eating a lot of kale a lot of vitamin K and even make vitamin K cream really help the dark as far as populous under the eyes has is your lymph system and there's something called dry brushing you take literally a dry brush and you go upwards Strokes from your feet all the way to your chest and that literally gets away water weight but believe it or not what people do this or eyes look better you're getting away all the toxins out of your body and you're the worst thing for your lymphatic system the number one worst thing is deodorant antiperspirant so if you're using really
believe or not I know this sounds crazy but it's all like a domino effect if you're using antiperspirants with aluminum and carabins great about to run out of time and it's like maybe 20 seconds will look up lymphatic drainage and vitamin K those are the two things you'll need on our Instagram has facial lounge if you want to send these pictures to facial lounges at page Lounge on Instagram we can look at those are we going to give you some more suggestions yesterday talking about here at facial thank you so much Amber
no problem thank you
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to every Dave East with dr. dravon James
welcome back on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace dr. Rachel do specializes in natural and integrative medicine and is the CEO of Mighty health and holistic virtual care platform dr. Rachel is an author International speaker and founder of the integrative Wellness Academy welcome to the show dr. Rachel thank you so much Trayvon for having me I am super excited for this topic today we're we're talkin about sleep and the impact had really high how do you get a good night sleep I passed with so many people ask me and I work in healthcare as well 31 years and that is seems to be as we are each a big issue so I'm excited for our topic today just talkin about sleep can you tell us we hear this term sleep optimization what is that and why
is it important to categories when you're thinking about sleep sleep optimization and part of that is it really your sleep hygiene okay we all know this word hygiene we've heard a lot in connection with you know covid and washing her hands and you know making sure that were getting rid of germs but when when I'm referring to sleep hygiene it's really like a beautiful healthy family practice and it's the things that you intentionally do to create healthy sleeper them or your your circadian rhythm which is the Sleep Cycle that is balanced and optimized that allows your brain to do everything it needs to do while you're sleeping and your body to do everything that it needs to do while you're sleeping in order to optimize those the outcomes of your sleep cycle is being healthy which is really you know what leads to
brain health optimize immune function and so many other things so when we were talking about optimizing your sleep you really have to this is going to be some other person lies to every person right because we need to develop our own habits and patterns around everything around our thoughts or emotions are spiritual practice our fitness practice are eating and are sleep so it's important to evaluate and really stop and go into your inner landscape and you'll give some deep thought to identifying what your personal free pattern that you know are you kind of running and gunning until you fall into bed exhausted are you staying out really late watching TV or you knew what it what is your process around sweet you know how I always hear different people saying different things you know some people wake up in the middle of the night and eat some people wake up numerous times to use the bathroom do you really have to figure out
first and foremost what is your current sleep habits and how do you optimize those and when it comes to optimizing any aspect of your health and well-being I always approach things in Balance right though if you put an intense restrictive game plan in place with anything to do with your health and well-being especially you know as we're talking about sleep we'll talk about game plans in place that are restricted and limiting bath she can cause you a lot more stress they can lead to a lot of other and balances so I was like to say start where you are and take steps to move towards healthier you more towards balance instead of you know trying to go All or Nothing approach the first identifying where you're at and then what are some simple next stuff that you can take to off
demise your sleep and I can I can dive into some ideas around that if you'd like I would love to but I just want to just piggyback on one thing and make it very very clear just by saying exactly what you said start where you are but start right I love the fact that you said you know if you're too restricted that can be stressful cuz I remember you would have a council people in USA reduce your stress level and their face would just become really panicked because they would be overwhelmed with that general statement so we're not saying you need to change everything you're saying start where you are just do a little bit right here today don't make it difficult but value yourself right where you are today cuz sleep is important so yes I would love to go into those tips
yeah absolutely so starting where you are and picking one or two small stuff that you can take that way you can set yourself up for a win to write you can take one step make it a habit see the positive impacts come celebrate. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder maybe add one more thing and then he even as we talked about that approach to things don't you feel more relaxed in your body right like you were saying people kind of stressed out when they think about all these things that I have to do do I get you some ideas around ways to optimize food I I would invite any of the listeners to just identify with one of them that they could start implementing right away with as much ease as possible if it is much balance and patience with themselves and as much grace as possible not a lot of people know about but we're asleep Mass to block out
call light even the tiny little blue light from your you know charger or from your cell phone or from your alarm clock even those tiny little bits of Life interrupt your proper sweeper them and your brain secreting specific types of hormones while you're sleeping which can really throw a lot of things out of balance and wearing a sleep mask do you really want you know blackout curtains if you can wear at least you know sleeping with all of the lights off disconnecting anything that creates light or sound as well and when you are sleeping listening to TV in the background or sleeping listening to music not also is disrupting your sleep patterns so total darkness and a lack of sounds do those are two simple steps that you can take the other is for some people falling asleep is hard and sometimes
fall asleep and then I wake up stressed or they might wake up having thoughts of things are you know I'm thinking over there to do list for example so it's really important to set yourself up for optimized sleep by relaxing and so this is a great time to implement a little bit of a self-care practice before that you know don't just run down all day jumping to bed try to go to sleep right away eventually plan you know maybe an hour or 45 minutes before you go to bed you're going to go into your bedroom maybe use some lavender essential oils before bed to help you relax maybe read a little bit disconnect from media and you know prepare yourself you might want to meditate there will practice the breathing technique snow again this is really taking time to unwind and decompress before you go to bed and then the last
and I really want to go and I'll talk about two more things I need to get the thing as well I'm a big fan of certain supplement in balance and now you know always run these things by your doctor or your naturopathic practitioner if you don't have one you can go to Modi house and and schedule virtual visit have an impact and you want to make sure that you're taking the right ones for your body magnesium is an incredible supplement to take to help support sleeve it relaxes your entire system it relaxes the muscles and it doesn't you know it doesn't make you super sleepy but it does relax and calm down their entire nervous system so magnesium's great to take during the day if you're someone that start or anxious or high levels of stress but magnesium right before bed you know about 30 minutes before bed mixed in with a little bit of warm water is an inch
way to again support your body getting ready for sleep and then the last one that I want to talk about and I feel like this is so important especially in the day and age that we're living in is avoiding violence or upsetting media at night under this includes you know not only been used but also disturbing videos or images that you might see as you're scrolling through social media very important to disconnect from that and then avoid avoid watching any of those types of things I like to say at least a couple hours before bed
oh I can see the benefit in that too because just letting yourself
drift in your day on on an on a high note so that you can you can position your body a whole nervous system for a peaceful rest because I'm a person who cannot watch a scary things ended up before I go to bed I'm really sensitive to that this process of sleep optimization that you described you know that sleep hygiene and I think of that. That you talked about the other preparing yourself for sleep as this the part of the day will you really get to be really good to you and you taking your body and your mind and your soul if you will on an adventure all day long and you've exposed it to so many different things and so many different circumstances and people but now is your time to really loving yourself and cradle yourself into a comfortable sleep positions I think that is just a way of self-love I mean it's so important that we have those few minutes with self and get yourself prepare for some some thank you for sharing those tips with us at those are amazing
magnesium I heard so much about magnesium even with the using the magnesium in the bath before you to go to go to bed you wrecked that you said that as well
it's all right do I recommend the use of magnesium in the bathtub
yeah personally taking an Epsom salt bath with a few drops of essential oil is one of my favorite self care practices that I do do that at least three times a week I just I feel like it really is a bit the combination of the Epsom salt in magnesium and the warmth it relaxes the muscles even deeper you know it really opens up at 4 so that magnesium can penetrate in it's just such a beautiful self care practice and I think it's it's incredibly nurturing emotionally as well and you all need to be thinking about our emotional well-being right now with everything you've all gone through you know collectively in the last year-and-a-half it's so important to intentionally put back to intentionally intentionally South Karen are you said self-love
yeah you got that can deal with self-care and self-love I think they're interchangeable but you're so right collectively we've been through so much you know I know there's a lot of dialogue out there about stress level but one of the fundamental things for dealing with stress is the restorative process of sleep you know and if we don't get that sleep we we don't forget to turn off the stereo the triggering parts of our our our distress cycle you know and we never get to go back to the parasympathetic nervous system we're just always in this heightened sense of stress if we don't get that sleep I know I found that for years when I suffered for insomnia that this sleep hygiene at the end of the day was so very important reframing the end of the day for myself so that I can let go of the day and allow my body to rest into the night so that's so very important know do you have some effective easy to implement changes
I guess you mentioned likely knows getting the getting the room ready but I'm getting getting yourself ready for sleep but I talked to people who just can't wrestle why you'd all the time you know maybe it is from the media during the day like Midway through the day can people start getting things ready so that they can start coming down it like it may be in stages
that's a great Point yeah absolutely it is like this bizarre you know sort of cycle right so if you're anxious you really need that sleep right if you really need that food but you can't necessarily get that sleep and so the problem is just kind of perpetuating perpetuates around this cycle and you're so true it's it's so true what you said that we need. Good solid sleep to really support releasing the stress hormone and optimizing our cortisol production and other hormone regulation and windows are off-balance you know that can really affect us became really expand or doctorate anxiety depression gut health issues. Issues hormone imbalance so many things that then also for the lead you to a lack of quality sleep I fell again it's just as perpetuating
there are definitely some things that can be done starting earlier in the day you know number one kind of simple is to avoid having caffeine after you know 1 p.m. some people can still have caffeine and just 3 p.m. and it doesn't impact them but if you're one of those people that's for ramped up and feel wired you want to limit your caffeine intake definitely trying to avoid things like sodas both fine sugar do things are going to also further why are you and crash you and come get those in balances so that's one thing that that can have a huge impact but you know the other thing is eating
3 hours or more before bed so when we eat a big meal late at night our body isn't resting it's digesting and so that's something else that can make it harder to calm down go to sleep and take out good quality sleep well you know why you're sleeping unresolved stress that we have all been experiencing in different forms right and it has had the pandemic the systemic racism the violence you know that's been happening happening will seem so much please switch ality all of that is causing significant amount of unconscious unconscious dress for people so people are almost if you can if you can think about clenching right you talk about the parasympathetic nervous system and when were triggered into fight or flight or whole body tenses up even even unconsciously and it's like we're clenching we're not breathing for
brats were stressing or clenching your muscles and we're holding an organism's survival pattern well when you're in that fight or flight State what happened this is your body shift radically to survive right at think so I have this tiger chasing me I either have to I've got to run run run so I can survive and feel you have this heightened state of energy or ramp topper amped-up feelings in your body it's really important to try to bring yourself out of that states you don't buy later in the afternoon really intentionally shifting yourself so that's where your meditation practice
is incredibly beneficial another thing is just get outside take a walk just just get outside getting fresh air looking at trees and grass find find it even if you live somewhere like New York City you can still find little patches of trees and grass here and there but you know just get outside breathe in the fresh air take a gentle walk to stretch slow down and then the last thing is also with this you know conscious or unconscious dress one way or the other whether you're aware of it or not we've all been impacted at to varying degrees so really being Mindful and intentional to try to process and release the stress really asking yourself going with in again and checking that internal landscape and asking yourself how has all of what's been going on in the world how is this impacting me how am I feeling about it that's a great time to potentially Journal
pray on it if that's something that you do find some support know whether that's an integrative life coach or a mental health practitioner or stress reduction or a mindfulness coach you'll find me people that can support you around processing and releasing your emotions and your stress around us this past year-and-a-half is incredibly beneficial as well
those are some really great suggestions because sleep is so very important I got to ask this question because I know there's a listing out there wants to know that I know that four different stages of life we need different amounts of sleep but for the average adult how much sleep would they say it would be a good amount because I know people in healthcare who are who are proud of the fact I can I can go after 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night I'm thinking yeah maybe but wouldn't it be better healthier if you gave yours you know some more sleep what's the average amount sleeping we should be getting sure yeah and I'm glad you bring that up because a lot of people are proud of the fact that they can you know overachieve and sleep less and your ear thing about sleep is like gasoline to a car right if I
thousands and thousands and thousands of miles and I never put more oil in eventually the car you'll first it's going to not function it and drive off to my right but then eventually that car is going to break down it's going to see that the engine the engine is not going to work this isn't going to work that's not going to work because a car needs oil
Emily our bodies and our physical health and mental and emotional well-being we need a significant amount of sleep and we needed to be consistent and so those people that you hear about her might be a hyena feel proud that they can sleep for hours and if you are sleeping for 5 even six hours a night you're having a decreased ability to optimally function as a human being so people think I sleep less I can get more done it's actually the other way around might be able to get you like you're getting more accomplished but the quality of what you're accomplishing is significantly less you know creativity, best you know Optimus thinking coming back feeling well last night so d'you know the average adult
and again people are different there are some people that need more sleep than others and it's typically seven to eight and a half hours of sleep depending on the person and as we age we need last week however even when you're older and your body starts creating me sleep pattern and you almost have an internal alarm clock where no matter how late you might stay up at night I'll wake your body a wake you up at the same time each day it's still important to try to get as much sleep as you possibly can if you are waking up after five and a half hours of sleep or six hours of sleep and your body is waking you up you may house and in balance is going on and you'll see your cortisol I got time to be highest in the morning it might be not coming down enough and during your sleep cycle and you're waking up really like a ramped-up so you want to pay attention to what's happened
what is a keeping you from Allen proper sleep and functional medicine practitioner get you know testing done get your cortisol levels tested get your hormone levels tested including your thyroid is really see the whole picture there if you need support around that I love Nestle about seven and a half hours and you know and I know there's a number of people who are suffering from Sleep Disorders I hope the people are really taking it back into the great tips that you're getting here today we have about 5 minutes or so left and I don't want to leave without talking about your wealth your Wellness integrative Wellness Academy album say it right Marty help loading cow Modi house virtual care platform that is intriguing and I know and I say that because I had someone ask me just last week about finding a holistic health care person or a naturopathic
I'd love to know more about your holistic virtual care platform an incredible integrative life coaching certification school my main focus now is I'm the CEO and co-founder of Modi house which means pass it so it's like a bridge to your house your way and it's the only integrative platform that really brings together all of the things that someone needs under one virtual roof so you can see your traditional medical doctor a life coach a health coach of functional trainer stress reduction coach a mental health practitioner really any type of as well as we do have memberships and we have a streaming service and really amazing I'm Health Data Tracking so again it just brings all the pieces together under one
where you can get the type of support that you'll need to approach whole person Healthcare well-being that's wonderful website again for those people who may be interested in visiting the site to find their needs met there
show Absolutely as Modi mod i h
that is what I think that's so great because and I kept asking for many years currently working health care but there is such a need for it's not even Alternative Health care anymore it's become very very mainstream but people are still struggling to find a great practitioners and in this pandemic environment that idea that you have something that is virtual is amazing here it's really a great help for the community who's out there in need of this kind of therapy and it is kind of help because quite often times I got to tell you this I would love to get your opinion about the number one
issue that I see as a practitioner for first sleep is those people who have who they can fall asleep but they can't stay asleep
and I'd really recommend them to talk to somebody a holistic health care because a lot of times then the medicines that are out there are not that traditional medicines are not that successful in keeping them so they these individuals fall asleep but then they wake up all day all night long 3 in the morning 2:00 in the morning have you been successful with an in your program a type of sleep disorder
oh absolutely I absolutely you really do have to take a look at the whole person and that's why I always come to say it takes a team it takes a village and that's why we brought all these different practitioners together and when it comes to you know people who experience Sleep Disorders or having a hard time staying asleep once they fall asleep you do you have to take a look at the whole person you can look at their diet you got to look at their emotional and mental well-being their stress levels are hormone level of everything you know I'm both from traditional medical approach and also more holistic and I'm not I think that integration between the two is is the best approach and a pathway to get help I want to thank you so much for appearing on her show today and I want to thank her earlier guess it Amanda Amber Rose Johnson
fantastic yesterday with bentastic information on dr. everytime dr. Dre Bond James this is everyday peace I absolutely love you
thank you
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