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Good Morning Bee...nice to know that others feel what I feel too...I am sorry you have to go through the bad stuff...but it helps so much to validate I am not a crazy nut case...for me when my Right

Hip starts to hurt real bad & then starts to cause me to fall it is with in hours of a Caribbean, Peru, Chile, South or Central America quake also a very deep stabbing pain in my right eye ball...if the pain is massive ...that's a quake over a 5...medium pain for anything under a 5...when my left side of body goes through the same thing thats USA, Europe, Pacific Island, Asia, Far East areas. I was almost blind for days in my left eye just before & after Japan quake & the pain was massive...go on to this web site click on left hand side on "all forums"

 this is where I found help from the people that are sensitives like us...scroll down to where they are posting on the quakes.,..we are all in this together & trying to figure this out the best we really helps when you find someone else like you that you can talk to about this as people that do not experience this think you are totally nuts.... trying to explain this to them.  It is so crazy I can understand why people have a hard time understanding  people like us when they do not know or feel what it is like. Thanks so much for posting & please take care & keep posting to help others like us in this situation...I know by hearing from you has helped me alot as I was embarrassed to post what I am going through on here. I did not want to sound like a complete lunaticSmile

Bless you & Thanks so much


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