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Sunrise at the Extreme of the Chariot in the East

By: Robert Darby
Date: June 21, 2005

Enoch is on a tour conducted by The Seven Holy Ones. He learns all there is to know, even about the future - our present time, which is referred to as the days of the sinners. Upon completion of the tour he is taken home by the angels and told he will have less than two years, they would come and get him in the second year, to relate to his family all he had learned from his tour and the explanations given by the Seven Holy Ones.

One thing Enoch does is present the reader with a clear idea of the orderliness of nature . He details the pattern of sunrise and sunset with the changes in portals. A second thing he does is tell his family that the message is for the people living in a distant time. A third thing is that the Sun will rise in the various portals and set in the same numbered opposite portal most days.

In Enoch (Book 3, Astronomy) Chapter 80, beginning at verse 1 the angel Uriel is speaking to Enoch and in verse 5 he said, "And in those days the sun shall be seen and he (the Sun) shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west and shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of Light."

I heard on a radio talk show early this year that someone has determined the Sun is forty-two percent brighter at present than in prior years. Maybe you heard the same report. I think it was even in one of the Zetatalk Signs of the Times. Actually, this morning my memory fails me as to exactly where I heard and/or read that report.

The extremity in the west is that place that becomes north, azimuth 315. That is where the Sun sets in the evening recently as viewed from El Paso, Texas. The extremity of the east is azimuth 45 and that is where the Sun rose this morning, Tuesday, June 21, 2005, at 0604 hours MDST. It has been rising and setting in approximately the same location for months, although the Earth Tilt, Lean and Wobble spoken of in Zetatalk, has caused the Sun to rise and set far to the south also.

I, and I may be the only one thinking we are living in the days of the sinners, do believe we are living in the days spoken of by the angel Uriel.

If you have not yet read the five books of Enoch (They can be accessed and downloaded by going to the Home/Main page of or to the Orbits page of Zetatalk without charge) you may not know that Enoch also related to his family "They (the sinners) shall perish."

I know that Nibiru is in our Solar System between Earth and the Sun and that soon it will rapidly pass by Earth causing a pole shift and enormous loss of life.

Perhaps you, too, could read what is recorded in the Five Books of Enoch, check on the place of sunrise and sunset as viewed from your location on Earth and make a decision as to whether or not to believe the Sun is rising and setting at the extremities as Uriel told Enoch it would do in the days of the sinners.

Do not let anyone tell you Mars is coming soon! Nibiru is coming soon!

More Thoughts on 6/22/05

Sun rose same time same place today. Much more red this am.

Cassiopeia is missing now and Ursa Major is now 10/15 North and 10/15 West of dome at 2230/2245 hrs.

Weather wobbles are making the news now. Deluges. What happened to J Birkland's prediction of great quakes. Maybe today?

I've been trying to think back about my first inkling about MJ12. I think there was another word or acronym for secret government being used by the staff in DC OSI Directorate.

by Robert Darby

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