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Guest Name
Phil Coseski
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Ufologist, Researcher, Alien Contactee
Guest Biography

'Orion-ifos' means 'identified flying objects' from the Orion star constellation. it's an acronym I use to describe the import of my research. I'm into ufo/ifo research as well as a contactee of Orion extraterrestrials.(who incidentally are human in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations) I film and have video of extraterrestrial ufos and have been granted close and extended sightings of extraterrestrial ships. these aliens have made contact with me and have given me criteria earth people must observe if they want to prepare and be considered mature enough some day to have contact with alien life forms. Sure people can be abducted any day of the week ,but to have consciously initiated and invited contact with ET's is another matter. to have contact and the invitation to contact is a privilige not a right. It cannot be rushed, demanded, or bought. It must be earned through specific observance of the criteria given by the aliens. If this directive is not fully observed contact with extraterrestrials is absolutely prohibited. one needs in a sense to earn a 'security clearance' by fully complying with the protocol given by the aliens. Let it be known that contact with extraterrestrials is a proverbial 'Black Project' with protocols.