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Dr. Fred Bell's Health, Science & Energy Show

Dr. Fred Bell's
Health, Science & Energy Show
hosted by Dr. Fred Bell


Website: www.Pyradyne.com

Dr. Fred Bell passes away. He will be sincerely missed by ALL!FRED BELL passed away September 25th. He was a dear friend and a part of the BBS Radio Network since 2004, even before we became BBS Radio. Fred Bell is an iconic symbol of our Network. His love & kindness, wisdom & joy was felt by all. If you knew him you know that. We will miss this giant of a man more than all who have come before him. I am profoundly shaken and have a hard time with this, so I'll keep it brief. I want to scream and shout so the whole world can hear, "FRED BELL, WE LOVE YOU AND WE WILL MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!" Few great Men ever walk this Earth; I will miss you, and so will this whole World. ~Don Newsom

Dr. Fred on Web Drifter

"Your Tax dollars in action. Here is what happens when you go to the airport with baggage. They break in and destroy things as shown, in this case a Pyradyne Micro Starr, leave a FU note or outright STEAL the contents. Wesley Snipes had a 18,000.00 Platinum Nuclear Receptor stolen, other clients lost very expensive camera's and the list goes on. This is terrorism by TSA!!! Please let us know at BBS what your TSA experience was and we will POST IT!"
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Dr. Fred Bell & Congress "Internet FREEDOM"

I am involved with preserving our Internet privileges and represent BBS Radio's rights to have uninterrupted Internet rights to broadcast to all free souls. Big communications companies such as CNN and Yahoo and Verizon, want to take away OUR FREEDOM TO TRANSMIT OUR PROGRAMS TO THE WORLD AT LARGE. THEY WANT TO CHARGE FOR OTHERS TO LISTEN TO US!!!!! AND REGULATE !!! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE BUT I AM VERY BUSY WITH THE US GOVERNMENT AT PRESENT. I figure as I am working in the Senate, I might as well do the House! I will post things after I get a resolve, as to do so before kills the magic!!

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Dr. Fred Bell reveals his personal collection
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View the real and INCREDIBLE photos taken by Dr. Fred Bell on his many paranormal adventures throughout his career, with descriptions and notes added to each one. More images and photographs to come on a regular basis. Don't Miss This!

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Dr. Bell's New Scooter
Dr. Bell's New Scooter!
Dr. Bell's ratings are amazing. Of his 11 listeners, there are now 49 posts for feedback. Those statistics are amazing for the broadcast industry! (All questions and feedback are answered, some answers are posted below. I do post the questions and comments that are sent to me via email - except, of course, if you are criticizing me... then your comments will NEVER see the light of day!!! Want to know why? Because........)


Energy Photo From Seminar

Listen to Dr. Fred Bell's Interview given on Coast to Coast AM on 8/13/05
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Dr. Fred Bell was born in Ann Arbor Michigan. His father was a scientist whom worked with the late Henry Ford Sr. His great uncle from his father's side, Alexander Graham Bell, was also a very well-known inventor, and on his mother's side, a direct descendant of Ethan Allen. As a result of this strange genetic gene pool Dr. Bell has a tendency to be a revolutionist with wild and crazy ideas...... a bit of an eclectic eccentric. His father Allan Bell, brought the London Bridge over from England and put it in the middle of an Arizona desert. Later he built a city with a pond around it, today called Havasu City.

Because of his strange heritage young Dr. Fred Bell was propelled into science at a very early age. And at age 14, he was not only working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects, but was also inducted into the U.S. government's project called M. K. Ultra. This early mind control research covered such topics as past life regression, and the popular remote viewing used today by the CIA and other intelligence gathering factions worldwide. While working University of Michigan Dr. Bell had the priviledge of working under the mentorship of Dr. Katz. Dr. Katz came over here, as an honored scientist, previously working for the 3rd Reich under Adolph Hitler. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Katz both were transferred here by the American government under an operation known as Operation Paperclip. While working for Dr. Katz in the Randolph Laboratory at the University of Michigan, Dr. Bell worked on a magnetic disintegration project later known as the Philadelphia Experiment, a high temperature fusion experiment, a bubble project later known as Cold Fusion, shockwave experimentation that led to the classification of high altitude nuclear blasts, underground nuclear blasts, nuclear explosions over water and nuclear explosions at ground level. In addition, Dr. Bell worked with the University of Michigan's Cyclotron doing experimentation with the bombardment of nuclear particles and their collisions involving reverse time as observed in a Wilson Cloud Chamber. As a result of this, Dr. Bell built the World's first time machine called the T-1 Time Travel Transposer that allows time travel into the future in increments of microseconds.

Andromedan Technology
Holographic Projectors
Pleiadian Technology
Nuclear Receptors

At 16 years of age he was interned at the United States Army Biological Weapons Division in Little Rock, Arkansas. On his 17th birthday, he was transferred into the United States Airforce. There he began working on highly classified projects, several involving early warning radar defense systems and the detection and tracking of extraterrestrial craft. He was one of the first to bring the awareness of the famed DDS Form 332 to public awareness. The DDS Form 332 was used by the military to report to the higher command of any unidentified aircraft activities. Once this report was processed in a strategic air command center (SAC), a computerized profile was run on the sighting and then a determination was made as to whether to scramble fighter aircraft for International Defence. While stationed at the 776 Radar Squadron at Point Arena, California, Dr. Bell filed the official complaint of a international government cover-up to the general public of extraterrestrial activity over American skies.

Later on in the United States of America, when people began to exercise their freedoms to previously classified information, it was discovered that the DDS Form 332 was used in fact by the U.S. Air Force to report internally to the government of the presence of extraterrestrials and their craft. Today Dr. Bell still works with the government when the need arises. Just prior to the catastrophy of 9/11, Dr. Bell was working with famed Dr. Steven Greer in de-compartmentalizing the various agencies that are working in concert with extraterrestrials, on such projects as advanced propulsion systems and star wars weaponry. This project was known as the Disclosure Project and was being presented to the United States Senate on the very day of 9/11.

After his tenure in the military, he worked in the private sector with North American Aviation, Autonetic and Rocketdyne, on projects such as Star Wars (the military version), laser development, Saturn Rocket second stage development, the Eylass Project (a subdivision of Star Wars), submarine and missile guidance systems, and finally the lunar lander project known as the Apollo missions. During this time he worked with Scott Crosfield, of the X. 15 fame and the late Wernher von Braun. Dr. Bell had the priviledge of working inside of all the Apollo modules - during the late night shift Dr. Bell used to push all the buttons and play astronaut!

After he left his NASA related position, he went into the private sector and consulted to over 3000 companies on topics such as computer science, biological science, medical science, environmental testing, quality control, weaponry, aircraft research, advanced propulsion technologies, and a variety of other technical realities. Because of his vast background in instrumentation, his services were applicable almost anywhere worldwide.

He then left the defense sector and began studying with Himalayan Masters. During this time he became internationally known as a contactee to a Pleiadean group of extraterrestrial humanoids whom were here to help the people on earth save themselves from their own destructive tendencies. This group comes from a star system 500 light-years from earth. For this effort the Russian society of cosmonauts (astronauts), awarded Dr. Bell the distinguished scientific progress award.

Pyramid Power
Expanding Awareness
Pyramid Power at Pyradyne.com
Pyramid Power at Pyradyne.com
Pyramid Power at Pyradyne.com

Today Dr. Bell is a practicing naturopath, scientist and environmentalist, and political activist, and has been currently working worldwide with programs that include a proper conduct of school systems, autistic children, and other problems that develop and effect the growth factor of our young up-and-coming society. He spent 20 years with a National Health Federation, a U.S. based group that has promoted an individuals freedom, to choose the type of health-care, freedom to choose the various vitamins and minerals and dietary elements that best works for them. In addition, he has brought attention to various forms of world attrition, which have caused the formation of many oceanic and rain forest projects.

Dr. Bell invented the famed and patented Nuclear Receptor. One of his newest inventions, the Andromedan Holographic Projector, which allows the operator to manipulate space and time conditions. Dr. Bell has also written several books and been the subject of several others. The Promise, and a second book called the Fellowship, written by famed author Brad Steiger are written in German and Japanese languages and are selling well in America and oversees.

Dr. Bell has produced five musical albums with well known musicians such as Steven Halpern, George Winston, to name a few. Dr. Bell has currently developed holographic sound which puts in concert every cell and atom in the DNA helix. Another of his newest inventions, the X-1 Healing Maching, allows the human body to heal itself in a matter of seconds instead of taking several months. The concept of the X-1 Healing Machine was developed as an add-on to the original Depolaray Machine developed by Thomas Holson and Fred Hart in 1947. Dr. Bell is now working on his newest book entitled "The Inside Track". This book is designed to "pull the lid off" of everything secret.

His new best-selling book Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light is available at amazon.com and covers these various topics in-depth.

The Promise

Dr. Fred Bell at 18 years of age

The picture depicted above is Dr. Fred Bell in his Airforce Days at the age of 18. The motorcycle he is standing by was his brand new 1959 Honda CE-71. The CE-71 today is one of the most sought after and rare motorcycles. Only 390 were ever produced, and today approximately only 15 remain at large. Dr. Bell sold this motorcycle in 1961, right after this picture was taken. Ten years ago Dr. Bell wanted to add a CE-71 back into his motorcycle collection and found out there were none available. The only ones he could find were either owned by the Honda Corporation or in private museum collections. Dr. Bell had only one alternative left to obtain a CE-71, so he put his andromedan holographic projector to the ultimate test. Within 45 days, not only did he have a CE-71 in his possession, but he had serial #2, one of the rarest of the model line. The motorcycle pictured behind Dr. Bell is serial #2 !!! A very exciting story is being composed at this time about this remarkable recovery (44 years out of his possession) and will be presented to the motorcycle industry in the near future. The Famous Bill Silver "Mr. Honda" recently flew in this November 2005 to work on the story mentioned above.

For information or ordering by phone
call 1-800-729-2603

8 Year Old Goddess wearing her Power Dome from Pyradyne.com
98 Year Old Ellis wear her Pyradome

The colors represent the following:

Gold = Wisdom, philosophical, spiritual coming of age
White = Purity, positive creative flow, cleansing energy
Pink = Universal giving, personal love, compassion
Yellow = Intellect, learning
Green = Healing, growth
Blue = Calm emotions, heartfelt adoration
Light blue = Devotion to a noble ideal, good intuition
Light blue mixed with purple = high spirituality

Other Bell highlights: He studied with Himalayan Masters; is internationally known as a contactee to Pleiadean and Andromedan groups of extraterrestrial humanoids; and was awarded The Distinguished Scientific Progress Award by the Russian Society Of Cosmonauts (astronauts). He has worked with the National Health Federation and on many oceanic and rain forest projects for over 20 years.

Dr. Bell has invented and patented many unique, futuristic devices including the famed Nuclear Receptor and Projector and Pyramid Technology devices. He has written several books and is the subject of many others.

Fred Bell Today Dr. Fred Bell is a practicing naturopath, scientist, inventor, environmentalist, performing world class musician internationally known speaker and founder/operator of Pyradyne, Inc.

Some of his most urgent current projects include worldwide programs concerning the growth and development of the young.

Pyradyne website: www.Pyradyne.com


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