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Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Pat-Riots Rising? Fighting Obamination? Seriously: Five things to protect and heal your life in Uniformed Soviet Amerika aka USA. *PIC*
Another awesome post! Thank you. It's exactly what's up these days!!! *NM*
My Pleasure! Trying to do my best, when my body needs to recover from work in and around the house. :D *PIC*
Scintillatingly witty? Humorous but deadly serious! Sheikh Imran Hosein: "All War Is A Symptom Of Man's Failure As A Thinking Animal" not exempting the self-chosen sub-premacists :D
EXPOSED! Hillary Clinton aka Killary Klington. A summary of Clintons' dirty dealings and traits of homicide listed at *PIC*
WOW! That's explosive stuff!!! Thanks. *NM*
hopefully the blast won't stir up California or do any damage to BBS ;)
Thanks for posting.Good stuff about Arkancide.
People talk about carbon emmissions. A smart man said to himself, let's use that as a resource material. He now makes plastic out of air. Zero petrolium products used! Beautiful!
From Cambridge University research? I found that quote in a book by Joe Vitale, At Zero, start of chapter 7 *NM*
Ha! I felt there was something mystic going on over there in ArcaneSaw :D Just have seen it on YouTube. Hi, Frothy! :D
I was just about to share on the tnt board...I did two versions...well three maybe...I couldn't decide on the right music *LINK*
OMG!! you had already uploaded my Very latest are an intuitive!! *NM*
Extreme weather in Central Europe flanked by inaccurate, unreliable forecasting. Weather warfare? Air poisoning?
To begin with: To round up in military soft speaking means to line up and take out. Shot after shot. Hey, Monsantoners, how about having a feed back of your own strong brews :D
Feel poignant sarcasm. The Refusers: "Right To Know", "Mad Hatter Blues" and more Politically UnKorrekt Emotions aka PUKE and rebuke :D
I'm feelin' it! *NM*
Thanks for your empathy. So comforting to see resonance! *NM*
Thanks! Just when I was inclined to think it might possibly mean "Sape Sifter". Now I feel much better :D (just kiddin')
Hi Drummy! Coming soon: The dangers and benefits of serrapeptase derived from experience and plausible explanation of effects.
Hi Frothy :D Hemp powder plus acai aka palm leaf hearts, sounds promising. I'll try it. Local grown bio organic hemp oil: take 1 spoon a day as long as you like the strong taste. ;)
NBA west finals
BarbaRaw Sheitan seems to be Obongo's GILF, who knows! All options ON the table for Barackie Hossein (hoe sin) Obummer, the (all butt) noble piece price recipient in advance LOL! :D *PIC*
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