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Happened in the past and will happen again. A super volcano blowing up will initiate a series of disasters we won’t survive. A historical perspective!
It should be no surprise US media lies to the public. It is legal to do so! Expecting the truth doesn’t make sense. Check the link…
well well now we see the true sense of the term 'league-a-lies' ho ho ho, dizz izz why I love Ingleeze lengwitch dad much :D
Help !! The BING Monster has taken over? Get me out of here!
In Firefox go to Tools, then Options, choose Search and another search engine like Duckduckgo? Works for me! :-)
it was some extention Add-On thingy a mabob, on Firefox that just happened to sneaK UP ON ME. Once I removed that everything went back to normal. Wheh! *NM*
May also try "" ? ;)
dear drummy, which (per)version of gates & bills o-pe-rating weendoze do you have inside your compi for unwillingly serving (npi) the glowball WWW aka 666 spider web ? ;) 8 or 10 :(
DIABOLIC - THE TRUTH PART 2 .... LYRICS plus The Conspiracy of Language by Zen Gardner *PIC*
still trying to find DIABOLIC - THE TRUTH PART 1 *NM*
900 million people use Facebook's Messenger every month and Facebook can listen to all their calls without their permission.
Medical marijuana, if smoked, might not be a good for you as you think. This may be old news to some of you. Then again...
Strange. Marijuana belongs to hemp plant family. Hemp is one of the most resistant, robust, undemanding pants. Why would they need pesticides for growing? Or is it pushed GMO crap? *NM*
... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D *NM*
Re: ... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D
Rolls eyes....?Re: ... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D *NM*
You read Gee eL Pee (edmonton based) do you? :D Just wait and see I will find the gifs you mention :D
Good question. Perhaps the growers are amateurs! Or maybe they aren't aligned with the best interests of their customers? *NM*
Happy New Year!! *NM*
... n nn nnnn nooooooo ? ? ? :O
Happy New Year. Good Health and Balanced Mood ;) *PIC*
Happy New Year to you as well!
Thanks! - I'm a prepper, I analyze the past, I utilize the presence and I anticipate what's to come sooner or later. True Nature will prevail, anything else will fail! ;)
Happy New Year to you too, Drum! *NM*
Happy New Year, Jack!!!!!!! *NM*
He tried contacting Trump but he never had an answer to over twenty-five attempts – including three personal visits to Paul Manafort’s office in Alexandria so he posts this on the NET.
You have vaccines and then you have “safer” vaccines…guess who gets what!
Merry Christmas Everyone ~ A Little Humour ~ The Weeknd “Can’t Feel My Face” PARODY. *LINK*
Love it! :D Thanks! Good parody and comedy always resonates with me ;) btw was it you who evoked this song from my subconsciousness? :O White Flag!
White Flag with lyrics not running as embedded above, here's the link and a second try
Re: Love it! :D Thanks! Good parody and comedy always resonates with me ;) btw was it you who evoked this song from my subconsciousness? :O White Flag! *LINK*
Ha! I watched it many times. Brilliant Art Work! Candice James is so candy for me :D Did you hear of plastic surgeon Edelstein in Torontella? :D
2nd attempt cuz video won't play, don't know why
I have an add-on in mind, whatever it may mean: "Can't peel my pace!" LOL! :D
Neuroscientists in the U.K. have zeroed in on a single song that results in a dramatic 65 % reduction in overall anxiety…
Obama's Christmas Present for Putin? Revenge for NATO ISIS defeat in Aleppo? How fitting and convenient a happenstance early Christmas sunday in 2016.
The US Ministry of Truth is officially born.
33 years after George Orwell's 1984? :O What an occult timing. Also: T. Ruth Po Lice coming late, methinks :D war=peace, lies=truth, perversion=normal. Howdy! Here we are. *NM*
mojvideo. "Dann ruf ich wieder Deinen Namen" or "Then I call again your name" German Love Song. Traditional. Anti-IlluminaZi. Anti-Luciferian. Anti-Nationwrecker! :D
You don't even have to activate javascript and accept dubious java applets when mojvideo is embedded. Kick ass to mircoshit and app crap. Fake progress exposed one more time! LOL!
Merry Christmas! *NM*
Thank you very much. Have a nice time in Paradise ;) Wish I was there. It's going to be my 10th anniversary since I first posted on TNT news market (remember the TNT ignition gadget? :D *PIC*
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