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Between Two Worlds, July 22, 2008

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Ryan Lindsay is a 10 year commercial Radio veteran. Ryan has worked in Radio in Minneapolis as well as Dubuque, Iowa and Central Wisconsin. In 2002, Ryan had a paranormal experience at an Ancient Native American burial ground. While the exact meaning of this experience remains a mystery, it is something that has stuck with Ryan ever since. Later that year, after 7 years as a Full Time Police Officer, he began hosting a local Radio Talk Show that eventually focused on paranormal topics. The show started to gain a following and was eventually aired on several Wisconsin stations. Just think of him as "Andy Griffith with a microphone."In 2006, Ryan felt the need to return to a career that he fell in love with before his Talk Show. Ryan is now Protecting and Serving citizens in a small town in Wisconsin on a Full Time basis. The Intuition that Ryan learned to 'harness' while learning from several psychics has helped Ryan in his Law Enforcement career. Investigations sometimes seem to go a bit differently when an Intuitive Police Officer is conducting them! Ryan now has the best of both worlds. His love for radio and the passion for bringing interesting guests and topics to listeners never faded, and the NEW Ryan Lindsay show began airing on the Internet in 2008. One of the most popular segments of The Ryan Lindsay Show is "Psychic Wednesdays." A Fascinating Psychic is featured EVERY Wednesday afternoon.

Between Two Worlds

My passion is helping people. Towards that I have used my gifts in mediumship and spiritual counseling along with healing, of which there are many different methods and could include one or more of the following: Wing Chi, Blanket Ceremonies, Crystal Healings, Drumming with sound and song, Sacred Ceremonies, etc. All spiritual healing is done through the assistance of the Great Spirit, spirit guides, angels, celestial beings and whatever else is needed for each individual.

Besides counseling and mediumship, I'm also available for learning workshops, some of which are: psychic and mediumship classes, animal totem healing circles, hands-on-energy healing, spirit guides, past-lives and soul retrievals, automatic writings, drum-making workshops.

I also find it heart satisfying to teach our young children in the different areas of life, whether it be traditions, creativity, or earth awareness. There is so much to share with you all and so much more I learn from my spirit guides every day, that I find, I must in turn pass on. We are all teachers, and the Mother Earth is our school.

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