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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2 January 2020
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Big E and the Wild Hairs
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Eric Whittington and Dave Duggins became fast friends when they were introduced around 2011 and cooked up the idea of recording an album. That project became the album, Bona Fide. The dynamic duo managed to suck in Ed Shaw on bass. Years later, that album still sees ongoing downloads around the world in far flung places like France, Mexico and Japan.

Eric Whittington has been an active San Antonio, Texas-based musician with bands ranging from Exit 314 to Crossroads to Hindsight. He sits in occasionally with great local bands and players and spent the past several years growing as a lead vocalist, blues harp player and front man.

Dave Duggins, a multi-talented musician and producer with outstanding chops on guitar and drums and a gifted ear for production detail. He and Eric founded the band in 2012 and he plays everything you hear on the Electrified album except for harmonica.

The Electrified album will be out Jan. 31, 2020. It's Eric and Dave's second collaboration. It takes the sound in a bit heavier, rockier direction. Still a healthy dose of blues DNA but with some anthem rock mixed in. We think it's a good sound for cruising down a long highway and cranking the volume up good and loud. And for singing along, of course.