Headlined Guest, Rebecca Messenger

Guest Name: 
Rebecca Messenger
Rebecca A Messenger
Guest Occupation: 
Divine Channel, Teacher, Author, Prophetess
Guest Biography: 

Rebecca specializes in helping people grow spiritually and awaken their spiritual gifts with authority. She has taught hundreds to dynamically increase their intuitive skills.using her simple, yet effective "right-brain awakening" methods.

Following Rebecca's guidance, people are amazed to discover that they can easily contact and converse with:

- people on the other side
- angels, saints, guides
- deities, ascended masters, Holy Spirit Council
- rocks, plants, earth
- pets, wild animals, whales, dolphins, sea creatures...and more!

Rebecca says, "I can teach anyone increased intuition. Even the most left-brained person can become psychic! Because my methods focus on opening the right side of the brain where all spirituality, intuition, and creativity reside. Activation is simply a matter of following my easy, step-by-step instructions."