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Guest Name
Paco Alarcon Kahan
Guest Occupation
International author, keynote speaker
Guest Biography

Paco Alarcon Kahan, Barcelona, España.
International author and keynote speaker. World authority in combining Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Spirituality for personal and spiritual development. What is called Quantum Reality is a new concept, and experience of life amplifies the abundance, the good, and the spiritual connection of any individual. In this way, people can transform their reality and themselves, attracting the blessings and unlimited abundance of the Universe.

Kahan, has been involved in Oriental and Occidental spiritual currents for more than thirty-five years. He works with quantum energies that transform the reality of people. He transforms the daily life into a life connected to Spirit through an alignment with the unlimited energy of the Universe.

Spiritual Event That Changed My Life
Many years ago, I had a quantum leap of consciousness. My awareness went from my limited self to become one with the awareness of everything.

Biggest Accomplishments
Become an international author and travel to English- and Spanish-speaking countries to give seminars about Spiritual Reconnection and Quantum Reality.
To put in some books the main keys that bring some of the most advanced revelations for the spiritual reconnection and evolution of human consciousness now.

Comments >From People (Hundreds Available)
​“You don’t know how you have changed my life. In two months since the seminar, I have grown more than in 50 years!”
—Silvia Bordon, Entrepreneur.

“The workshop with you at Omega New York is profound, transformative, and life changing. I am deeply grateful.”
—Suzzanah,  Communications Specialist.

The Violet Light: The Power That Changes Everything.
Flying Within.
Stargate 2012: Recovering Power for Earth-Imminent Ascension.