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Article by KarenSchoen October 12, 2015

Bad Gun? Make My Day!

Bad Gun? Only if you are indoctrinated in that belief...

BAD GUN? Make My Day!

Fellow Americans:

The controversy over guns will continue as long America’s 2nd Amendment Right, “to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” - As per the Constitution.

Obama is fond of quoting about all of the countries that have banned guns, but I cannot tell if anything was affected. 

The statistics on banned guns were compiled by people


paid to compile the information.

We all know what that leads to:  Lies, Lies, and more Lies. Please read this article. The statistics, although old - are not as important as understanding where they came from.

Read the next link, and you will be able to connect the dots. As a math teacher, I never believe statistics. Why - you say? They are numbers, and numbers don’t lie.

True, but the sampling can be compiled and skewed to achieve the desired outcome.   That is why today everything is “Outcome based…”.  Mass shooting = Gun Control, the desired outcome.

Every rational being knows that guns cannot get up by themselves and shoot someone!!

But, through the correct mind control techniques and behavior modification, th intended result is that people believe that the guns are at fault.

How is that possible? Again, I turn my sights to the lowest common denominator: “school.” How can I say that? Easy. Let’s look at what is being taught in school, reinforced by the Media and Hollywood.

In the early 1930’s, a group of communist scientists fled Germany. (Hitler was after the Communists.) Look up:  Operation Paperclip.

The US FBI reassigned these communists-scientists, now called behavior-modification “psychologists”, changed their identities, and placed them in our schools, universities and scientific communities. Isn't America great?

Based on the teachings of Wilhelm Wundt, the science of psychology was born, and education was changed from fact-based to feeling-based, with outcomes predetermined to meet the needs of the government.

Psychologists integrated:

♦  The Media:  Allowing the RIGHT news to be reported.

♦  Hollywood:  Prepares the populace to accept the ‘new’ society. Programs like MK Ultra’s subliminal messaging prepares you. Just look at Persons of Interest and you sill see all of the “normal surveillance”, for your protection - of course. Or violent video games eliminating the truth about Death, there is no rewind button and people bleed.

♦  Death with no feeling, regret, or remorse - is eliminated.

The School reinforces the role of government as all-knowing, most helpful, and the only source of truth.

America began its transformation from Free-Thinkers

to Government-Controlled-Thinkers.

The result is the Total Transformation of America.  The changing of American society, a society no longer driven to preserve individualism, self-preservation, nationalism, American exceptionalism, Family and God (morality), the knowledge between what it right or wrong, and the conscious decision to choose...this is FREE CHOICE.

Instead, political correctness and tolerance becomes the NEW NORMAL. Just accept, don’t make waves - is the motto. The GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

These scientists believed in one goal:  A New World Order - where the Regime controls production, consumption, and distribution by eliminating "FREE CHOICE."

Promoted by the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Institute, Open Society, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.  - The GRANTS to NGO’s and non-profits nudged them into acceptance. Teachers and professors received funding to reinforce and create the desired pre-determined “OUTCOME” - where truth is irrelevant and the NEW NORMAL prevails.

New experimental programs - like those promoting:

♦  Nihilism: life is meaningless. To take a life means conscious thought that to take a life involves accountability and responsibility for one's actions.

♦  Elimination of consequences: you will never be judged on your actions, so do what you want.

♦  Creating victims: your group must have the same everyone else has, only “fairness” must prevail, JUSTICE must prevail.

♦  Self-absorption is based on emotion, where competition is based on the accumulation of things - rather than the creativity of ideas.

♦  Creating a new morality under Human Secularism:  God is Dead, we are all the same, humans, animals, nature...ALL must integrate, ALL must be sustainable.

♦  Sex:  Children are sexual at birth, so age for participation is irrelevant. The rights of the person to refuse sexual intimacy don't count, and don't apply.

♦  Sustainable Development:  Elimination of private property to create fairness.

♦  Environment:  Humans are destroying the planet, you must do more with less, and for less. Lower standard of living across the world so there is FAIRNESS. Everyone has...Nothing!! You are born with nothing, you die with nothing.

♦  Gun Control:  Guns kill people.

How did they do that? Easy, they tug on emotions. The essence of behavior modification is to control and direct emotions for the desired response.


♦  Goal:  Break up the family.

♦  Method:  Convince the American people that school is the replacement for family.

♦  Show facts:  Poor hungry children begging for scraps.

♦  Procedure:  Use media, make movies; People cry and scream:  We must feed the children!! Hungry children do not learn well.

♦  Solution:  Breakfast, lunch, and now dinner - is served in schools.

♦  Results:  Less family quality, productive time. School is the winner.

No one asks: How can we have hungry children in America if the families get food stamps? Answer: Allow food stamps to be used for something other than food!

(This issue is not directed at those people that truly NEED food assistance for their kids.)

The parents, many working, many just happy that food stamps can be used to buy that IPad, TV etc. - are thrilled that school now has assumed the responsibility of feeding their kids.  Isn’t America great?  Yeah, government has ALL the answers. Parents are not responsible for feeding their own children. Mission accomplished. All a parent has to do  is turn their child over to the Government.

If you make it impossible for parents to see what their kids read, you can screw up their little brains so they will not be able to function!!  Wow! Then those little tykes, like sponges, soak up all of the government “truths.” 

Government indoctrination truths, like:

Obey, Comply, Serve, Accept.


Government knows everything.

Guns are BAD!

Throw in this factor:  Parents are stupid.

Now, reinforced by the fact that parents cannot even help their kids with their homework, another mission is accomplished as kids learn and believe...that their self-preservation is in the hands of the government, not themselves.

Children are indoctrinated that the key to success in life is to follow what the GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU TO DO.  The Government controls your child's destiny for success or failure in life, and your child has no choice in the matter. You don't even have to think!!

The takeover of the education system in America has one goal:



How do they know students get the Message?

Through constant testing.

Reinforcement of the new norm is that Guns are BAD. Are Guns BAD?

If you don’t answer the question with the acceptable government answer:  YES, then you are retested constantly until you provide the correct, learned, indoctrinated answer by the Government.


The new teachers from Teach for America, with their 5 weeks of training - are there to monitor the results. Constant testing and retesting enforces the data collected on the students and their families. Model citizens are then created, those who will obey and comply and will fight for more government control, not individuality.

This new American has no idea what the 2nd Amendment, individuality, or personal protection is. Conversation with them is meaningless and useless.

Not to worry. Obama made it OK to experiment on the American people - with his Executive Order focused on behavior modification, written by the NUDGE Czar himself, Cass Sunstein, EO 13544.

OOPs, your child is a “free thinker” - challenging the drivel he is forced to learn. Not to worry, we have a special class or better yet, a DRUG for that, just a little pill to make him ...comfortably numb. Just a little pill to make him a "believer", to NUDGE him into the proper behavior.  If he still doesn’t believe, and starts shooting at the meaningless life forms, it doesn’t matter because, it is not his fault. Those guns made him do it. Bad, bad guns!

UNTIL Americans take back school curricula...


Our next DOEd replacement for Arnie Duncan, who has just resigned - is John King, much worse!! 

John King believes in diversity. Diversity creates victims. Frustrated victims act out, with guns or knives. They learn to hate police, their teachers, co-workers, or their fellow students - because life has NO MEANING.

The next time some talking head said it is the gun’s fault, or that he/she was on drugs, or was mentally ill, the Alarm Bells should go off!!

When they say, “Why is this happening?” - There is ALWAYS only ONE ANSWER:  kids are doing what they are taught, or NOT taught - in schools!

Will you go to your school board meetings? Will you demand to see what is being taught in schools in your county? Will you demand a book review comittee, and get on it to serve as a reviewer? Will you act?

   If not you, Who? If not now, When? 

In Liberty,

Karen Schoen