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Sara Colletii
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Sara and Ross from the LIFTSWEAT Method are experts on quick fitness hacks and coming up with creative ways to add more movement into your day, no matter how much time you have including:
  • Exercises to practice in between Zoom meetings
  • How to avoid overeating when working from home
  • Tricks on how to sneak movement into your workday
  • The LIFTSWEAT Method hosts a free Breath & Abs community class on Tuesdays at 12:30pm. A quick 30 minutes to regroup and de-stress during a busy work week.
Sara Colletti from the LIFTSWEAT Method shares her knowledge of pre/postnatal fitness. "This is the most exciting time in a new mama's life! From safely enduring labor to new mommy activities, I am here to help train proper body mechanics for all of your new movement patterns. From placing a baby in a crib with a perfect hinge, to making bath time less stressful on your body. Also great for dads and grandparents!!". She can expand on:
  • Importance of pelvic floor recruitment when training for your pregnancy. 
  • How to activate your core in your 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • How to practice interval training specific to birth prep
  • How to modify during your group fitness class for different stages of pregnancy. 
Ross Youmans from the LIFTSWEAT Method specializes in building a better athlete by combining the optimal mixture of strength training and athletic training as it pertains to an athlete's sport. "No longer do athletes get to the top strictly by just practicing their sport. We now know the importance of many other factors in developing the optimal athlete. I'm here to ensure that each athlete is combining the best ratio for strength training, conditioning, explosiveness, agility, and mobility to be the best athlete you can be." He can comment on:
  • Importance of strength development in athletic performance
  • How to generate rotational power for racquet sports
  • How working on footwork translates to better performance on the sports field
  • How to train so that you peak at the right time

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Instagram  @lift.sweat @hamptonswellnessonwheels


More about LIFTSWEAT Method

Launched in April 2020, LIFTSWEAT Method is based in Hamptons, NY where Sara and Ross run their in-home company, Hamptons Wellness on Wheels and virtual training. They constantly adapt to client needs and are evolving and pioneering fitness education, taking a personal approach and making people feel comfortable on their fitness journey. Prior and concurrently to creating our LIFTSWEAT Method, Sara and Ross are personal trainers and have worked both independently and for corporate gyms. 

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