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Jake Shipley
Guest Biography

Jake Shipley, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SchoolDuels

Jake is the ideal team player. From being bred in that structure throughout his life, he continued to learn this quality playing lacrosse at Denver University under hall of fame lacrosse coach Bill Tierney. Pursuing his passion for sports, he coached high school lacrosse at Baltimore Lutheran and St. Paul’s School at the varsity and junior varsity levels, respectively. Hungry to make his scratch on this world, he achieved his undergraduate degree in economics and began his career in the technology sector. He quickly worked his way up at a large produce distributor into a management role providing guidance and leadership for the technology department. Taking this knowledge of management and fast growth, he spearheaded SchoolDuels to lead the initiative of creating a vehicle to support high schools through the fun and excitement of sports.

SchoolDuels is a community building, online playground for high school sports. Fueled by the passion that comes with sports, SchoolDuels is building a place to hold the conversation, enthusiasm, and desired content for your local high school sports. It is a place to network, share, play, trade, research, highlight, and much more.