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crazy was my first thought *LINK* *PIC*

when I met white eagle grandmother

she would not sit

she would only stand at the seat as a clock inside of the 12 sided lodge, back row of 3 benches aligned SHE WOULD STAND

and do the savage indian on a war lalalalalalalla a lelelelelelelelle yelppppp ahahahaha lallal yeyeyeyyee


due to this being my first teaching lodge I was freaked

that was the first night 

and the night I was with bridget and mary jo looking up at the sky singing abcdefg twinkle twinkle little star

the ufo hung over me for a bit

gramps not a gramps at the time was coming from the out house

with flash light looking down

she exclaims over the llalalallal lelelelell yelp yelp screams and chanting and the 7 ft crystal drum going at the pace of 90 beats a minute for mother earth



thats was good cause GRAMPS TWYLIA said in sign language for all to sit and zip the lips


including white eagle not a grandmother at the time




I took SPIDERS photo head shot for her wonderful books


more storys soon

I  post here for bbsradio to share my stories 

hopi ng to gain the proper respect before its to late.

, in truth

this is the origional not the archive. of last tuesday march 27th 2012


let it go people.

just target all that energy to evolving higher and higher to love in light

Cathy Hill Cook

Bridging Wisdom

with my co host

Michael Gogger

look out - for tonights broadcast at 5:00 pm pst

which is 8:00 pm est

never know what may be said with tassy and michael exposed 

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