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lol!!! yeah good point!! well i just want to have the opportunity to mess with their minds a little bit prior to throwing them

into the aligator infested waters...oops i mean before putting them in the camps they made for us.....or let me see maybe we can put them in houses with no basements and then turn up haarp to make a high g force tornado shred the house.....but we will equip them with a helmet...then if they survive then be fed to  the aligator infested waters.....oh no wait...maybe we could give them a cute little community in east san diego...and then turn up the harrp to make fires accidentally start....but allow them no access out...but we will supply them with swimmung if they are smart enough then they can stay submerged in the water....if they survive that then we inject them with a vacine with cancer and shhot them with radiation so that they die within at least thirty days...but rather slowly with no nutritional supplents available to them....or pain meds....then throw them into watersinfested with...crocadiles..or caimens..

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