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The Richie Allen Show, Jim Marrs: "Trump Knows Who Really Controls Events But If He Named Names, He'd Be Killed!" ... sounds reasonable? *PIC*
Biophotons: German Scientists Discover Light Shatters Cancerous Cells, Other Diseases
to be expanded, a lot of related ideas swirling, questions arising, mitochondria activity, orgone vs dor energy, brain waves ... much more than I can say :D *PIC*
What do you feel and think when such a Leading Lady stares at you with smirky smile and Chemo-Is-Good-For-You attitude? Fear? Pity? Repulsion? *NM* *PIC*
the true face of Miriam Pielhau, her main detox organ, the liver, destroyed by chemo crap, she paid dearly for chanting with the pharma mafia, as well paid pied piper for self-destruction *NM* *PIC*
This may hold part of the answer...
Perhaps a bit out of context "how come that blind people can see with their inner eye " - Blinded folded reality *LINK*
One woman *LINK*
I’ve previously posted about The Plug. I still like it. The Hollow Earth Podcast – has an excellent episode with Geoffrey Radford inventor of "THE PLUG"!
"The Beyond Tallest Building of the World in Dubai" ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein talking about trump buildings and swank towers :D
From a western point of view, here's another take on the financial aspect of that presentation
15 years, 9/11 to 11/9. Coincidence: TrUmP & PUTin, TUP - PUT as with US - SU, United States vs Soviet Union *PIC*
So, what's the difference, if there's any? Clintons & Trumps: 2 sides of the same coin? :( *PIC*
Matthew has a new post on the US, post election...if interested.
Did Donald Trump in fact mean "Make The Dollar Great Again"? - As a real people backed currency? How and for whom? *PIC*
DDees: Donald Trump the Golden Retriever! Neck-tied to his puppet masters, the annunaki-reptoid crossbreds, hiding in deep underground bases and cloned zombies. *PIC*
United States is not a nation but a FEDaeration for zio-nests' wind dis-turbines :D
Jim Stone's "RED ALERT: THEY ARE STILL GOING TO STEAL THE ELECTION" (sizzling snakes, reptos, lizards they are indeed, have always been)
It has been said that the most interesting of times will come after the election. The military and intelligence people will let it play out to show the corruption. Then the hammer comes down! *NM*
But what if the military and "intelligence" people are just ever compliant girlie boys, the more the higher you look up the hierarchy? - I'm rather skeptic and pessimistic *NM*
Jacob Rothschild. Anunnaki-Reptilian. Bankster. PINDAR - The Lizard King *PIC*
Could be! Noting their love for hand signals! *NM*
El.An.Ra *NM* *LINK*
Re: El.An.Ra, try this link *NM* *LINK*
Reading Donald Trump's rulership program, published in advance, in detail, we're reminded of Obama's phrase: "change, yes we can" thou Donald doesn't brag but indicate "change, yes WE WILL" Let's see! *PIC*
friends be friends meant only for the commie sisters in crime *NM*
Range Rover Sport does one hell of a promo as it tackels the treacherous Inferno downhill ski course in Murren.
Range Rover Sport - just the right car for the deRANGEd mountain biker to waste time and money only to upset alpine wildlife? :( *NM*
Is this planet really worth it?? .... I mean how can you bring balance back after this display of crap. *LINK*
The Tunnel Ritual *LINK*
Thanks, Drummy ;) These events bother me since many weeks. Meanwhile I stumbled upon Flakka, Spirit Cooking etc, had a shocking dream that woke me up at midnight and ...
Who wants SOWDEE ARE-RABIE-ANNE ratfaces become Thief-of-Chaff in Coal Lumpia Diss Tricked obumpa outhouse? :D *PIC*
VOTE means VETO! Veto anti-human criminal parasites posing as WeThePeople. Only VOTE that counts is VETO! Veto sick perverted Hi Liars, Fake Feminists, Self-Chosen Trash, Zombies, Golems. AMEN! *NM* *PIC*
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