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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 10 May 2022
Artist or Band Name
Little Moses Jones

Band Description:


The trifecta of ingredients that elevate a show from a performance to an experience. The seven Award Winning musicians of Little Moses Jones deliver EVERY show with an abundance of those ingredients in perfect proportion. From downbeat to final bow, your party will be filled with dancing, laughter, joy and more dancing as Little Moses Jones performs highly-choreographed hits and original songs from the past to the present. Frequent wardrobe changes, professional sound reinforcement and lighting complete the picture and combine to give your guests a fun-filled celebration they’ll long remember.

Little Moses Jones Bio:

And the award for Overachiever of the Decade in the Category of Musical Expression goes to……..Little Moses Jones!

Sure, James Brown was the de facto Hardest Working Entertainer in Show Biz, but he also had a few years head start on Little Moses, so we’ll just have to see how this plays out over time.

At 5 years old Little Moses answered music’s calling before his feet could even touch the floor beneath a piano bench, and for the next 30 years, he’s continued his devotion to learning and perfecting as many facets of the art and the industry as possible.

That’s right…before even reaching the age of 40, Little Moses has:

Become a multi-instrumentalist (all saxophones, piano, tuba, drums/percussion)

Built and directed dozens of highly successful dance and party bands

Performed more than 1500 live concerts

Produced & released an award-nominated CD (“LEGENDARY”) that hit #1 on Latin Jazz, R&B, Funk & Blues charts

Managed and assisted many other artists toward their success

Created and DJs a radio show (LMSS Radio)

Overachiever? Indeed. But don’t count on Little Moses resting on past accomplishments. His second, funk and blues oriented CD (“Little Moses Jones”) featuring award-winning musicians from Gladys Knight; Earth, Wind and Fire and Dotsero and is scheduled to drop in the Spring of 2021. Then, a US tour in support of that CD is in the works in addition to maintaining and performing with his successful wedding and corporate events bands.

Watch for the good things to come from Little Moses over the next decades. Your ears will thank you.