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When you die there are usually two common options, burial and cremation. Now there is a third option! The Infinity Burial Suit turns dead bodies into clean compost.

Russian Teenager Born Without Fingers Is Now a World-Class Pianist

ADMIN! The changes will be ongoing until all aspects of our website are completely mobile/cross-browser compliant. Bare with us as we roll...........

Judge Anna gives a short history on the Federal Reserve, Gold and China, going back to 1928. Short read.

Sorry! Nothing changed from my point of view/access. BBS front page sabotaged online. No matter which browser I use. NO link to TNT. Chrome "Mod_Security" suckaburgs totally deny server contact. *NM* *PIC*
2 error messages I got occasionally using a gecko based browser *PIC*
My two cents worth...
ADMIN! Hey, Jack (AND EVERYONE ELSE TOO)..... please elaborate on any problems you are experiencing. PLEASE! *LINK*
Hi there! I try to help. The problems I described turned up only with front page, so I concluded it's related to and not to my hard- and software thou old school classic :D
I do appreciate the tips!! Will do.

Defence lawyers say never talk to the cops. No matter how simple the question is let the lawyer do the answering. Seems no one needs to tell YOU the truth!
Great Post. Thank you!! true *NM*
If you behold which IS-real-based trouble citizens train the (not)US police and who pulls the strings in (not)US odd-ministration ... then oil your arms .. you'll need them ... may be soon. *NM*

The US has figured out that they do not need to detonate a nuclear bomb to create an EMP effect. This could just as easily backfire on the US.
I do wonder when one of these will actually be used. Interesting times. *NM*
me recommends to also study the recent shares of Jim Stone at

Re: Bombshell: Rod Class gets FOURTH Administrative Ruling "Gov't Offices are Vacant"- All Gov't Officials are "Private Contractors"
Sorry! Our Cosmic Observer lady has been cancered to death. I'm sure she would have liked your response. *NM*

Surprise! We are now eating Fukushima radiation. Here’s the story. See the pics.
JS says Fuk-U-Shima was a false flag to punish Japan into submission by Banksta IlluminaZis. Israel based ICTS was in 'security' control. Power plant run by company based in Washington and London. *PIC*


Breathariansim refers to the practice of sustaining oneself without the need for food. Links at this site…
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