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Hackers can steal your ATM PIN number from your Smart Watch of Fitness Tracker
What a Brave Brave Young Woman! It speaks and feels like the end game *LINK*
all of us scared tonight due to the bombings outside- here in Arkansas it's legal to blow up fireworks in everyones yards! my feral cats are terrified but I made safe areas for them
Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% of Colon Cancer Cells in 2 Days
Max Spiers on Blood Groups and HIVE Mind programming
Link to enter to win a Tower Paddle board *LINK*
well, if I'd win a paddle boat I'd have to pin a peddle float, to have enough water nearby, sigh (or something) :O *PIC*
lol!! no water near by? Thanks for this referal. I will definetly watch his vids. *NM*
Researchers at Trend Micro have detected a family of malicious apps, dubbed 'Godless,' that has the capability of secretly rooting almost 90 percent of all Android phones.
the naming so nice and precise - GODLESS - as with INTEL for Central Processing Units, with backdoor for INTEL-ligence feedback below WINDOWS operating systems and such *NM*
David Dees' brilliant (sm)artwork. A picture tells more than a thousand words. Tellin' like it is! *PIC*
David Dees Interview on June 2015. 39 Minutes. *PIC*
Ugh! Who would have thought of: "Google and Youtube automatically censor videos" and what about Yahoo, Wikileaks, LiveLeaks, Vimeo, Dailymotion? *PIC*
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