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Fun actions we can take protesting the judge who claims privacy isn't that important- great article by glen Greewald *NM* *LINK*
His rationale? “I think privacy is actually overvalued,” the distinguished jurist pronounced. Privacy, he explained, is something people crave in order to prevent others from learning about the sh
....Shameful and filthy things they do" *NM*
Judge Posner needs to be in a realty TV show where the film crews follow him 24 seven and it's broadcast nationwide at prime time !!
imagine, the latin origin of the terms 'privacy, private, privy (LOL), privilege' etc is related to stealth, wealth, robbery
seems to be a 'commie judge of jud-ge aka ju-rist' acting along the old commie rule "all of your base belongs to US but ours is non of your business" ... the ex-proprietors cabalah :D *NM*
JUrist JUdge POSner LMAO at least he got the right name: POSner, yet another POS RoScoKido working hard to destroy everything sane and decent :D

It's all for show....... at least in my limited point of view
Thoughts? Of course, as a matter of facts, lots of thoughts :D As to ETs (if they're still around) their little helpers, alienated, de-humanized, stabbed into manKIND's body: The Special US-Tribe ;)
in avoiding to be more specific on the specific ones ;) or this way: YHWH aka Molech aka Satan IS real extra-terrestrial handling his special supremacists shul to install total rule :D *NM*
I don't think Iran is in there with them... (at least not all the way)

Unfukling Fair! It’s Now Illegal In Illinois To Film Cops Or any government officials, for that matter *LINK* *PIC*
In my opinion, the cops in Chicago are too fat and ugly to film, anyways. I mean, they can't even run after criminals
in Emanuel Rahm City of Meyer-Lanskys et al, why should cops run after criminals when it's easier for them creamed stooges to look into a mirror :D btw Rahm is german for 'cream', pardon, UPPER cream

“Health Risk from Wireless? The Debate is Over”.
Sleep Inside A Faraday your own EMF free zone around your bed.
a camping trailer might be a lil bit more comfortable than a cage, the typical tin foil cap, if drawn down below the earlobes will work also :D *NM*


The Endocannabinoid System For Dummies
AWESOME!!! I too drink a concoction every day of a similar mix (but without the oil). *NM*
How do you get 'High CBD Oil' ???
Re: How do you get 'High CBD Oil' ???

Two short videos on the brain. You know someone he is talking about. Vital info...interesting info...shocking to be taken seriously.

4th December 2014: US Congress of US Double Citizens in US Columbia District of Molech Representation DECLARES WAR ON RUSSIA! Got it? Hear the bells ringing? Is it Santa's jingle bells?

Thanks for the post. I like the music and the reactions of the crowd.

I love stories like this: Older man is beating stage IV colon cancer with Essiac tea *LINK* *PIC*

Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources Benjamin Fulford (If this was a movie would you believe it?)

The unseen (emergy) world influences you. You might ignore it because you can't see it. There are reasons this world is getting crazier and crazier and maybe you might like to be calmer and calmer.
Lot of interesting posts, being short of time I cannot read or respond as I would like to. Father Frost coming soon. Preparing for the worst. - Thanks for your shares ;) *NM*
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