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Rob Robertson
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Doctor of Medicine, Nutritional Supplements Developer, Fibromyalgia Recovery Expert
Guest Biography

Rob Robertson,M.D. is 1974 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency in Emergency Medicine at the U.of L. Affiliated Hospitals and was appointed Director of Emergency Services at Baptist Hospital in Western Kentucky. During his tenure there, the EM Department grew to a patient load of over 50,000 visits annually. In 1994, Dr. Robertson opened a wellness and preventive medicine practice called Doctors Nutrition System and developed nutritional supplements and protocols that were incorporated into their practices by multiple physicians throughout the Midwest.

In researching products for his company, he discovered transfer factors through the over 3,000 articles that had been published since 1949. " I was simply overwhelmed. Why hadn't I heard about this?" Transfer factors and their use in augmenting the immune response seemed like the " the missing link in our attempt to provide patients with a natural, safe way to lessen their chances of becoming ill." When Dr. Robertson discovered that transfer factors were going to be made available commercially, he closed his medical practice and sold his supplement company because, " I simply had to become involved in helping to tell the world, literally the world, about what I consider to be one of the defining discoveries in the history of medical science."

The availability of transfer factors and his interest in the perplexing Fibromyalgia Syndrome led to his incorporating natural products developed by William J. Hennen, Ph.D. into a program which has been named THE FIBROMYALGIA RECOVERY PROGRAM. "Do we have all of the answers?I'm not certain that anyone will ever be able to make that claim. But we feel very confidant that by stressing and addressing the immune system breakdown and dysfunction, we have a way to intervene in the fibromyalgics multitude of symptoms in a beneficial way. One of the most gratifying experiences that I've ever had is to hear a fibromyalgic call and tell me that they just want to say thanks for having their life given back to them." Dr. Robertson is now involved full-time in THE FIBROMYALGIA RECOVERY PROGRAM and in continuing to help tell the transfer factor story.