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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 26 November 2018
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Magus Elgar
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Within the Multiverse sits a fantastic Magical Realm. A place we call Hearth. This is the world of Magus Elgar.

Magus Elgar is an Audio Drama Fantasy Comedy extravaganza of fantasmical proportions! Witness as magical troubleshooter and experimenter Magus Elgar, travels the world of Hearth with his ward, Udo Malaaki. Who really wants nothing more than to survive the good Magus' training. They'll face horrifying adversaries such as Breaded Nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. Goo that eats by the townload, and a petty minister of textiles who wants nothing less than fame and wealth! Marvel as the writers collide words together that make you question the grammatical integrity of the craft as we know it!

Magus Elgar is 11 Episodes long. Approximately 22 minutes in length per episode. With Movie quality sound design, a stellar cast, and plenty of explosions to whet your inner Destructionist!


released July 29, 2018

Magus Thaddelor Elgar: William Violenus,
Udo Malaaki: Christopher Moore,
Kaylee Fawn: Sandra Espinoza,
Doctor Horatio: Randy Nazarian,
Minister Dable Trike: David Autovino,
Gaat Ironball: Brian Stivale,
Wizard Quaff: Kellen Goff,
and Ricardo Cabral as the Illustrious Narrator

Created by: Kennedy Phillips
Produced by: Hamed Hokamzadeh
Directed by: Kennedy Phillips and Andrew Cornell
Music by: Andrew Maz and Hamed Hokamzadeh
Sound Design by: Kennedy Phillips, Christopher Moore, Jason Foster, Nicolas Fedora
Sound Mixing by: Thomas Ouizel