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For your upcoming stories, please consider Dyester Corp and Domespaces by Barry Sendach, a line of eco-friendly outdoor structures that span glamping, camping, dining, weddings and corporate events, with innovative 'Domespaces,' 'Yurtspaces,' and 'Moduspaces' encompassing domes, yurts, modular bathrooms and kitchens, tailored to different types of lifestyles. Regarding current Brian Laundrie news, Barry Sendach, founder of the company says "If he has a geodesic dome that he covers up in the wilderness, Brian should be able to hide indefinitely if he is a true survivor. The dome will protect him from the elements and afford him the luxury of safety from the outside."  Barry is available to discuss the following:
-The macro picture of how domes are popping up worldwide and where his company fits in

-Are domes and 'van life' the future of living spaces with prices of homes skyrocketing?

-His response to Brian Laundrie being out in the wilderness and how his products speak to this

-How Domespaces answer every glamper's and camper's needs in terms of amenities, remote lifestyle, nature's best and an incredible view

-How the customizable dome selection process works- build your own dome and choose colors and materials to adapt to personal lifestyle habits

-How to create the perfect wedding or corporate event using domes as an experience

Launching in 2017, Barry broke into the outdoor business with shipping container homes and alternative uses for the containers. He found a niche in products that complimented the container business, and thus the domes were born. He says. "There has been an uptick in sales since the pandemic. Everything from the way people live, work, shop, educate has changed, including the way people vacation. There is a worldwide demand to be outside and the domes offer an inexpensive way to live in nature, while enjoying the comforts of home in a cool structure. With home prices reaching all time highs and work being flexible as office presence is not mandatory, people of all ages and economic levels are leaving urban areas in search of low-cost housing with safe environments. Domes are catching on in all climates and terrains due to their versatility and size availability."

Domes are ideal for special events like weddings, corporate meetings, trade shows, immersive theaters and large scale event planners are dressing up these domes for experiential events. Seeing a dramatic spike in the amount of campgrounds in the US and launching glass and PVC domes, Domespaces carries one of the largest varieties in the world for outdoor living. The company offers an array of accessories used in the domes and offers secondary market items including fully functional bathrooms and kitchens, along with second level spaces or lofts that enlarge the space using the same footprint. 

For more information, please visit and and for press inquiries, please contact me at or call 305-490-5911


More about Domespaces

Domes provide a reliable, safe weatherproof environment in any climate, resistant to high winds, rain, and snow, enclosing the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, saving on materials and cost. Since a dome is free-standing, air and energy circulate without obstruction, enabling natural heating and cooling. As America’s leading supplier of Geodesic Domes, Domespaces offer fully customizable dome options. From Camping Tent or Greenhouse to stunning corporate venues, clients range from individual buyers to multinational corporations and government agencies. Their purpose is to create living spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life in order to reduce footprint through creative production methods. They take impact on the environment seriously and from the Rocky Mountains to the first steps on Mars, domes are the structures of the future.

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