We call this incredible rock “The Templar Stone” because it is in the shape of a shield similar to what one would see in a coat of arms, and it contains what appears to be a lot of images (symbols) often used by Freemasonry (Masonic Orders) such as: the Solar Cross; Freemasonry Compass; 5 Pointed Star or "Pentagram"; the All Seeing Eye or "Eye of Ra"; Fish Symbol or "Ichthys"; odd Pyramids with Doorways where one contains an Eye in its center; a geometric shaped Square Heart or "Heart of Darkness"; and more to see. It's rather amazing when you find all the designs contained within this stone. We have posted many symbolic images, of various kinds, that may help describe what can be seen within the stone. The Templer Stone was found by our young son, Sean, on the property of BBS Radio. The photos of this rock begin on Page 4. We marked up some of the photos with a marker to help identify areas of interest. These pictures are not the best. We hope to will snap new ones soon.

pointedstarorpentagraminacropcircle_small.jpg pointedstarinanothercropcircle_small.jpg theallseeingeyeonthedollarbill_small.jpg theallseeingeyeinacropcircleinapyramid_small.jpg
theallseeingeyeinapyramidpaintingonaroof_small.jpg allseeingeyeonourmoneysupply_small.jpg solarcrossonashieldmadeintoanecklace_small.jpg allseeingeyeinsidecompasssymbol_small.jpg
allseeingeyeinsideapyramidwithasolarcross_small.jpg fishsymbolorichthysdrawing_small.jpg cityoflondoncrestshowingsolarcrossandshield_small.jpg interestingcoatofarmsandshapeofshield_small.jpg
freemasonrycompasssymbol_small.jpg compasswithapyramidanddnasnakesymbol_small.jpg solarcrosswithaheart_small.jpg allseeingeyeinsideapyramidwithinacalendar_small.jpg
eyeofra_small.jpg fishinsideacropcircle_small.jpg christiancrosswiththeichthys_small.jpg freedomandjusticecrestwithapentagram_small.jpg
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