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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 March 2022
Artist or Band Name
Edgar Everyone

Edgar Everyone marks the release of his first official music and music video this Friday March 18. Edgar Everyone’s release party will take place on March 25th at Oracle Tavern with Night Talks and the support of creative music group Coconut Spaceship.

Edgar Everyone is more than a hobby or even a passion project–this is it for the man behind Edgar, Parisian Jules de  Gasperis. He’s put his heart  and soul behind his new EP and into an animated video that he  worked on with his team for over eight months. He sounds like a toned-down Animal Collective, with somewhat-psychedelic undertones belying a classic indie sound circa 2010 that takes us back to Discovery and The Temper Trap. He is firmly planted between indie pop and indie rock  and infused with electronic flair, leaving him in that gray area that could only be called pure indie. 

Edgar has a unique take on his music and the pandemic: coronavirus gave him a much-needed breather, to work on his music as  only an introvert can. The EP started coming together, as did a collaboration with Ratatat’s Mike Stroud, “who’s a big inspiration and hired me to be part of his new band, Kunzite. So musically I’m always gleaning something from the people I work with, the bands I’m part of.” Jules has also been instrumental in the behind-the-scenes of Low Hum and other acts’ sounds.