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Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, author of Matrix EnergeticsĀ© is interviewed. Tons of nuggets of info/perspectives in this interview. It is downloadable. Much to think about!

70% of Florida's orange tress are infected and the cause exists elsewhere in the world

Brandon Turbeville: "6 Reasons To Question the Official Story of the Malaysian Flight Over Ukraine" - Only six, not more? :(
A different wrinkle...about 100 AIDS activists expecting to attend a conference were in the plane...
Thanks for the source. I've read about it. Is this a reason to shoot down a civil aircraft no matter who did it? WHY did this plane fly into the war zone? Will Malaysian Airlines tell? Be allowed to? *NM*
A few hours ago google & friends have started to censor the web but some articles are still in the google cache. "By way of deception ..." POS excrements don't sum up as intended, so they ban sites. *NM*

Strong "emperical evidence" (?) Israel shot down plane (thus saving the world, as USual)?

Freudian slip of N24 news goon (think german DEN of CNN and Haim Saban RATmedia) wanted to say VORFALL (incident) but said VORTEIL (advantage) talking 'bout MH17. Advantage? For whom? How CONvenient!
Think about RATs, Remote Access Trojans, the crazy Firefox Chrome Google updates from Release 3 to 20plus within short time, JAVA applets, enforced cross-linking, double core CPUs... RAT-tle sneak-in? *NM*

exPOSing the POSsibilities, July 17th in 2014 Malaysian MH-17 brought down in Ukraine. 17 ... 17 ... Boeing 777 in 2014 -> 7. Remember MH-370 never found. A lone clone(?) parked in Israel. 300 dead?
Yet another 7, allegedly 295 people on board, 2+9+5 ->11 or 2 plus 5 = 7. Even more of a numerological 'coincidence', accidentally, so-to-say.
July 18th: 298 people dead, Black Box (captured by separatists) sent to Moscow. Flight MH17 was not on regular route. How come? Remote control? Boeing 777, MH370 -> MH17. ODD! *NM*
Sorry, H is 8th letter, not 6th letter, so we get 38 -> 3+8 = 11 (even more fitting into the WTC 911 false flag comparison) *NM*

Are we approaching a time in which the earth/solar system is getting fed up with human behaviour? Earth's magnetic field is shifting. Consequences?

George Carlin - The Rothschilds Control America

Underground ALL-Weather Garden for less than 300 bucks *LINK*

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years *LINK*
Great links! Now we can for sure dump into the sewage of his-tory the pharao death cult mason crap and mankind-came-out-of-black-africa hoax as well. "Sorry, Obongo Pharobomba, you're NOT the elite!" *NM*

WHO pumped up the click counter? :D So many interests ... so many people who care for their hearts ... *NM*

WTF? Silver Does What?
Hi! Nice to see you back. We seem to enter a phase where 'the wheat is separated from the chaff'. As for me, I prefer pure wild grown Tartary buckwheat aka fagopyrum, rich in saponites for cleansing. *PIC*
BTW you can kill yourself with home-made Sauerkraut ... wanna know how? :D Cabbage fermentation is dangerous doing, now I know for sure. *NM*
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