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Article by Joan Newcomb April 8, 2016

Power and Powerlessness

We're powerless over people, places, and things. But we're infinitely powerful within ourselves.

What a crazy time we are in. There has always been craziness, but we haven't previously had the global media pushing it in our faces to this extent before.

On one hand we have terrorists doing horrendous things around the world. Extremists spreading fear and disruption in the name of religion (which is directly opposite of what their religion actually teaches). On the other hand we have elected officials attempting to pass laws to restrict people's inalienable rights, also spreading fear and disruption in the name of religion, their interpretation of faith in opposition to what their savior really talked about. And we have officers sworn to serve and protect murdering and torturing, magnifying the fear and disruption in the world today.

What's happening externally is also happening internally for many people. Issues are coming to the surface to be released. For some it's recognizing problems they hadn't seen before. Congratulations, you have an opportunity to expand beyond your limitations! For others, these are old issues they thought they'd dealt with before. If that's happening to you, know it's not that you've backslid, it's a whole new level to clear.

These issues may seem overwhelming. They seem powerful. They are dominating our lives, controlling our thoughts and behaviors. Wrestling with them is a losing battle. Admitting that we're powerless over them is scary - doesn't that mean they'll consume us? Actually, no. Admitting powerlessness is a way of reclaiming true power. You surrender the battle.

When you drop your attention on them, your attention returns to your Self. You can begin to heal.

At first the voices in your head scream the loudest, because that aspect of your personality is dying. Much like the headlines in the news, and the politicians whose antiquated beliefs are disintegrating. Admitting powerlessness over them means you stop feeding them with your attention. They get quieter and quieter and eventually go away.

I believe that, just as there's a Collective Consciousness, there's a Collective Unconscious. It's a cesspool of black energy fed by all the negativity in the world. Every negative thought you have contributes to this pool.

People struggling with addiction are susceptible to this energy. When they recover, the physical detox takes a relatively short time but the addict personality, the shadow side, can take them years to clear.

And there are people affected by other substances too commonplace to recognize. Sugar addiction is rampant, it causes people to be powerless over their eating, and how do you live without food?

People who grew up with, or live with, alcoholics or addicts, are susceptible to this energy as well. It may not be caused by a chemical imbalance within them, but they're affected by the behavior and the actions. Admitting you're powerless over others lets you drop your attention on them and restore your own sanity.

In the last week, I've had the opportunity to revisit core issues. There's financial abuse, something that kept me awake many nights a couple years ago, that I'm powerless over. I needs must let it go and know there's a greater Source that supplies all.

There's a family member with health issues, I can choose to be supportive even though I'm powerless over the results. Everyone creates their own reality, I can look at what I contribute to it and choose to be compassionate.

I'm powerless over people, places, and things. I'm powerless over finger-pointing, scapegoating, and rumors. All of these are 'bottom of the fish tank' in the ocean of life.

It's coming to the surface for everyone as we're collectively moving to the next level. We can live in a higher state of clarity (and serenity). Rather than engaging with the old stuff, we can let it break down and settle into the gravel.

We are powerless over everything outside of ourselves, and we're powerless over other's insanity that seeps into our space by association.

It's ironic because who we really are, as Essence, is Light. All we need do is focus on our inner Light and it dispels the darkness. Shadows disappear in the face of light.

Greater Light is coming into the world today, illuminating what needs to be cleared. It hurts the eyes of those used to sitting in the dark. It's uncomfortable to realize how much power we've given away. Especially to people who seem so powerful and turn out to be full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

True power comes from within. True power is quiet and strong. True power has no need to dominate or take from others. True power empowers - everyone.Turn off the news, mute disturbing images in your timeline, ignore crazy making emails.

When you withdraw your attention from the noise and the craziness, you can tune into your inner light, your inner power. Old issues drop away. Miracles can happen.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

Joan Newcomb