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9HPDM is no German newscast. It stands for High Performance Data Mining. Andrea Krauss is not German. She speaks German badly with strong French accent. She tells same story at FNC in fluent English.

The report is staged and photoshopped. Andrea Krauss is posing as news reporter, her face and mimics tell me she's lying intentionally. Her eyelids are slightly closing as to hide her real thoughts when she spits the hoax. She talks crap saying indeed that the truck in the tunnel allegedly is the load that went lost during an incident (should say an accident!) of another truck one week (!) before on another main highway nearby.
How can a truckload become a truck one week later? As to the video description: Where does it say in the clip that this ghost truck evolved from a lost truckload (LMAO) was 'accidented' at the end of the tunnel where she's allegedly standing and reporting?
In fact, according to the fake clip, she's placed at the entrance of the tunnel, yet another contradiction. This bitch makes me feel angry. Andrea Krauss is not her real name. She's a fraud.

This clip looks poorly manifactured. The cubic (!!!) shaped alleged UFO has unlikely persistent rays to all sides while moved thru the tunnel, the brightness does not fit into the surrounding. The background video sequence of the tunnel traffic is blurry and outdated quality, maybe 20 years old.

NOBODY here has heard about this UFO incident.
Here's no 9HPDM news agency and no FNC Breaking News either.

BTW I know this tunnel very well, having worked nearby I could see the entrance to downtown Stuttgart from the office windows.

But I remember something else more significant. One evening we stayed longer in the office, just talking about this and that, it was during summertime, when the sky in the North-West changed colors, the grey clouds had become yellow and were moving in our direction. It looked ratehr unnatural and scary thou like an imminent thunderstorm brewing but there followed no flash and thunder. Next day we learnt that an accident has happened in a nuclear power center beyond the border in France releasing an alarming amount of radioactivity into the air.

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