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We are all connected...

We are all connected...

HI All,
Check out all the info about answers are within online... 
HELP to stop & transform the old limited fearful ego mind programs ( core seed thoughts from old separation systems). Unite humanity all with heart  math institute classes and soul transformation, soul mates, twin flames soul parenting, 12 basic cosmic universal laws of the universe & where Jesus came from  ( the advanced Andromeda, Pleiadian ,Acturian  system)  & healing touch type classes, meditation,  tantra sexuality,  ascension jobs -etc ;so that, all humans learn that whenever, ANYONE is angry, sick and /or upset -THEIR ANSWERS are within them! 
Time we humans unite on our little house (planet earth) in the universe with the power of GOD/TRUTH love and light dimensions within each person's own eternal Soul energies!
 We need  GOVT. legislation for :
#1. New earth WPA Heart and Soul community service with a good basic guaranteed income with single payer  & tiny homes or apartments for ALL.  This LEGISLATION will  unite humans beyond race, religions, genders and political divides!
#2. New Evolving consciousness community centers with all the lightworker programs, healing arts, transformation programs for healing  98%  of addictions,  mental health issues,  hate, gun violence, mass drugging, mass incarceration  and warring by  providing healing and new community coalition jobs and new community outreach projects and green civil services-- NEW earth resonance enabling JOBS for all !
ANSWERES are within each of us............ check out the SCIENCE that proves this!  Inner peace, green & Soul purpose JOBS needed NOW!
We are all connected to the problems from the old systems and;-NOW, is time for new earth evolving consciousness Soul-UTIONS!
Let Us focus intentions on co-creating our new earth green and evolving consciousness systems. 
Much Love & Light Always,
Lynn  Mystic-Healer  
PS. my you-tube- title Spiritual Emergency Training station one