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The Moment is now ~ FIRE CLENSING *LINK*


chc My story board I made for human services at cpcc for vision back in 1992 will share with you there will be no money the prophetic vision of Grandmother Wisdom, this class in feb 1993 with Bob Moore gift of golf all labled practice at front door 8-18-07 chc Now I have photos of Mapia from Brazil as I am to map it as my ancestors are telling me to do she will appear in a photo sitting in a white chair with her hands folded. I have the photo up in the google some where and am told to hold off for the non believers to assorbe this story of my authentic teachers. Karen healed my stones in 1993 that hot June as I left them on the reservation I had collected though many in my home stolen Karen I will call you for an interview if you are still at the phone number I have.


see link at 5:45 into the video for the map. THE TIME HAS COME we are gathered. through telepath and our inner heart, LET US DO OUR HEALING, RESPECTIFULLY.

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