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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 11 March 2022
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Infinite Sonic
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The band Infinite Sonic from Bogotá, Colombia has announced the independent release of the first part of a double album called Loose Ends. Volume One, consisting of 10 songs, was recently released, and is now available on all digital platforms. The album was recorded in Bogotá collectively at Mix Factory, Symmetry Records, and Estudio LeFlat. It was produced by Luis Ernesto Walteros and Thomas Fay, and mixed/mastered at Estudi LeFlat. . The songs are published by Sonic SilverFox Publishing, BMI.

The new album, the band's fifth full release, represents a shift in its sound, leaning more towards alt-pop. Lead singer and principal composer, Thomas Fay cites the influences of current alt-rock bands such as Blue October, The Dangerous Summer, and The Neighbourhood. The band plans a May release for Volume Two, which will also consist of 10 songs.