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Alan Power
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Spiritual Applications, Gifts and Happenings are those which have to be experienced to be understood.

Examples such as Possession and Exorcism; but for someone to be of that state they first have to be subject to another experience which begins the journey to those latter conditions.

Ghosts etc are the spirit of a previous earthly personality.

Spiritual (laying-on-of-hands) Healing involves a different type of engagement

These are the 'practices' that my colleague and I engage in.

Finally:  Some 15 years ago, after having graduated with a Masters degree in Criminal Justice, I decided to engage with a Doctoral Research Programme (PhD)   The university in question being Liverpool Hope University - I was accepted.  Alas, the person appointed to be my 'Supervisor' left the university.   I did not commence the research into what would eventually be a Doctorate in Parapsychology .   



Engaged with this subject for many years.

I will be more than pleased to send you copy of the newspaper articles in which we have featured and also the Television Programmes in which we have engaged with the audience

These latter engagements have mainly involved Poltergeist and Hauntings.

The application of Spiritual Healing is a 'Gift' that we are willing to apply to those in dire need

My phone has an answerphone attached, therefore a message can be left for me if I am not at home.   I can also be contacted by either email or by post - such detail is on the picture included with this.


I don't have a webpage, nor face-book or similar internet website.   I can only be contacted by phone. email or Post. 


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