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Here’s your VISA card. Go have fun. My card was hacked. Here’s your VISA card with a chip in it for security. My card has been hacked! Really? Yep!
4 days ago David Wilcock published/posted: The Ascension Mysteries | Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil on Youtube, link provided.
Voice from France, Christophe: "A ceux qu'on aime" = "For Those Who One Loves" - Very nice pics! ;) (hold hankies ready)
Voice from France, Frédéric Francois: "A tous ceux qu'on aime" = "For All Those Who One Loves" - Very nice pics! ;)
Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation of the Generation of over a Million of Watts of Power in the Volume of a Coffee Cup from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen
Re: Allan Spreen, M.D. Cancer Survival Guide on 25 cures for cancer that has been hidden from us.
Interesting as I was made to take it in college to study in a teaching hospital and that is exactly what happened to me... I remember the vaccination site was also very sore.
Russian Transmutation of Elements - Cheap ‘Precious’ Metals and Transmutation of Nuclear Waste. If you have a chemical background this ought to be very interesting to you.
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