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Guest Name
Michael S Oden
Guest Occupation
Addiction, Behavior and Communication Expert
Guest Biography

Michael S. Odenis a behavioral and communication expert, consultant/counselor, international speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. He is an expert in human behavior and a coach who forthe past 20 years as a probation officer and in private practice, has helped thousands of clients (adults and teens) who struggle with addiction, abuse, low self-esteem, poor performance or unhealthy relationships, turn their lives around.

Michael developed “The Needs Based Method®” therapeutic modality and is the founder of “Final Step Int.”, abehavior awareness programthat focuses on getting to the core of the individuals needs and helping the client change those behaviors that are preventing life rewarding achievements. Michael believes that once a person has gained Emotional Wellness, they will be able to move forward and make healthier decisions throughout their lives without hesitation and fully confident.

His success rate with childhood trauma clients stems from his early years as a probation officerworking with people from all walks of life who had turned to addiction in response to that trauma.As a teacher in the juvenile camps,Michael has helped hundreds of youth with drug and alcohol abuse problems linked to criminal behavior find alternative methods for fulfilling their needs.

Michael’s book "When Nobody's Home", winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer award, is a straight forward, compelling nuts and bolts examination of the behaviors that lead to drug abuse, addictions, violence or emotional distress and his unique technique, that gives the individual an awareness and understanding as to how certain “needs” are being met by the destructive behaviors and how to change those behaviors from life diminishing to life fulfilling.  Mr. Oden is the recipient of the IRWIN Award for Most Innovative Writer for the Needs Based Method® technique he developed.

Michael has presented his successful Needs Based Method® techniqueto numerous organizations, schools and universities including USC, Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Dominquez Hills, Harvard Faculty Club, Men’s Association for Addition Treatment, Clearview Treatment Program, Bridges to Recovery, New Jersey’s Center for Mental Health, Amtrak, Del Amo Hospital, Haven House and the Department of Juvenile Services to name a few. He has been featured on several radio talk shows and received multiple awards of recognition.

Michael received his M.A. in Counseling in Psychologyfrom the National University, Los Angeles, CA and his B.A. in Sociology from the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA. He served in the US Marine Corp Reserve where he was the Director of Human Relations.Michael splits his time between his private practice and his work as a Deputy Probation Officer in the State of California.