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Article by Joan Newcomb October 2, 2015

Eclipses + Equinox + Big Changes!

With the coming of Fall, let yourself give in to changes that manifest in your life! The seasons bring the coming of new things that may be uncomfortable, but might lead to great things if you let them.

September is normally a time of transition. People come back from their holidays and resume work or school.  It's interesting to notice we created the academic year to begin in September, as it aligns to the rhythm of Nature.

The Equinox begins a new cycle of growth for the planet.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox is actually Nature's New Year.  The Summer Soltice is the culmination of it's growing season; when harvesting is done the new annual cycle begins.

The Southern Hemisphere is heading into Springtime, they just completed their Winter dormancy (which is actually a very active time, if you think of all those seeds germinating below ground). The Spring Equinox is when the architects of nature hand the plans over to the builders of nature.

If you align your own growth cycle with Nature, you can think of the Fall as 'soil preparation' for whatever you're planning to manifest next.  You can think of Spring as a time to design your garden (or life plan) and begin planting seeds.

This month we happen to have two eclipses, which are powerful harbingers of change. Every month we have a new moon which signify beginnings, and a full moon, which signify completions. Eclipses are three times are powerful as an ordinary moon and bring sudden endings and sudden beginnings, propelling you into a new phase of growth that can last six months to three years!

If you align your intentions with the Eclipses you can flow with the changes they bring.  They can support you taking risks and leaping into the unknown.

How does this all fit with Consciousness?  As Consciousness you exist outside of time and space, it's the great aspect of yourself 'outside of the hologram'.  Eclipses and Equinoxes, are just part of the energy makeup of the physical realm.

As Consciousness you're not influenced by moons and planets or months or years, any more than a man standing on the dock is influenced by currents or tides. When you jump into the ocean and manifest into form, it's your body that feels these things.

As Consciousness you can walk on water if you want to. But you dive into the physical for the fun of it, the pleasurable sensations, to explore denser energy.

Change is uncomfortable when you resist it. Abraham Hicks refers to it as 'swimming upstream'. When you're in agreement with change, even if it seems disasterous, there's an aspect of you that finds it exciting.

Notice where you are in your life right now.  If you're feeling frustrated or resistant, you could be building up to a big transformation!  Lean into it, go with it, be intentional about what it is that you want to be different, and you could find yourself propelled forward into a whole new life by next month!