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They've Done it Before, they will do it again. *LINK*

Paris Attack False Flag? Conspiracy Hoax Exposed? - Anyway, cellphone will save your life! They say so! Never walk alone, will say without your holy cellphone. Media tells you so! "Comply, Shmuck!" :( *PIC*
PAR IS (Goddess ISIS) is in the upper triangle of France as Penta-Gon. In Paris, River Seine, is original Statue of Liberty. White Blue Red are the flags of Britain, France, USA, Russia.
US Band at Paris Bataclan Hall: Are "Eagles of Death Metal" or EDM real downzippers, degrading, perverted devil worshippers? *PIC*
I didn't want to say it but *LINK*
I will look into it and come back, by the way ...

Purist's Pumpkin Soup *LINK*
Looks promising, we will try it. Our pumpkins soup always gets creamy like porridge. I love the taste and the intense color, Hokkaido pumpkin preferred because of this ;) *NM*
Yes it is very thick and creamy soup. *NM*

YES SIR! Of course - if I had affordable high capacity heavy duty small space storage cells, till then I'd rather cut wood than waste energy with 'silly sports' :D *NM*

Towards Healthcare Emancipation - Precious PDF - for your convenience :D *PIC*
tiny mishap, the website is named (-> my electric clinic) please check it out and see how it goes at your side
Thanks for the PDF's a keeper for me! :-) *NM*
Got it . Thanks for your insistance *NM*

Once, in 1899, Nikola Tesla had an interview with a certain journalist John Smith, when Tesla said “Everything is the Light”. Click link for the interview.
... whereat visible 'light' is only a very small band within the long long range of electro-magnetic frequencies reaching from Hertz to Gigahertz and beyond. *NM*

I got to scream and shout from the rooftops! :D Yeah Joy!! *LINK*
Thanks for the heads up!
From what I have researched there are no negative side effects. Absolute bonus to any healing needed.
Most Mainstream Doctors in my view are indeed nothing else than Symptom Bodgers, that's how they can maximize their income.
Symptom Bodgers!! Love the name. :D *NM*
Great thanks for sharing. I'll look into it and feed back. :D
better not, some symptoms bodger might toss you down behind your back :( *NM*
Potential adverse effects...
I never read that WebMd site.... They debunk everything!
Wise Advice! :D Thanks for the reminder. *NM*

I had the best laugh today. It's Official: Barack Obama Wants To "Help" You Manage Your Retirement Savings. (Kind of like a serial killer asking to show you some love!)

What is "natural food"? The FDA is asking for everyone's opinion.
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