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Nina Boski
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Marilyn Monroe 60th Anniversary of the star's death - Dreaming, transforming, mental health, addiction, and talking life, movies and what really happened to Marilyn!

No doubt you’ve heard of Marilyn Monroe. She was a Hollywood glamour girl and mega movie star; She will be forever tied to President, John F. Kennedy, and known all over the world for her infamous, Happy Birthday Mr. President” tribute. She is also responsible for all us girls believing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” … But do you know she was so much more than that? Marilyn was a strong and resilient human being! She overcame the odds and kept seeking treatment through her own personal growth, even though the outcome ended the star’s short life at 36 years old. 

For your program, let transformational leader and media executive, and founder of LifeBites Global, Nina Boski, whose mission is to get people inspired by their life, be a dynamic guest for your show who can talk about “All Things Marilyn,” and shed light on this important subject around mental health and addiction. By sharing Marilyn’s story, Nina’s hope is to inspire people to build up their own resilience for their future and be determined to create a vision for themselves that can propel their life forward, especially during this pandemic and beyond. 

 Nina is producing two projects for Marilyn’s 60th anniversary, Marilyn: Behind the Icon, a dramatic podcast about the entire life of Marilyn ( and a TV docuseries that deals with the mental health and addiction and the correlation between the two (season 2 launches Feb 22, 2022), along with the actual investigation of the star’s death, breaking down for the first time, fact from probable theory to outlandish rumor. Most of the biographies on Marilyn up until this point, blend all of these elements together and claim it as fact. This 22-expert production make this complex story more easily digestible for the average listener or audience member and allows us to set the record straight on the decades of rumors and lies. In addition to Marilyn’s story, the TV docuseries highlights the celebrity of today who deals with some of the same things Marilyn did back in 1962, not only with the price of fame with addiction and mental health issues, but by being “Propped Up for Profit” by the celebrities’ handlers and even loved ones. Look at the more recent story behind Brittany Spears, who was compared to Marilyn Monroe many times.

This unique story gives people a window to look at mental health up close and personal! Nina has spent over 6 years researching Marilyn. She has realized that the icon’s life is filled with inspiration if we search for the teachable moments that can help people heal their lives. Nina’s goal is to make a positive impact in the media with stories that make a difference. The Marilyn Monroe story unfortunately is not unique, but the lessons we can garner from it are invaluable. This story angle allows the true Marilyn, the core of who she was, about transformation and helping fellow mankind be at the heart of her true legacy to be remembered. Marilyn Monroe is very much a cultural phenomenon that attracts millions of fans across the globe each day. Marilyn was not just a beautiful, glamourous movie star but was a soul on this earth who, just like all of us, wanted to love and be loved.

This fascinating podcast and TV docuseries are one of the most comprehensive of its time. With 22 renowned and credible experts on the investigation and many valuable life lessons to be learned from Marilyn’s life. .

An interview with Nina Boski will also reveal: 

1. What makes this series different from what has already been portrayed about the star?

2. Marilyn appears to be a visionary, given her fragmented upbringing and she still created such success. 3. She really had to visualize a better future. How do you think she was able to do that?

4. Why do you think people are still so fascinated by her after all these years?

5. You spend a lot of time educating people about mental illness and addiction. Why is this important to the series, and what kind of alcohol and/or drugs were Marilyn addicted to in her life?

6. How can we take Marilyn’s life and learn from it – teachable moments?

7. Why do you think mental illness and addiction are at an all-time high, even though there are many more tools and resources than back in 1962?

8. What type of mental illness did Marilyn suffer from in her life? What is the difference between Bipolar disorder and borderline personality and how did that affect Marilyn?

19. When you say Marilyn is the ultimate dreamer, what do you mean?

10. Marilyn is famous for many things. How do you feel her legacy should be remembered?

If you would like to share with your audience an intriguing story that embraces all of Marilyn’s life truthfully and with compassion, your audience then, will experience not only a transformational message… but they will hear Nina break down the facts that are real, and sometimes raw, about one of the most iconic legends of our time, Marilyn Monroe. 

Producer and Transformational Leader and Media Executive

Nina Boski - BIO

Nina Boski is many things. She is a mix of entrepreneurship, media executive, transformational “energy”, life and business coach, author, host, and producer – resulting in a woman who is definitely on the move! She is the Founder of LifeBites Global and is the producer of three Marilyn Monroe projects, a dramatic podcast, about the entire life of Marilyn Monroe, the TV docuseries that is around the investigation of her death, and the feature film that is a thriller noir based on fact and fiction around the last three days of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Podcast: Marilyn: Behind the Icon TV docuseries: Same name Feature Film: "Goodnight Marilyn."

As a media maven and energy coach, Nina Boski has global success, speaking to millions of people around the world, inspiring and transforming audiences to live a life that dares you, inspires you to dream big, get out there and do it and create balance to just be! Nina is a natural in front of a small group of people or in large group settings. Her goal is to transform as well as entertain audiences all while getting people to WAKE UP to their life! Nina commands an audience with her powerful presence and fun, uplifting, and sometimes humorous messages of life, business, and media. 

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