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The definition for Conspiracy to commit murder

The definition for Conspiracy to commit murder seems to apply to Bill Gates (and others) in his/their desire to reduce the population of the world by millions.

If you or I sit down and talk about eliminating a dozen or so people from the face of this earth, you can bet we’d be arrested and sent to trial. So why isn’t Bill Gates being arrested? Is the crime too big? He’s got too much money? Or is it socially acceptable to conspire the deaths of others if done in academic circles? Is it OK to kill people if the medical system approves it and can money at it?

There is a mind numbing disconnect happening here. This bullshit philosophy is being touted as being done for the good of people. Well Billy you bastard, go suicide yourself and see how it feels! But first kill off your wife and kids so you can connect to what others will go through.

With respect to euthanizing people in nursing homes...Gates has a point but it should be elaborated on. There are folks in nursing homes whose quality of life simply sucks. You wouldn’t trade places with them for all the money in the world. They can’t look after themselves at all...they are totally dependent on their care from others. Their contribution to society comes in the form of wages people earn by looking after them. Suicide for these people is illegal. Perhaps because it would diminish the earning power of the doctors?

It’s getting to be a strange world and it seems it’s going to get stranger.

Can you imagine how you’re going to feel if the alleged “ASCENSION” turns out to be a huge scam? How are you going to stay sane in this world?

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