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Article by Janet Barrett November 17, 2015

Our Social Brain

Our brains are hard wired to feel others. When you experience pain, real or imagined the brain can not distinguished your own or others. We are truly One.

If you do nothing else this week, please watch an episode of a great television series: “The Brain with David Eagleman.” It is all about the new known about the brain and its mechanics. You will want to watch the whole series. This last week’s episode was all about how our brains are wired to be social and what that means.  It is an hour long. Your inner conversations will continue long afterwards.  

Our brains are wired to relate to others. If you know yourself as an empath to some degree, you will know this. If you use the Field of the Heart of Unified Consciousness, you will know this. If you can feel sympathy, empathy, compassion, you will know this. Sometimes poor electrical function in the brain is apparent and we don’t experience connection to others in useful ways. Our emotional capabilities don’t get fully turned on. That too is changing. 

When we have an awareness of pain, imagined, real or observed, our own pain matrix turns on. The brain can not distinguish the difference between self and other. We literally feel each others’ pain as our own. Right there, in our pain, we are one. 

If that is so, then how do we kill other life and each other? What leads us to commit genocide? There is no better time to examine this. Helplessness is not useful. Media and technology bring the far away right into our hands. There is murder and mayhem throughout the world literally at our fingertips. What do you do? What is happening in our societies now with this constant exposure?

What is at play in our brains? Anyone can kill. Video games make violence okay. After all, it is only a game. How is it different than what is reported on CNN? Can the brain tell?

In order to kill your neighbor, you must see them as less than yourself, and how you do that is through propaganda. A party line gets presented that taps into your fear and pain and feeds it to grow. How pushed you get is the key. How fearful that you have something to lose is key. How much you believe you are defending what is yours is key. How much you are led to believe others mean you harm, to you and or your family, or what is yours, or your country is key. Whatever you have attachment to, is under threat is key.

Genocide happens all the time. Terrorist regimes operate now and have flourished everywhere as long as man has been around. They can appear as governments, gangs, or as individuals. And, the truth is, no matter how nice we may think we are or behave, there is a bit of a terrorist in each of us, probably disguised as something else, protecting itself, acting out in a myriad of ways. Our emotional terrains can often hold us hostage in old patterns.  

When we understand the dynamics at play, we can then effectively make changes in behaviors within ourselves and maybe in those around us. We understand that it is inherent to be able to relate to others, but that their choices may not be your choices. When we know how we are being manipulated by ourselves and others we can use our consciousness technologies skill sets to stop and allow for something different. 

What can we do? I choose to access heart as Consciousness in Action. I allow for information that is found within to open up and realign. You can hear your Authentic Voice over the choir of disbelievers and enchanters surrounding your essence. From within I can recognize and stop the propaganda I receive. Not as an act of avoidance but as an act of awareness. I can choose to resonate to love of Self and others, no matter how they appear. 

In group we tapped into our upset and disappointment with our fellow human beings who don’t act humanely. I would suggest it is really about our disappointment with humans not recognizing themselves as Consciousness that is at play.