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Guest Name
Russell Bizzett
Guest Occupation
Drummer and Teacher
Guest Biography

R   U   S   S   E   L   L

B   I   Z   Z   E   T   T





Born in Sioux City Iowa, Russell grew up in a family of musicians and started playing drums on his father's knee at age 5. Both grandfathers were professional musicians. His mother's father was a "boogie-woogie" piano player and his father's father was a jazz trumpet player and big band orchestra leader. His father was a jazz drummer who played with the "Ink Spots". His two brothers were a trumpet player and a sax player, and both played drums as well. His love for drums drove him to pursue this calling. At 12 he started playing gigs at his grandfather's nightclub and by the time he was 19 he played with Chick Berry. The following year he played with Muddy Waters. He moved to New York City and studied with Roy Haynes as well as attended jazz workshops in Harlem. From 1974 to 1976 he toured and recorded with rock legend, Tommy Bolin. In 1977 he studied East Indian rhythms with Colin Walcott at Naropa Institute, Boulder Colorado. From 1979-1981 he played with jazz legend, Freddy Hubbard and in 1981 played with Bo Diddly. 1982-1990 he toured with Jose Feliciano. He recorded for the Laverne & Shirley Show, under Bennett Salvey, the Merv Griffin Show under Mort Lindsey, musical director between 1983 and 1985 during down time from touring. Later he also recorded for the Northern Exposure TV series. The Independent film, "Stanley's Gig" also featured his talents on the sound track. He played with French pop icon, Michel Jonasz from 1997 to 1998. Studied with International jazz drummer, Billy Higgins in 1998. Between tours he spent his time recording and performing in the LA area.

He has worked and recorded with a large variety of artists including Jimmy Smith, Billy Preston, Robben Ford, Tommy Bolin, Jeff Berlin, and many-many more. Has 3 solo albums to his credit: Tommy Bolin Tribute, Dream Street, and Fortaleza.

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