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Very COOL :)...I was told today by a realtor that the people that lost homes in forclosure will be getting money or their homes back...tryed to get more info on it but she became silent. Ask her if I

would get anything back...she said she only heard so far about the foreclosures...but ...yet the real estate compnies are still selling these homes like hot cakes...what a mess this is going to be...she said that from the amount of info she got people that bought forclosures would lose them back to original owners or they might get some of the money back they invested in them...ain't that awful...more problems for the people due to the resales of these illegal homes hoist with the forclosures & short deal is...I was ran out of my company was ending sheriffs in the morning to evict me & fiole forclosure...I got a short sale for it before forclosure...I also had one of thos e illegal MERS in my loan...all my documents was totally wrong what the mortage company put in them after I bought...I think as far as I could see they forged all my papoer work...took $57,500.00 dollars from me as down payment...I've been told by lawyers that I am the poster child of FRAUD by the mortgage company I was with, they never gave me my original paper work...what they gave me was all BS & I thought it was good legal lawyer will take me though in a probono case & I don't have the money to hire a lawyer for repsentation. I am doing alot a praying that this will work out to the best & highest good for all of us that experienced this. Please keep me up on the happenings...Iwill be in touch soon as I can to you...everytime I get ready to e-mail you something new comes up & I just can't take the time right now I'm scrambling to find a place for my babies.

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