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Viviane Chauvet
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Viviane Chauvet shares Ascending with the Arcturians

Jimmy, please meet a Galactic Channel, Arcturian, and Energy Matrix Healer. Viviane Chauvet is an internationally recognized advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar.

Viviane has innate healing gifts encoded in her DNA that assist conscious sentient life forms to heal at the core soul level. In 2007, she went through a major awakening and energetic reset, then was trained by the Arcturians in holographic and quantum healing. She furthered her studies and became certified in Crystalline Soul Healing®, Unity Field Healing®, and ThetaHealing®. Through her work in Quantum Medicine Healing Energy, Viviane developed the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® technique. Owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars, she serves as an emissary for the Galactic Federation, working in close partnership with the Lyrans, Sirians, Andromedans, Pleiadians and other interstellar delegations.

Viviane is the producer and co-host of the popular The Infinite Star Connections podcast. She was the hybrid consultant on j3FILMS’ documentary “Extraordinary: The Seeding,” and featured in a multi award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations.” Viviane’s collaborative #1 Bestselling book “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace” is on Amazon.

Viviane is a well-known speaker at Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, Sedona Ascension Retreat, Higher Self – Dimensional Bridge of Consciousness Retreat, Hidden Secrets Revealed CruiseMount Shasta Summer Conference, and more.

Viviane is in constant telepathic communication with her team of light and serves as an ambassador between higher spheres of realities and the earth plane. Her Galactic Family are conduits of Light Consciousness who create profound paradigm shifts at a planetary and collective level to move from fragmented energies of duality to oneness. Her inspirational hybrid life story has touched the heart and soul of thousands of people throughout the world. 

Interview Talking Points:

  1. Keys of Activation for Healing, Consciousness, and Acceleration
  2. Star Seeds
  3. The Arcturian Ancient Healing Arts
  4. The Earth Ascension Timeline
  5. Quantum DNA - 12 Strands
  6. 5D Ascension
  7. New Human Body Template Design
  8. The Councils of Light and The New Earth

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If you need additional information, feel free to review her 
About Page to find out more details about her. Or you can listen to one podcast (Spiritually Raw with Jay and April or Passion Harvest podcast hosted by Luisa) where she was recently invited as a guest speaker. 
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  1. What is multidimensional frequency healing?
  2. Soul matrix healing, and holographic body template upgrades?
  3. What her role is as an emissary for the Intergalactic Councils and star delegations?
  4. The difference between: Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing®, Unity Field Healing, and Lyran Universal Healing Grid treatments?
  5. Did Arcturians genetically engineer you as a unique hybrid prototype?
  6. Was this all known at birth or was there an awakening?
  7. How do the Arcturians work with and train you? 
  8. What is an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar?
  9. The current planetary changes?
  10. What is Light Language?
  11. What is The Divine Matrix and Quantum Consciousness?
  12. How do you know and Interpret Someone’s Unique Soul Design?


“Working with Viviane is an experience not to be missed. If I say she’s the best healer, teacher, and psychic I’ve ever met, I haven’t even told you half of it. Have you longed for the stars? Have you felt their pure and radiant energy since childhood? Have you wondered what they are? Then spend one hour in Viviane’s presence and meet that energy face to face. When you connect with Viviane, you’ll connect with your Divine self. Everything you hope in your most idealistic moments, everything you struggle to believe because it seems too good, you will know in your heart to be true. Beyond anything she says or does, it’s the energy you’ll receive that will make your encounter with Viviane life changing.”

Evan J, Glastonbury UK

“I was recommended to Viviane to help prepare me for my up-and-coming IVF transfer of my only two embryos. For the past 3 years, we have been going to a Fertility doctor, due to my irregular cycles, causing struggles with conceiving. In December, I had a mock transfer done, this helps the doctor identify any potential issues prior to the transfer and know what tools will be needed on the day of the transfer. I had my session in January with Viviane and her team, to help prepare my womb for these embryos to prosper. Viviane and her Team worked on my womb area, clearing past traumas and removing any negative energy in that chakra area. On my transfer day in February, the doctor made a comment “oh her uterus has straightened out,” and asked the nurse to provide him with a different utensil that was not previously on the list, and got very frustrated that it was not available. I’m happy to say I have now beautiful TWINS!! When I had my first ultrasound, I was amazed to see one of the babies surrounded by a beautiful heart shape. Thank you, Viviane and Team, for giving me the peace of mind through these last few months!”

Becky, Tampa FL

“My meeting with Viviane was without a doubt planned in my destiny. Not only have I physically healed from the pain my dual scoliosis brings me, but I have grown spiritually and have expanded my consciousness. I met Viviane at a conference Sept 2019 and have continued monthly sessions with her since then. Viviane and her Team have helped me with damaged chakras, cleared me from negative energies, opened me up for downloads, took me remote viewing, and explored options for my future and enlightened me of my past lives. I look forward to each session and new growth in myself that develops from them.”

Yvonne, Phoenix AZ

“I have, over the years, been in contact with many individuals who claim to have insight and messages from somewhere. By far Viviane`s insights and messages, talents and loving messages have resonated with me personally and within my heart center on the highest level. She is compassionate, warm and open. You can believe that anything she does and says will be in the highest order for you and your life`s path. I cannot express my joy and happiness for finding her.”

Bill W, Sarasota FL

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Are you ready to embrace your Soul Design? Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® was developed by Viviane Chauvet and the Arcturian Council. She has done many thousands of worldwide healing sessions. The unique technique consists of a powerful core soul healing that replaces fragmented foundation with Source Light for a natural resonance of recovery. Viviane focuses on multidimensional frequency healing, conscious channeling, soul matrix healing, and holographic body template upgrades.